The Fifth Fiancée

Chapter 14: Ranma Learns Why You Should Never Make Saiya-jins Angry

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Ranma walked into the Gravity Room,a huge cloud of dread hanging over him. Vegeta could sense this and he
'I'll show that boy that nobody,nobody messes with my little princess and gets away with it.'His smirk
grew wider as he thought of the fun he was going to have with the unfortunate boy. Ranma,picking up on some
of these feelings,gulped.

Meanwhile,the Terror Trio was still on the prowl. Now that Pan had eaten,she had calmed down a bit and could
now sense Ranma. Sensing his ki at Capsule Corp.,the girl led Akane and Ryouga to the immense building and 
they arrived there 10 minutes later.
They knocked on the front door,and Trunks answered.
"Oh,konnichi wa."The teen said,"what are you three doing here?"
"We're looking for Ranma-baka,Trunks-kun. Do you know where he is?"
"Oh yeah. He's in the GR with 'tousan,"the boy sweatdropped,"uh,you'd better hurry up. I don't think 'tousan
is going to take it easy on Ranma,and he might be in a million pieces by the time you get to him."
Pan nodded."Arigatou,Trunks-kun."
"Arigatou,"Akane and Ryouga chorused.
"Do itashimashite."Trunks replied.
He closed the door and the Terror Trio headed around back.

*In the GR,10 minutes earlier*

Vegeta led Ranma into the huge room and walked straight to the center of it. 
"Uh,nice place ya got here,"Ranma said,trying to strike up a conversation to calm the man down.
"Shut up and get ready to fight,"Vegeta said,in no mood to make small talk.
Ranma gulped.
Vegeta pressed a few buttons on the machine next to him,and Ranma looked at it curiously.
"What is that?"
"This is the Gravity Machine. I use it to train. We'll be using it now,too."
"Oh,that's nice,"said Ranma,not sure he liked the way Vegeta said that last sentence.
"Hmph. Since you're human,and a child at that,I have it set low."
"Child! Child! I am not a child!"
Vegeta nodded approvingly.'So,the boy's got spunk. Maybe there's hope for him yet. Of course,I'm still not
going to go easy on him.'
Vegeta turned on the Gravity Machine.
Instantly,Ranma felt his whole body get heavier. He tried to keep himself standing,but the added weight was 
too much for him,and he fell to the floor.
"Too much for you,is it boy?"Vegeta said,smirking and looking down at Ranma.
"What the hell do ya got it set at?!?"
"50X Chikyuu-sei's gravity."
"Fifty times?!? Fifty times?!?"
"You should consider yourself lucky,boy. I normally train at 600X Chikyuu-sei's gravity."
"It's true."
"Are you out of your mind?!?"
"If it's too much for you,I can always set it down lower,"Vegeta said in a mocking tone.
Ranma growled. He tried to get up,but just fell down again. Vegeta laughed loudly at him.
"Don't laugh! I could kick your ass if that baka machine wasn't on!"
Vegeta raised an eyebrow.
"Oh,you think so,huh? Well let's just see."He smirked wickedly.
Vegeta went over to the Gravity Machine and turned it off. Ranma felt a sense of relief when he could stand up
again,but that quickly faded away when he saw the look on Vegeta's face.
'Um,why do I think that I'm screwed?'


The Terror Trio approached the GR and checked to see if the Gravity Machine was on. Seeing that it was off,
they opened the door. The sight that met their eyes caused them all to burst out laughing.

Ranma was running around the GR,screaming at the top of his lungs,while Vegeta threw powerful ki blasts at 
him. Luckily for Ranma,the blasts kept missing,and instead were absorbed into the walls and floor.
What Ranma didn't know,however,was that Vegeta wasn't trying to hit him,just scare him,otherwise he 
would have already been killed by one of those blasts.
The Terror Trio noticed this,and that's why they were laughing. Ranma,hearing their laughter,skidded to a stop
and fell on his butt.
"What the Hell's so funny anyway?!?"He said,not noticing who he was talking to.
"I think it's funny you're getting what you deserve,Ranma-baka,"Pan said. Vegeta,meanwhile,was just leaning
against the wall,having decided to see how this turns out.
"Why you...."Ranma shouted angrily,before he finally noticed who was standing in the doorway.
'Oh.....DAMN!!! I am so screwed!'Ranma paled considerably.
Vegeta,deciding that he had let this go on long enough,and wanting to teach Ranma to watch his mouth,charged
at the boy. He wasn't going to kill him,just seriously hurt him.
Unfortunately for Ranma,Pan also decided to strike Ranma at this exact moment. With a shout of"Shi ne!"
she flew at him. 
Neither noticed the other.

Ranma's last thought was'CRAP!!!',then unconsciousness claimed him.

Author's Notes: OMG!!! Poor Ranma! What's gonna happen to him? Is he gonna be okay? Find out next time. Ja ne