The Fifth Fiancée

Chapter 13: More Trouble For Ranma!
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Ranma had only a few seconds before the Terror Trio came in to finish him off. In
a flash,he jumped behind the counter and frantically whispered "Hide Me!" to 
Ukyou. She nodded.
The 3 teens looked at each other. 
"Okay,on the count of 3,we bust in there,jump Ranma,and break every bone in his
body."Pan said,with a feral glint in her eyes,and a deadly smirk on her lips.
The other 2 teens nodded,also smirking.
"1...."Started Akane.
"2...."Continued Ryouga.
"3!"Finished Pan.
The 3 teens rushed into the restaurant.
The 3 teens looked around in confusion. They were told that Ranma was here,but 
when they looked around,he was nowhere to be seen.
Ukyou,noticing their surprised expressions,smiled to herself. They would never 
find her Ran-chan,and he could slip away quietly without anyone noticing.
"Konnichi wa,ogenki deska?"She asked,hoping to distract them long enough for 
Ranma to get out of the restaurant safely.
"Konnichi wa,Ukyou-san,"Ryouga said,bowing.
"Konnichi wa,Ucchan,"both Pan and Akane said,smiling.
"What brings you here today?"
The 3 teens sat down on stools at the counter.
"We're looking for that baka,Ranma. We heard he was here. Do you know where he
is?"Akane asked,drumming her fingers on the counter.
Ranma,meanwhile,was slowly crawling towards the back exit.
"Iie,I haven't seen him at all today. It's weird,he said he'd stop by. Maybe he
changed his mind?"Ukyou said,playing innocent.
The other 3 bought it.
'Kuso!'Thought Ryouga angrily,"once again that coward has given me the slip!'
"Oh."Pan said,dejected,"well,if he turns up,could you tell him that we were 
looking for him?"
Ukyou smiled."Certainly,Pan-chan. I'll give him the message."
Pan smiled."Domo arigatou,Ucchan."
Akane smiled as well,"arigatou."
Ryouga just nodded his thanks.
"Do Itashimashite,minna."
Pan,Akane,and Ryouga got up to leave.
"Wait!"Ukyou exclaimed,wanting to buy Ranma some more time to get away,"why don't
you have some okonomiyaki before you go? You all look pretty hungry."
In response,3 stomachs growled,Pan's being the loudest because she missed breakfast.
They all blushed sheepishly,Pan,again,being the brightest.
Ukyou looked surprised for a second,then giggled uncontrollably.
"I....I....missed breakfast,"was all Pan said.
Ukyou regained her composure.
"Well then,sit down and I'll make you some okonomiyaki."
The 3 teens sat down and Ukyou started making the okonomiyaki.
*With Ranma*
While all this was going on,Ranma was sneaking towards the back exit. He stopped
every few seconds listen to the 4 teens in the dining area,hoping that the 3 who
wanted him dead didn't find him. As he reached the back door,he heard Ukyou 
offering to make the 3 teens some okonomiyaki. This cheered Ranma up. He 
knew that they would be distracted enough for him to get a LONG way away. He
quickly slipped out the back door,tip-toed out of the alley,and then ran for it,
and didn't stop until he was a few blocks away. Then,he slowed down and caught his breath.
'Whew! Domo arigatou,Ucchan! You may have saved my life!' He smiled brightly and took off.
*1 hour later*
Ranma was feeling pretty pleased with himself. He had given the Terror Trio the
slip. He knew that they had either given up and gone home,or,since Pan was one of
the 3 after him,and Ranma knew that she could eat a lot when she was very 
hungry,which he guessed she probably was,they were probably still at Ucchan's. 
Ranma chuckled to himself. He knew that they'd be there for quite some time. Even
when they finished,Ukyou would still find some way to keep them there for at 
least a few minutes more. Yes,Ranma was safe for the day. At least,that's
what he thought anyway. Fate,unfortunately,would not be so kind.
While Ranma was strolling along through Satan City,blissfully unaware of what was
in store for him later on that day,his guess proved to be true. 
Pan,Akane,and Ryouga were still at Ucchan's. And,as Ranma had further 
guessed,Pan was still eating.
The other 3 present could only gape in surprise as Pan ate her 120th okonomiyaki.
They were relieved,however,when she sat back on her stool and announced that she
had finished. Ukyou was easily the most relieved. She didn't think she had the
energy left in her to make another okonomiyaki,and besides,she had run out of 
ingredients. She would have to go to the market as soon as the others had left.
While she was thinking this,the others did,in fact,get up to leave. Ukyou only
had a moment to decide whether to distract them or let them leave. She knew that
the first choice would arose suspicion in the others,and she figured that Ranma
had managed to get a good deal away,so she decided to let them go.
The teens paid for their okonomiyaki,Pan's totalling up quite a sum,and left.
Ukyou watched them leave,then she cleared away the dishes,praying for Ranma's 
safety in the process.
Meanwhile,Ranma was wandering along the streets of Satan City,enjoying the weather.
He turned a corner and saw the giant Capsule Corp. building. Deciding to see if 
Trunks wanted to spar,he knocked on the front door.
Unfortunately for Ranma,and completely OOC for the other person,it was Vegeta that answered the door.
"What do you want,boy?!?"He said,looking at Ranma like he was dog shit,for Vegeta
still hadn't forgiven him for the comment he made when they first met.
Ranma screwed up his courage and told the pissed-off Saiya-jin that he was looking for Trunks.
"Why do you want to see the brat?!?"
"I want to spar with him."
Vegeta eyed Ranma closely. He then nodded to himself.
"You will spar with me,boy."His tone of voice left no room for discussion.
Ranma gulped. He felt that this would be suicide if he did it,but from the look 
on Vegeta's face,he knew that he had no choice.
Ranma followed Vegeta through the house. As they reached the kitchen,they saw
Buruma sitting at the table,drinking a cup of coffee.
"Where do you think you're going?"She asked Vegeta.
He grunted."I'm going out to the GR to spar with this brat,"he said,indicating
Buruma got up."You most certainly will not,"she said angrily.
Vegeta cocked an eyebrow and smirked."Oh? And why not,Onna?"
"I will not have you kill that poor boy!"She shouted at him,remembering his 
dislike of the young martial artist.
'Kill?!?'Ranma paled.'Did she say....kill???' 
Buruma noticed the look on Ranma's face.
"Oh,don't worry dear,"she said kindly,"Vegeta won't kill you. If he does,I'll 
just shut off and dismantle the Gravity Room."She said this to Vegeta as much as Ranma.
'Gravity Room?'Ranma thought,'what's that?'
Vegeta growled."The boy will not die today. Unless,of course,it is through his own stupidity."
Ranma felt his temper rising at this comment.
"Vegeta! I'm warning you!"
"Relax,Onna,if he dies,you can just use the Dragonballs to resurrect him."Vegeta
said,enjoying the anger on his mate's face,and the changing expressions on Ranma's face.
'Dragonball? Ressurect?'Thought Ranma.
"Fine,"Vegeta said,wanting to leave so he could get in some training,and get in a
good laugh at Ranma,"you have my word that I won't kill the boy."
Buruma relaxed."You just make sure he doesn't die,"she said,smiling slightly and
sitting back down.
Vegeta led Ranma outside. As he closed the door,however,a nasty thought came to
his mind.
'I said I wouldn't kill the boy,but I never said anything about not roughing him up a bit.'Vegeta smirked evilly,and poor Ranma never even noticed.
Author's Notes: Ooh,poor Ranma! Wonder what Vegeta's up to! Will Ranma still die,
despite Vegeta's promise to Buruma? Find out next time minna! Ja ne!