The Fifth Fiancée

Chapter 11: An Unexpected Twist


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Note: "blah"=speech 'blah'=thoughts {blah}=Chinese



The day after the tournament was an eventful one. However,that doesn't mean that it was a good day.

And for Ranma,it would be downright awful.



Due to the fact that Ranma won the 32nd Tenkaichi Budoukai,his ego had now soared through the roof. This became apparant when he came downstairs for breakfast that morning.



Ranma walked into the kitchen,where the Sons and his father were already seated. Ranma got a shock when he saw just who else was at the table.

"What's that old hentai doin' here?!?" Ranma asked,upon spotting Happosai.

Genma grew furious at this. He grabbed Ranma by the collar and dragged the protesting boy into the living room.

"Pops,what's the big idea?!?"Ranma shouted angrily.

"Shut up,boy!"Genma whispered frantically,"the Master might hear us!"

Ranma snorted."I ain't scared of that fossil! I'm the Tenkaichi Budoukai champion! I can take on anybody!"He said,not bothering to lower his voice.

"Boy! Shut up!!!"Genma continued to whisper. He shot a worried glance at the kitchen door.

"Not until you tell me why that old hentai is here!"Ranma was beginning to get cross.

"I'm here to visit one of my old students,"a voice said.

Both Ranma and Genma looked at the source of the voice.

It was Happosai,standing in the kitchen doorway.

He continued,"and,to see my newest student as well,"he shot a look at Ranma that instantly put the pig-tailed martial artist on edge.

"What d'you mean,new student?"

Genma began to laugh nervously and looked anywhere but at Ranma.

Ranma noticed this.

"Pop,"Ranma said warningly,"what's goin' on? And what exactly do you have to do with it?"

Genma began to sweat."What makes you think that I had anything to do with it?"

Ranma looked at Genma and narrowed his eyes.

"Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't have anything to do with it."

"I...I...I...."Genma stuttered.

By this time,the Sons had also come out of the kitchen and were watching this scene play out.

"Well Oyaji,I'm waiting,"Ranma said,enjoying the sight of his father like this.

Happosai,who couldn't wait a minute longer,decided to explain instead.

"Your father agreed to let me become your new sensei to make up for trapping me under that mountain."

At this revelation,Ranma exploded."What?!?!?"

Genma began to whimper.

Pan,curious,turned to Happosai.

"Why would you want to train that baka?"She asked.

"Pan!"Her mother scolded.

Gohan looked thoughtful."Yes,Happosai,tell us. You made such a big deal of it over breakfast. Why do you want to train Ranma so much?"

Happosai turned to look at him.

"Who said anything about training the boy? It's not him I care about."

"Then who? And how does it involve Ranma?"

Ranma,who was trying to strangle his otousan while this was going on, stopped when he heard Gohan say his name. He perked up his ears to listen. Genma,knowing that Ranma would be furious when he heard the news,wisely took off out the front door. Nobody noticed him leaving.

"Like I said,"Happosai went on,"it's not the boy I'm interested in. The girl however,I like very much."

Videl looked confused."Girl? What girl?"

Ranma groaned. He had an idea where this was headed.

Sure enough,Happosai pulled out a water bottle and dumped the contents on Ranma's head. Ranma instantly transformed into his female form.

"This girl,"Happosai said happily.

"Why are interested in Ranma's female form?"Gohan asked,confused as well. This time,Pan groaned. Having seen the old hentai in action,she also knew what he was up to and felt sorry for Ranma.

Happosai didn't respond to Gohan. Instead,he jumped on Ranma-chan before she could react and glomped her chest,purring the whole time.

Gohan and Videl looked shocked. Pan looked angry. Ranma,however,went downright ballistic.

"!!!!!!!!!!"She yelled loud enough to probably wake the dead. Ranma-chan pulled Happosai off of here,held him in front of her like a football,and kicked him out the still-open door. In her anger,Ranma-chan had put all of her strength into the kick,and therefore the old hentai went sailing over the horizon.

Ranma-chan dusted her hands off and turned to the Sons,and satisfied smirk on her face. They just stared wide-eyed at her.

"What?"She asked.

Pan was the first to regain her voice.

"You really let him have it,"she said,grinning.

Videl was next.

"Yes,Ranma,that was impressive. But,what was that outburst about?"

Ranma-chan growled and narrowed her eyes. "I absolutely HATE hentais."

The 3 Sons just nodded mutely.

"By the way,"she continued,now smiling,"do you happen to have some water heated in the kitchen?"

Gohan finally regained his voice.

"Um,yeah,just use the tea kettle on the stove."

Ranma-chan smiled brightly,"Arigatou!"


Author's notes: So,what did ya think? Love,hate,what? Think I got what it takes to continue this fic? (You'd better say yes! ^_^) Anyway,I know that this was a short chapter,but right now I'm testing this story a bit. The next few chapters will be short as well probably. This is because I have to get into the flow of the story.

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