The Fifth Fiancée

Chapter 15:A Change of Heart pt.1

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The boy didn't know where he was,or how he got there,but he liked it.
He was in a void of some sort,except he could see an occasional blur of color,and could hear something indistinguishable near him.
The boy sighed contentedly. It was nice here. Here he didn't have to worry about the insanity of his life.
Here he could just relax.

"Boy! Boy! Wake up!"
Ranma could feel someone shaking him,so he slowly opened his eyes.
He could see Genma,Gohan,and Videl standing around him,looking anxious.
'Aw,damn....'Ranma thought,'it was only a dream.'
"Thank goodness you're okay."Videl said,"we were so worried that you would die."
Gohan smiled,relieved.
Ranma looked around and saw that he was on the couch in Gohan and Videl's living room.
"Hey,how'd I get here? And how come I ain't dead?"
Gohan cleared his throat."I brought you here."
Ranma stared."But why ain't I dead?"
Genma punched Ranma in the arm.
"Boy!"He said furiously,"show some respect! Aren't you even going to thank Gohan?!?"
"Pop! Would ya lay off?!? I'm trying to ask Gohan a question here!"
Videl noticed that the 2 were getting ready to start fighting,so she decided to intervene.
"Excuse me,Genma?"She asked.
He looked up.
"Your supper is ready in the kitchen."
Genma debated whether to eat or continue to yell at Ranma. He decided his hunger was more important.
Genma followed Videl into the kitchen.
Ranma watched them leave,then turned to Gohan.
"What did Pops mean when he said that I should thank you?"
"Well,I saved your life."
"Honto? How?"


Son Gohan was sitting in his living room,reading,when he heard a knock at the door.
When Gohan got up and answered the door,he saw a very out-of-breath Ukyou Kuonji.
"Ukyou!"He exclaimed,surprised."What are you doing here?"
"I think Ranchan's in trouble!"She exclaimed frantically.
"What makes you say that?"Gohan asked,concerned.
"Pan,Akane,and Ryouga are after him,and I think that they may try to kill him!"
Gohan smiled reassuringly."Don't worry. Ranma will be able to handle Akane and Ryouga,and I'm sure that Pan wouldn't really try to kill him."
"But they all seemed really pissed! Especially Pan!"Ukyou protested.
Gohan continued to smile reassuringly."If you're really so worried about Ranma,then I'll go and check up on him for you."
Ukyou brightened."You would? Domo arigatou!"
Gohan led Ukyou to the couch.
"Why don't you wait right here until I come back?"
Ukyou nodded and sat down.
Gohan concentrated on Ranma's ki and felt it arrive at Capsule Corp.
"Okay,I know where he is. I'll be back soon."He said,before closing the door and taking off into the sky.

While flying towards Capsule Corp.,he felt Vegeta's ki near Ranma,and he could feel his daughter and 2 others approach the area.
'Uh oh,'he thought,'maybe Ukyou had a reason to be worried.'He flew faster.

Gohan arrived at Capsule Corp. and immediately went around back to where the GR was.
He ran inside just in time to see both Pan and Vegeta about to attack Ranma,who was too shocked to move.
Gohan rushed forward and was able to deflect Pan's attack,but Ranma was still hit by Vegeta's.

*End Flashback*

Ranma paled when he heard this,and it took him a few seconds to find his voice.
"Um...what happened next?"He asked quietly,not knowing whether or not he wanted to hear the answer.
"Well,you were injured pretty badly."Gohan sighed,pushing up his glasses.
"How badly?"Ranma squeaked.
"Your ribs were broken and one had punctured your left lung. Luckily,Vegeta was holding back his strength.
If he hadn't,you'd be dead right now."
'Yeah,real lucky,'Ranma thought bitterly."But how come I ain't hurt anymore? I heal fast,but not that fast."Ranma asked curiously.
"Vegeta keeps some senzu beans in the GR,so I got 1 and gave it to you."
Ranma smiled."Well Pops was right then. Domo arigatou Gohan-san."
"Do itashimashite."Gohan replied.
"Where are Ucchan and *gulp* Pan and Vegeta?"
"Ukyou is upstairs in your room really upset.
"As for Pan,she's in her room right now,grounded for trying to attack you. And Vegeta is probably still being yelled at by Buruma."Gohan chuckled a bit at that.
Ranma stood up."I'm gonna go upstairs and talk to Ucchan,let her know I'm okay."
Gohan nodded."When you're done,come down for supper."


Genma and Videl were in the kitchen. Videl was working on supper,while Genma was sitting down at the table.
"So,where's my supper?"Genma asked.
"It's not ready yet,"Videl replied.
"What?!? You told me it was done!"
Videl turned around."I lied."
Genma grumbled."Why did you call me into the kitchen then?"He asked suspiciously.
"To ask you something."Videl replied.
"Why were you so mean to Ranma? You should be relieved that he's okay!"Videl said sternly,crossing her arms.
Genma sighed."Do you really want to know the truth?"He asked tiredly.
Videl nodded.
"I am relieved that he's okay. And I was worried sick when I found out what had happened to him."
"Then why didn't you tell Ranma that?"Videl pressed.
Genma sighed again."Because I want the boy to grow up to be a 'man amongst men',that's why."
"That still doesn't explain why you're so hard on him."
"If I'm not tough with the boy,then he may become spoiled and lazy. I don't want my son to turn out like that."
"You could at least show some kindness to him."Videl countered."If you keep this up,you'll eventually push him away forever."
"That's the point. I don't want him to be close to me."
"Why not?"Videl asked,confused.
"If Ranma gets really close to me,then he might become dependant on me."
"Well,I've done some pretty idiotic things in my life. I admit it.
"And if Ranma were to become dependant on me,and 1 of the numerous enemies I've made in my life comes after me,what would happen to the boy then if I died? How hard would he take it?
"That's why I don't want him to be really close to me. I want him to be independant. This way,if something does happen to me,he'll be able to handle it better."
"Woah,"Videl said quietly."I never realized."
Genma laughed bitterly."Yeah,well I don't exactly show it,do I?"
" don't,"Videl reluctantly admitted.
"See? All through Ranma's life I've been a total prick to him."
"Why?"Videl asked.
"Because I'm a goddamn idiot,that's why!"Genma shouted. He then calmed down.
"Gomen,but it's true. I was too stupid to realize that all the things I was doing to 'help' Ranma were only hurting him."
"Like what?"Videl asked,though she suspected the answer.
"The Neko-ken,first of all. I thought I was giving Ranma a powerful technique. I didn't realize what it would do to him.
"Then there was Juskenyou. What the Hell was I thinking?!? I didn't know Chinese,yet I took him there. I even ignored the guide's warning,thinking that he didn't know anything. The truth is,I'm the one that doesn't know anything.
"There's also the whole fiancée thing. Yet another example of my stupidity at work. Even though I was drunk,I still shouldn't have made the engagement agreement with Soun. And I shouldn't have cheated Ukyou and her father like I did. And as for Shampoo,well it's true that it was a total mistake,but that mistake shouldn't have happened. I should have asked who the food belonged to before I dug in.
"Finally,there's all the other rotten stuff I did to him over the years."
"If you felt like this,why didn't you say anything before now?"Videl asked,beginning to see Genma in a new light.
"I guess I never really realized it before now. I mean,I always knew it deep down,but I never admitted it to myself before."
"What changed?"Videl asked,already knowing his answer.
"Well,when I found out how Ranma almost died,it made me realize how I felt,and how I would feel if something happened to him."
"How would you feel?"Videl began to feel like she was playing 20 Questions.
"Horrible. I'd be devestated,probably. After all,Ranma is my only child. And...well...I love him."
Videl smiled."That's wonderful! But you should really tell Ranma this,not me."
Genma shook his head."I'd just screw it up."He said,standing up.
"I'm going back into the living room. Will you tell me when supper is really done?"
Videl laughed."Sure. It will only take a few more minutes anyway."
Genma left.
When he was gone,Videl took something out of her pocket.
'Sorry Genma,but I really think that Ranma needs to hear this,'she thought,turning off the tape recorder.

*In Ranma's room*

Ukyou was sitting on Ranma's bed,crying her eyes out while clutching a pillow to her chest. She heard a knock at the door and looked up.
"Come in,"she said a bit shakily.
The door opened to reveal a very welcome sight to Ukyou's eyes.
"Ranchan!"She exclaimed happily."You're okay!"
Ukyou laughed with relief,dropped the pillow,and ran over and hugged Ranma.
"Yep! Never felt better."Ranma said,hugging her back.
"Oh Ranchan! I was so worried about you! When Gohan brought you in,I thought.....well,I thought.....oh Ranma!"She said,burying her head in the crook of his neck and shaking with sobs.
Ranma rubbed Ukyou's back in a soothing gesture.
"Shhh....."he whispered gently,"I'm okay now. Gohan fixed me up."
"What happened to Pan,Akane,Ryouga,and Vegeta?"Ukyou's muffled voice came from Ranma's shirt collar.
"How did you know that Vegeta was involved?"Ranma asked,confused.
"When Gohan brought you in,he told me what had happened."
"Oh. Well Pan is in her room,grounded,and Vegeta is being yelled at by Buruma."
"Ah. And what about Akane and Ryouga?"Ukyou asked,lifting her head.
"I'm not sure. Akane's probably at her house,and knowing Ryouga,he's halfway around the world by now."Ranma smiled a bit a that,but then noticed Ukyou's sad expression.
"What's wrong?"He asked,alarmed. What else could be upsetting Ukyou?
"It's my fault!"Ukyou exclaimed,tears pouring down her face."It's all my fault!"
"What is?"Ranma asked,not having a clue what Ukyou was talking about.
"You nearly being killed!"Ukyou was becoming hysterical at this point.
"How's that your fault? You didn't tell the Terror Trio where I was,you didn't even know! And what happened with Vegeta had nothing to do with you at all!"
"True..."Ukyou reluctantly admitted,"but I should have been able to stall Pan,Akane,and Ryouga longer. Then maybe this wouldn't have happened."
"Don't think that Ucchan. It wasn't your fault at all.
"In fact,if it wasn't for you getting Gohan,then I'd be dead right now. Arigatou Ucchan,you saved my life."
"Ranchan,you're so sweet,"Ukyou said,smiling.
She then leaned in and lightly kissed him.

Author's Notes:Ooooh....major cliffy. Evil,ain't I? Heh. Anyway,Ranma's alive! Yay! And who knew that Genma really felt like that? Shocker,ne?
And what'll Ranma say when Videl gives him the tape?
Oh,and if you think this is a RanmaXUkyou,well,I can honestly tell you I'm not sure yet. It could also be RanmaXPan,but those are the only 2. Sorry to any fans of the other pairings,but I'm a RanmaXUkyou fan myself. Although I also like the idea of a RanmaXPan pairing. 
But I have nothing against Akane or Shampoo,so don't get any wrong ideas.
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