The Fifth Fiancé
Chapter 4

The lingering stars twinkled faintly in the sky as Chikyuu slowly turned on it's axis. The sun rose from the horizon line, but in a more urgent manner. Well, that was the way it seemed to Pan.

Promptly at seven o'clock a.m. the alarm clock buzzed noisily as she rolled over and started to hit the snooze button. Thinking the matter over briefly, she realized it wasn't worth it because her father would just come in and bodily haul her to the shower anyway. Gohan just happened to always be awake when the sun rose.

Life just wasn't fair.

She took her time getting up however and wondered what she would do today. The newscaster yesterday said that it would be a lovely Saturday afternoon but she would bet an entire meal that she was wrong. They usually were.

Pan padded down the hallway, yawning, as she carried her robe to the currently occupied bathroom. Snorting with annoyance she began to loudly knock on the door and yell instantly ruining anyone else's chance of sleeping in.

"Will ya hurry it up in there?!" she shouted. "You're not the only one in the house you know!"

The occupant apparently didn't hear her because the horrible singing just continued. Pan winced slightly and covered her ears. If Livin' La Vida Loca was sung by monkeys, she was sure this was what it would sound like. She banged on the door again and this time got a response.

Ranma stuck his soapy face outside of the door and stuck out his tongue. "G'way. I'm busy."

Pan just groaned. "I should have known. Fine! Continue your stupid shower. But if you use all the hot water, I swear I'll hunt you down and kill you."

The boy just smirked and slammed the door.

"Baka," she said under her breath as she went to her room to wait.

Twenty minutes later, she was still doing just that.

Pan was fed up. First the idiot ruined her morning and now any hope of hot water had gone right down the drain with it. Literally. It was now time for extreme measures.

The girl stood and marched to her door. "TOUSAN! KAASAN! RANMA'S USING ALL THE WATER!!"

She, of course, received no answer. Pan wondered if she actually thought she would.

On further inspection of the household, she discovered that her parents and Saotome san had gone to the Capsule Corporation. She and Ranma were on their own.

If her tousan and kaasan were there, she might as well join then and use *their* numerous facilities.

Scrawling a note quickly, she threw on some sweatpants and a tee-shirt and left the house. She would just pick up one of her outfits that she always left at her best-friend's house.


Ranma flipped another page in the manga that he was reading as he shifted position on the toilet. He has actually finished his shower and gotten dressed in his traditional outfit over ten minutes ago but had kept the water running just to annoy the hell out of the other girl.

After a while though, he actually started to get worried when the shouting had stopped. So he stood, shut off the water, and went to investigate. It didn't take him long to discover that he had been abandoned.

"Those jerks!" he shouted to the empty house. "Now what is the Capsule Corp. and how to I get to it?" Shrugging he wandered outside, after locking the door of course, and stopped the first person on the street.

"Excuse me sir," he said politely. "Where is the Capsule Corporation?"

The young man blinked once and then broke out into loud laughter. "You've got to be kidding!"

A puzzled frown graced Ranma's visage. "Why would I be?"

The laughter eventually died down and the other boy started at him in shock. "You're actually serious!"

Ranma sighed in annoyance. "Of course I am! How the hell am I supposed to know where it is if I don't even live in Satan City?!"

"But," the boy started tentatively, "everyone knows. It's just the biggest company in the world." An adoring look suddenly came onto his face. "And Bra Briefs is the most beautiful person I've ever seen. Her mother isn't too bad either," he added as an afterthought.

A frustration headache was just starting to develop and the young martial artist began massaging his temples. "I don't care! Look, just tell me where it is."

The boy pointed down the street they were currently on. "That way. It's the largest building in that part of the city so you can't miss it."

"Arigatou," Ranma said gratefully as he ran off. "I really appreciate it!"


"...and the bastard stays in there for over twenty minutes!" Pan grumbled to anyone who would listen as she stuffed a large fork-full of blueberry pancakes into her mouth. Her audience currently consisted of Bra, Bulma, Trunks, and her own mother.

"Pan-chan," Videl scolded. "Watch your language!"

"Gomen Kaasan," she replied around her mouthful. "But I'm sure they're used to worse. Livin' with Veggie-ojisan and all."

"I heard that!" The short saiyan yelled from a distant room. "And don't call me Veggie!"

Bulma snickered slightly as she set yet another plate of pancakes in front of Pan. "I'm sure that he didn't mean too..."

Pan snorted. "If you met him, you would say differently."

It was then, as if on cue, that the doorbell rang.

Nobody moved to answer it.

"Trunks, get the door," Bra said absently.

"Me?" he asked. "It's your turn!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not times infinity!"

"Is too times infinity plus one!"

"Forget it!" Bulma said in disgust. "*I'll* get the door. Honestly, you two act like three year olds."

"Do not!" They both exclaimed in unison.

Bulma continued to mutter about half-saiyans and their mental development even as she stared at the young man who had his finger poised to ring the bell again.

"Hai?" she asked. "If you're selling something, I don't want any."

"Iie. I'm here for Pan..."

Bulma smiled and quickly cut him off. "Pan! You're little boyfriend's here!"

A yell could be heard in the distance as she ran to the door. "Bulma-obaasan! I don't have--" She cut herself off. "Oh. It's just you." Trunks and Bra, who had followed her, both sighed in disappointment. "How did you manage to find the place?"

"Oh, I just asked one of Bra's many admirers. By the way, who is she?"

"That would be me," the blue-haired girl stepped forward. "Konichi-wa. I am Bra Briefs."

He took her proffered hand and looked her over with no small amount of scrutiny. "You're not that cute."

The girl's temper instantly flared as she glared at him. "You're not so hot either." Then she decided to take it a step further. "PAPA! This boy insulted me!"

Vegeta appeared faster than you could say 'Kakarott's dead'. *No one* insulted his little princess and got away with it. At least a few broken bones couldn't hurt.

"Uh oh. You've done it now. Imoutochan's has Papa on you now." Trunks was truly worried for the boy's safety. "By the way, I'm Trunks."

Bulma sighed and shook her head. "I'll take care of this. VEGGIE-CHAN! IF YOU COME ONE STEP CLOSER, NO DINNER FOR YOU!"

"But onna--!"

"No buts," His wife was firm. "It wasn't that bad and Bra-chan needs to take care of things herself and stop running to tousan all of the time."

"But she's royalty..."

There was a collective sigh and everyone repeated one thing that they've been trying to make stick in Vegeta's head:


"Besides Goku-Ojiisan of course," Pan added.

Ranma blinked at this strange exchange. "Are you the leader of the saiyan race?"

"*Former* leader," Bulma corrected. "He's just a common citizen like the rest of us now."

Vegeta's eyes began to twitch while his rage slowly grew. "I am Prince and will continue to be Prince." Trunks and Bra both moved slightly away as his ki rose sky high.

Ranma opened his mouth to say something as Pan frantically shook her head no. Paying no heed to her gestures, he asked anyway.

"If you're the last," he started. "wouldn't that make ya king?"

That was the last straw. Exploding into Super Saiyan he tried to dismember the unsuspecting boy.

That was exactly when Goku interfered.

The larger saiyan yawned and calmly stuck out a hand to still his furious friend. "What's goin' on?" He then looked at Vegeta. "Did someone bring up the royalty issue again?"

They all nodded, with the exception of Bulma, and pointed to Ranma who was still surprised by Goku's entrance.

"How'd ya do that?" he asked in awe.

"A secret," Goku smiled. Then he grabbed Vegeta's arm. Placing his index and middle finger to his forehead again, he vanished.

Pan let out the breath that she didn't realize she had been holding. "Man are you lucky!"

Bra nodded. "Goku-san just saved your life!"

Trunks also nodded. "Papa wouldn't have been all over you."

"I would have to agree," Bulma spoke. "Most people don't survive that. Unfortunately, now he's going to hate you until his dying day and you actually have a better chance of dying before he does."

Videl stuck her head around the kitchen door. She had wisely stayed away when the sparks started to fly. "Ranma dear, you must stop doing that to people."

The boy just nodded. Today was going to be a full day. He just knew it.


Genma was startled just as much as his son was only moments before when the two saiyans appeared. Gohan barely glanced up from where the two were discussing fighting styles.

"Hi Tousan," he said briefly. "Nice day isn't it?" The he added something else. "Where's Goten? He wanted to spar with me today."

Goku grinned and dropped Vegeta. "He's still asleep but ChiChi should be screaming at him any minute now."

The short saiyan glared angrily at the person he reluctantly called a friend. "Kakarott," he forced out between clenched teeth, "if you do that again..."

"Son-san," Genma started. "How in the world did you do that?"

"I teleported," Goku said. "It's called Instantaneous Movement." The other man opened his mouth to ask something and Goku help up a hand to stop him. "Before you ask, I can't teach it to you. I swore not too[1]." He looked up then as he sensed kis approaching. "Veggie, behave."

A grunt was his only reply as Vegeta walked towards the gravity room. "I'm going to train. If that bakayaro insults anyone in my family again, Trunks excluded, he won't live to see tomorrow. Believe me."

Somehow Genma knew he was talking about his son. "What did the boy do this time?" he groaned.

"Nothing big," a new voice piped up. "Just insulted Bra's beauty. She's the one who called Veggie-ojisan on him." Pan, Ranma, Trunks, and Bra came from the house using the side door. Pan, sort of anger at her father, moved over to him where she could stick an accusing finger in his face. "You left me!"

Gohan blinked. "Nani?"

"You left me alone with that-that IDIOT!" Then she launched into her oft repeated story By the time she was through, Goten had joined the group.

"What's going on?" he asked. "Will ya tell me Panny-chan..."

"NO!" Everyone exclaimed.

Shrugging he turned away. "Let's spar niichan."

"Veggie-ojisan," Pan shouted. "We're leaving. Do you want to come too?" There was no response.

"I'll let you win on pur~pose!" Goku singsonged. That at least got an answer, even though it wasn't a positive one.

"No Kakarott! When I win, I want you trying your best." He closed the door and joined them. "Fine. I'll go."

"Wait!" Bra suddenly shouted. "I need to change my clothes. I can't get sweat in designer jeans."

There was a collective groan from everyone but Ranma and his father.

"But," Trunks whined, "you'll take all day!"

"I'll go with her," Pan spoke up. "And don't leave without us!"

Ten minutes later they had returned and they all began their trip to the empty space outside of the city. Goku opted to carry Genma while Pan continued the trend of carrying Ranma, who complained the whole way there.

Upon their arrival, they all drew straws to see who would go first.

"Trunks! You're up. Who are you going with?" Goku asked.

Goten nodded and stepped forward. "I can go with niichan later. Besides, Ranma and Genma are seriously in need of flying lessons."

They all laughed as the aforementioned pair blushed slightly and Gohan and Pan left to train them.

It started out easy enough, though Ranma still remembered what Pan said about her father's training methods. The two Sons thought them how to focus their energy and use it to propel themselves. Ranma had actually gotten a couple of inches from the ground but that was before Gohan began the next lesson.

To the cliff they went.

"Now Tousan," Pan started. "Don't be too hard on them. I sort of scared the jerk yesterday by telling him what you did."

"I'm *not* a jerk you tomboy!" he protested immediately.

Gohan just smiled. "It's not too bad. I learned this way, didn't I? Pan did as well. If you become scared enough, it will be an unconscious reaction." He picked up Genma as Pan did the same to his son. "If it looks like you can't do it, we'll save you."

Pan huffed. "I guess I will."

"Pan-chan!" Gohan mildly admonished.

"Gomen," she muttered as she grabbed the boy. "Let's go then."

Ranma was slightly nervous as they flew higher. "Uh, don't you think that this is high enough?"

"Look," she began, "if you want to have enough time to get it and me to catch you we need to be this high. Otherwise, you hit the ground pretty hard and you're not worth the wish to bring back to life."

This last statement puzzled the boy. "Huh?" he asked.

"Long story. Better save it until later."

"I have the feeling that there are lots of long stories," he muttered quietly but Pan, with her enhanced saiyan hearing heard him anyway.

"You bet there are!" And that was when she released him.

Freefalling one-thousand miles above the earth is an exhilarating feeling to some. The wind rushing past your body, the freedom of movement, the wonderful view of the ground far below. But those people all had parachutes. Whether they opened in time was an entirely different story.

Ranma was not granted that privilege nor was he reveling in the feeling. The boy had his eyes tightly shut and was screaming his lungs out.

'I'm gonna die!' Was the only thing running through his head at the moment until slowly his survival instincts kicked in and he was able to once again think rationally.

'All I have to do is focus my ki,' he thought to himself as he continued down. 'Unfortunately I don't have much time.' That was when he decided to open his eyes and look around.

His pop was about one hundred feet away and seemed to be slowing himself down when in actuality, he was falling slower since there was more air resistance against his larger frame. He also saw Pan and her father above them watching the whole thing with a large amount of patience. About half a mile away from the four, he saw the images of Trunks and Goten sparring. 'They're fast,' he commented to himself. All of these things he had taken in within ten seconds. But that was enough to be within sight of the large details of the things below.

He sighed. Flying was out of the question this time. He couldn't even focus enough to slow himself. But Pan still remained where she was, watching.

"Uh hello!" he shouted to her. "A little help please?" The girl still didn't move. That was when panic kicked in.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he screamed long and loud as he began to flap his arms like wings in hopes of slowing down. By this time he was so close to the ground that Pan wasn't fast enough to save him.

Luckily Goku was.

He started at the fell of arms around him as he came to an abrupt halt. Sighing with relief, he turned to see who had caught him.

"Need a little help?" the tall saiyan asked cheerfully.

"What is with that tomboy?!" Ranma yelled. "I almost died!"

Goku just shrugged. "I guess she thought you would be able to do it. You're father did."

"He WHAT?!" And then he saw what Goku meant. Genma had succeeded in stopping himself completely and was floating in the air calmly. That was the very last straw. Ranma would fly even if he *did* die in the process.


Several hours later a tired, bruised Ranma Saotome collapsed on the ground next to the group watching the sparring match between Vegeta and Goku. Well, some could see it better than others. Gohan and Piccolo -- who had joined them some time ago -- were the only ones.

Ranma couldn't even see an alter-image.

"What's going on?" he asked weakly. He was hurting but satisfied. He had done it. He had flew.

No one answered his question however.

"Wow!" Gohan exclaimed. "Did you see that move? I didn't even know Vegeta could bend that way!"

Piccolo snorted. "That one was obviously reserved for Bulma."

"Someone? Anyone?" he tried again.

Pan hit him on the back of the head. "Baka, I can't see either and you don't hear me complaining."

"This is no fun," Trunks grumbled. "I wanna see too!"

Pan just shook her head. "He was dropped on his head as a child."

Bra broke out into laughter. "Good one Pan-chan!"

The purple-haired boy turned to his friend. "That wasn't very nice."

Pan inwardly sighed. 'I hate when he looks at me like that! He's so cute!'

"Do you have a four?" Goten asked Bra. He had given up on watching a long time ago.

She shook her head. "Go fish."

Then Gohan said something that got them on alert. "Ki blasts."

Goten hurriedly picked up his cards and stuck them in a back pocket. He and Bra stood from the grassy plain.

"What? Why are you standing up?" Genma asked curiously.

Pan just pointed to the distance. "That."

A bright blue beam shot of the sky and struck the earth about fifty feet from where they were. All present covered their eyes from the light.

"Kamehameha," she muttered softly. "Veggie's about to retaliate."

As if on cue, another beam of light shot out.

"Final Flash[2]!" Trunks shouted out. "Move!"

Pan picked the stunned boy up quickly and jumped to the side. Gohan had picked up Saotome on his way by. The crater that resulted from the impact of the blast was not as wide as it was deep. The earth itself was scorched somewhat from the blast and the light blinded them all for a few seconds. Ranma swore he had felt the intensity of it without even trying.

"That," Bra said smirking, "is why you need to be on your feet." Needless to say they obeyed with haste.

The sparring match continued for quite sometime until Goku quickly knocked Vegeta to the group and out of the air completely. "Lunch!" he shouted gleefully.

The shorter saiyan picked himself up from the ground. "Kakarott! Were you toying with me all of this time?!" he shouted.

He received no answer. Only a great rush of wind as Goku took off at top speed to get something to eat.

Everyone else sweatdropped. Nothing about Goku would ever change.


Pan, Trunks, Bra, Goten, and Ranma all walked down the street several hours later after the theater they had gone to. It was Goten's idea, surprisingly, to go out somewhere to get to know Ranma better. They had even let him pick the movie and the restaurant they had eaten at later.

It was no surprise that he picked a Bruce Lee movie but it was surprising that they ended up at an okonomiyaki restaurant.

"It's my favorite," Was all he would say about that.

After dropping Bra and Trunks off at their home, the remaining three walked sleepily up to Pan's front door. Goten didn't even feel like flying home. It had been a long day.

Upon entering, they were greeted with a rather terrible surprise. Akane, Ryouga, Shampoo, and Ukyou all sat on the Son's furniture munching on Videl's cookies.

"Nehou[3]!" Shampoo said cheerfully. "You Pan?"

The girl nodded. "Uh hai. Who are you guys?"

After introductions Genma entered the room and made a grave error. He revealed Ranma's name.

"Ranma my boy!" he spoke cheerfully. "How was you day? Did you bond with the girl?"

Shampoo's ears perked up instantly at this and the sword was out before anyone knew it. "Ranma, you I kill!"

He gasped automatically moved out of the way of the sharp object. Somehow disarming her, he blocked her against the wall.

"Oh no!" Genma gasped. "Not another kiss of death!"

But this was not to be. Smiling adoringly, she glomped the confused boy around the waist. "Wo ai ni[4]."

And no one knew what to make of this.


[1] = Just guessing here. Since he never taught it to anyone, I thought that this would explain why.
[2] = I've never seen the actual blast. Since I couldn't find a description I assumed it was a beam.
[3] = This just means hello. I really don't know how to spell it.
[4] = I love you. This one I can spell.

Sorry about not posting yesterday and I'm starting to get each chapter longer than the first! By the way if you haven't already noticed, I'm ignoring the existence DBGT all together.