The Fifth Fiancée

Chapter 12: Big Egos Lead To BIG Trouble


Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ or Ranma 1/2. "blah"=speech 'blah'=thoughts {blah}=Chinese *blah*=used to denote a time or place.



After the incident with Happosai,the Sons and Ranma decided to 
just sit down and enjoy breakfast. Ranma had used the hot water to change himself back into a male and was currently devouring a stack of blueberry pancakes. 
The Sons watched surprised as Ranma packed away enough pancakes to feed a Saiya-jin. Videl was amazed that a human could eat as much as a Saiya-jin,Gohan was amused that Ranma could probably enter an eating contest with Goku and hold his own,and Pan was angry that Ranma was eating so much. This meant that there would be less pancakes for her, 
and she loved her okassan's blueberry pancakes.
Finally,after packing more pancakes than the author of this fic could eat in a year (a/n: 'Course,I don't eat much anyway ^_^),he sat back with a satisfied smile on his face.
"Ahh,that was delicious Son-san. Arigatou!"
Videl smiled at him. Pan just looked annoyed.
"Are you done yet?"She asked irritably.
Ranma smirked,leaned in close to Pan,and responded by belching in her face. Gohan and Videl looked shocked at his behavior,and Pan looked ready to kill.
"Ranma!"Both Gohan and Videl exclaimed.
Pan,however,had something different to say. She leapt out of her chair,
faced him,and began to power up.
Ranma,sensing the danger,leapt out of his chair.
"Uh,ya know,I should really go look for Pops. Gotta make sure he
didn't skip town. Heh heh heh."He took off.
Pan shouted after him."OMAE O KOROSU,KISAMA!!!!!!!"
"PAN!!!!!"Both her parents yelled,shocked at the language she used. 
Pan,however,didn't her them. Ranma,on the other hand,had heard it all,
and flinched as he bolted out the front door. Pan chased after him.
Pan ran around town,looking for Ranma. This time,he had gone too far in her eyes,and she would stop at nothing to kill him. However,in her anger,Pan lost her concentration,and Ranma was able to give her the slip. This only infuriated her more,to the point where not only did she
want Ranma dead,but she was ready to kill the next person that pissed 
her off.
'To think that I actually felt sorry for that prick when
Happosai glomped him. Hah!'
Pan continued her hunt.
Ranma,meanwhile,had wisely hidden himself. While running from Pan,he 
came across Ukyou's okonomiyaki restaurant and had taken refuge there.
Ranma knew that Ukyou would hid him until Pan calmed down,if ever. He
also knew that Ukyou would try to talk Pan out of killing Ranma if she
showed up,and Ranma was positive that Ukyou would be able to do it.
"Here's your okonomiyaki,Ran-chan,"Ukyou said,"I made it extra 
special."She handed the okonomiyaki to him.
Ranma smiled happily."Arigatou,Ucchan."Ukyou beamed. Ranma ate his 
okonomiyaki happily,and then ate the other 5 okonomiyakis that Ukyou 
handed him.(A/n: I know it's weird that Ranma can eat so much 
okonomiyaki after having all those blueberry pancakes,but he worked up
an appetite running from Pan.) After he finished,Ranma sat back and 
gave a sigh of satisfaction. 
"Those were delicious Ucchan!"
Ukyou beamed again."I'm glad you liked them,Ran-chan."
Ranma nodded.
"So,"Ukyou asked,clearing away the dishes,"what brings you here this 
early in the morning?"
Ranma shuddered."Pan,"was all he said.
Ukyou looked confused."What does Pan have to do anything?"
"I sort of pissed her off,and now Pan's trying to kill me."
Ukyou giggled."Oh,Ran-chan,I'm sure she doesn't really want to
kill you."
Ranma looked scared."Oh,yes she does! She shouted "OMAE O KOROSU" at me
and then powered up. She was serious."
Ukyou looked concerned."What happened?"
Ranma was about to tell her when they both heard voices shouting outside.
Ranma blanched and Ukyou sweatdropped.
"What did you do?!?!?"Ukyou asked,staring at Ranma.
Ranma just gulped.
Pan stormed down a street,still not having any luck finding Ranma. She 
was tempted to just blast the entire town to pieces to finish him off, but she would never actually do that.
She turned down another street,hoping to spot the boy,her anger still
clouding her senses. Just as she was about to give up,she heard someone
behind her.
"Pan! Hey,Pan!"
Thinking that it was Ranma coming by to tease her more,Pan whirled
around and swung a ki-powered fist at the person behind her. Her punch
connected with the person's jaw and sent him flying into the alley behind them.
Pan,grinning triumphantly at finally finding her prey,followed him into
the alley. When she reached the person,however,she saw that it wasn't Ranma.
It was her ojisan,Goten.
"Oh Kami! I'm so sorry,Goten! I thought you were that baka,Ranma."
Goten got up and rubbed his jaw.
"And why are you trying to put Ranma in the hospital?"Goten joked,still
looking sore.
Pan's temper flared up again. And as it did,so did her ki. Goten noticed this,
and he tried to calm her down.
"Woah,Panny-chan! Chill!"
Pan powered down.
"Gomen nasai,ojisan."  
Goten smiled at her.
"Why don't you tell me what happened?"
Pan explained what happened over breakfast that morning.
"...And because I was busy trying to catch him,I missed breakfast. I'm
Goten felt sorry for Ranma. He knew how dangerous Pan could be when she
missed a meal.
All the same,he couldn't suppress a snicker.
Pan,with her Saiya-jin hearing,heard this and growled dangerously.
Goten regained his composure.
"I'm sorry,Pan,but it is kinda funny."
Pan growled again."You're just as immature as that baka! Now,if only I
knew where he was,"she added as an after-thought.
Goten blinked."What? Can't you sense him at that new okonomiyaki place
Pan looked at him.'Okonomiyaki place? He must mean Ukyou's restaurant!'
She smiled."Thanks Goten!"She took off running down the street.
Goten sweatdropped.'Um,oops? I probably shouldn't have said that' (a/n:ya think,Goten?!?)
Goten just sighed and said a silent prayer for Ranma.
Pan headed towards Ukyou's.'Ranma no baka,you're mine."She smirked evilly.
Ranma would pay. Pan would make sure of that.
Pan was almost at her destination when she heard 2 people talking nearby.
Being curious,she decided to check it out.
She reached the place where they were and hid behind a garbage can.
She peeked above the can and saw that the 2 people were none other than
Akane Tendo and Ryouga Hibiki.
"Um,could you tell me how to get to the Sons' house,Akane-san?"
Akane smiled."Call me Akane-chan,Ryouga-kun."
Ryouga blushed."Um,okay...Akane-chan."
Akane smiled again."Now tell me,why do you want to visit the Sons?"
Ryouga suddenly got angry."I'm gonna teach that coward Ranma a lesson!"
Akane smirked evilly."Why don't we both take care of him? With 
Ranma out of the way,I won't have to worry about 'tousan making me marry him."
Ryouga nodded and smirked back."Yes. Let's go."
Akane nodded this time."Yeah,let's go to the Sons' to kill Ranma!"
Pan decided to make herself known at this point.
"If you wanna kill Ranma,"she said,stepping out from behind the garbage can,"then let me lead you to him."
Pan copied Vegeta's famous smirk (a/n: Now there's a smirk to watch out for! ^_^)
Akane and Ryouga both looked surprised at the sudden appearance of Pan,
but quickly got over it at the promise of finding Ranma.
"What do you mean? Isn't he at your house?"Akane asked.
Pan shook her head."Iie. He's at Ukyou's restaurant."
Ryouga didn't care where Ranma was,just as long as he got to kill him.
"Let's go!"He said.
The 2 girls nodded and the 3 headed off towards Ukyou's.
After a few minutes searching,they finally reached the restaurant.
"Ucchan's,"Pan read. She smirked,"he's in here."
"Let's go!"Akane and Ryouga chorused.
"RANMA!!! YOU'RE GONNA PAY!!!"Pan shouted.
"RANMA!!! OMAE O KOROSU!!!"Akane shouted after her.
The 3 prepared to enter the restaurant.
Ranma turned to Ukyou.
Author's notes: Poor Ranma-kun! Heh heh heh. How's he gonna get outta this mess?
Will he ever stop pissing people off? (If he values his life,he
will. ^_^) 'Till next time,ja ne minna!