A Lifetime of Vegeta

This is odd seeing as I've started writing this *before* I was finished with Week Two. But I knew how this one was suppose to go and I got writer's block around Day Three of the previous week so...

By the way, Mr. Crash gave me the parody idea. Without him, I'll probably have never thought of it. One last thing, I'm doing all of these lines. I would take me weeks to do. I'm just going to do the important scenes and I'm also changing some lines around.

A Month in the Life of Vegeta
Week Three

Our vacation was pretty good overall. We got to see famous places in the world and had fun doing it. Now it was back to ordanary life.

"PAPA!" Bra screamed as she ran through the house towards my bedroom. I caught her as she flew through the doorway and picked her up.

"What is it?"

"Look at this!" She held a flyer in her small fist. "It says that there is going to be a film festival."

"Yeah, so?"

"The first prize is a All You Can Eat at a resturant in town. For a year."

My eyes lit up. "A year of not having to eat Bulma's cooking?"

She nodded. "A year."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's get to it!"


She gathered the Baka Squad at my house so we could go over the movie plans. I don't see why they had to be in our movie? They weren't even in our family!

"Now I was thinking about a movie parody," Bra said while tapping a pencil against her cheek. She had taken one the role of director. "Something hilarious. Maybe mock the original."

"How about Pet Cemetery?" Trunks suggested. Everyone rolled their eyes except me. I haven't seen many movies.

"I was thinking Grease."

Trunks' eyes got wide. "A musical? For real?"

What the Hell was a musical? I usually only watched movies when at least one person died or there were a lot of explosions.

"Wait a minute," ChiChi said slowly. "That's a good idea. But who's going to be who?"

"Can I be Sandy? Please?" Bulma asked everyone.

"Sure, Kaasan, why not. But now Papa has to be Danny."

"I didn't say I would be anything!" I protested loudly.

"But Papa, Danny loves Sandy."

"Well," I said. "that's entirely different. I'll be this Danny guy then."

"Okay!" Bra wrote this down on her clipboard. "What about you Goku-san? And ChiChi-san?"

"Goku-sa can be Kenickie. I'll be Rizzo."

She sighed. "We're all out of people and there are still roles to fill. Six more main people. Three men, three women."

"Why don't you ask Gohan and Videl?" Goten suggested. "And Krillin and Juuhachi-gou?"

"And Marron," Trunks said. "So I can be a main character too."

"We need people for crowd scenes and stuff," Bra wrote this down. "Kaasan, when are the costumes supposed to be ready?"

"Wait a minute!" I frowned. "You talk as if you've been planning this for a while."

Bra smiled. "You know how I showed you the poster today?" I nodded. "Well, I saw it last week some time. Before we went on vacation."

Bulma smiled sheepishly. "We, um, already planned on doing this and I ordered the costumes before we left. We just never set the cast. You know the idea of not having to cook for a long, long time appealed to me!"

"Why do we need costumes?"

"You're the leader of the T-Birds, Papa. Do you want to see the movie first *before* you learn your lines. We only have a week."

I was sort of worried about what the movie was about. "No. That's okay." I really didn't want to see what I was getting into. Bra picked up the phone and dialed a number by memory.

"Hi Gohan-san. I have a question for you. Would you and Videl-san like to be in a movie?" She paused for a short while. "Yep. We're filming Grease." She smiled and flashed us a thumbs-up sign. Then she hung up. "They'll be right over." Then she handed the phone to Kakarott. "Now you can call Krillin."

"How long is this supposed to take?" I asked. This movie better not be long...

"Probably all week if we worked nonstop. I wanted to get started earlier but you really needed that vacation."

That was our cue basically. Everyone began to talk and move around the room. "I'll get the video camera!" Goten said cheerfully.

"*You're* the camera man?" I asked him.

He nodded. "Hai!"

"This movie will be crap."

He pouted. "You really don't mean that, do you Papa Vegeta?"

Papa Vegeta? Where the Hell did that come from? I just shook my head and pretended that I didn't hear him. "What am I supposed to do?"

"Can you go see if the scripts came yet? At the post office."

"Are you going to let me drive your car, onna? I know how you hate it when I 'fly around the city'." I mimicked her perfectly on that last part.

She tossed me the keys. "If you get even one tiny scratch on it, I'm going to hurt you."

"I'd like to see you try." I called to her as I exited through the front door. I don't think she heard me because I didn't receive any further threats.

The house when I returned was nothing but a sea of noise. I mean really, some of them were practicing speech exercises, singing, or just taking to each other. I had to yell at the top of my voice to get Bulma's attention.

"Quiet everyone!" Bra shouted as she stood on the coffee table. I saw Bulma frown in her direction. "The scripts are here. Please come up to the front in your assigned roles. Women go to Kaasan, men go to Papa."

My line was in the order of Kakarott, Trunks, Gohan, and Krillin while Bulma's was ChiChi, Marron, Videl, and Juuhachi-gou.

"In addiction to your director, I will also be your dance coordinator."

Wait a minute, *dance* coordinator?! "What are you talking about? Why do we need to dance?"

"It's a musical, Vegeta." Bulma said. "In a musical you sing and dance."

I knew I was going to hate this. I just knew it!

"How much do I have to sing?"

"You're the lead. Most of the time."

I'm going to hate this. I will be the laughing stock of this city. But then the mere thought of professionally made food made me continue with this.

"All right, the costumes are here!" Bulma said from the front door. "If someone will just help me with this box, we'll be all set." Since Kakarott was closer to her I let him handle it. I sat down on the couch and sighed.

"It's not going to be that bad, Papa." Bra said to me. "You'll have fun. Just like you did on our trip."

"Shhhh," I whispered to her. "Don't tell anyone about that."



[Here's the cast list so you won't be confused:

Vegeta's Danny with Bulma as Sandy
Goku's Kenickie with ChiChi as Rizzo
Trunks is Doody with Marron as Frenchy
Krillin is Sonny with Juuhachi-gou as Jan
Gohan is Putzie with Videl as Marty]

We filmed at Orange Star and we got the principal to open the building to us. Bra rounded up a lot of people who wanted to be extras and they covered with the school signs with ones that said 'Rydell'. I walked among all of these people who came out for the filming and knew we were going to win first prize. We would beat out anyone else in the surrounding area and be the best at that film festival.

"Actors on the set!" Bra yelled through the bullhorn from her tiny director's chair. I think she looked.... kawaii. Don't tell anyone I thought that. "Cameraman ready?"

"Ready!" Goten said as he steadied in on a tripod.

"Quiet on the set!"

A hush settled over the entire area like a blanket. Even the cars on the street fell silent.


I had memorized the lines for this scene. Since no one really had enough time to learn the whole script at once, we were just learning each scene as we did them. Unfortunately we were still at the beginning.

'Putzie', 'Doody', and 'Sonny' walked up the pathway while all those extras Bra had hired for one-hundred yen a scene milled around having pretend conversations. Putzie and Doody were tossing Sonny's 'lunch' back-and-forth between them. Sonny pushed Putzie but since there were no bushes lining the path, he just fell onto grass.

Doody: Hey, you're not supposed to eat this. You're supposed to bury it.

Sonny: Hey! That's a homemade lunch!

They continued to talk a bit more until they saw Kakarott, er Kenickie, push some nerdy kids out of his way. I could see that he looked uncomfortable playing a bully.

Sonny, Putzie, and Doody: Kenickie! Kenickie!

They crowded around him.

Kenickie: Hey! Where you at?

Putzie: (laughing) We're right here! So where were you all summer?

Keneckie: What are you? My mother?

Putzie: I was just askin'!

Kenickie: I was workin'.....

Kakarott trailed off and blinked.

"CUT!" Bra shouted. "What's wrong Goku-san?"

He smiled sheepishly. "I forgot my line."

Everyone groaned. Bra walked up to him a showed him the script.

"It's 'I was workin' which is more than any of you skids can say'. Alright?"

He nodded. "I got it. But can I just glance at the script one more time? I don't wanna mess up anymore."

"C'mon Goku!" Bulma said. "We're not even up to me entrance!"

He did 'glance' over it really quick, saying the words silently to himself. "Okay."

Bra went back to her chair. "Quiet on the set!" She paused. "Lights, camera, action!"

Kenickie: I was workin' which is more than any of you skids can say.

Sonny: Workin'?

Kenickie: That's right. I was luggin' boxes at Bargain City, moron. I'm saving up to get me some wheels.

They went through a little more talking and continued to walk towards the entrance where I was waiting.

Everyone: (shouting) Danny! Danny!

I turned around, a disgusting tasting prop cigarette in my mouth, and almost smiled at them.

Sonny: How you doin'?

At least I got to hit someone, namely midget man, when I walked by them to talk to Kakarott.

Kenickie: Hey, you seen any new broads over there?

I thought the look on his face when he said his line was amusing.

"Naw, just the same old chicks."

Doody: So, what did you do all summer, Danny?

"I was hanging down at the beach. You know."

Sonny: It's tough with all those chicks hanging around you.

Putzie: The only thing hangin' around you, Sonny, are the flies.

"Wait a minute. Cut!" Krillin yelled out.

"What is it now?" Bra sighed.

"Does my character always get picked on throughout this entire movie?"

"Not the *entire* movie... Is there a problem?"

"You know what I have to put up with from *some* people." He looked at me when he said this.

I snorted. "I haven't called you cue ball in years."

"That's only because I have hair now!"

"Krillin-san," Bra said patiently. "You are playing a role. Does it matter who says what to you?"

"When you put it that way..."

"Good. Everyone get into character!" She gave us about five seconds to do this. "ACTION!"

Kenickie: How's the action at the beach? Was it crazy?

"It was flippin' "

Kenickie: Yeah?

"There was this one chick..."

Sonny: Yeah? Does she put out?

"Oh come on Sonny! Is that all you ever think about?"

We walked into the building and the camera left us.

"Did I do okay?" Kakarott whispered to me as we walked down the hall to for our next scene.

"Sure. You did fine." I didn't want him getting nervous if I said no and ruining my chance at free food.

"We better get into place before Bra freaks out again," Trunks said as Marron and Bulma walked toward us. The onna smiled at me before she went down the hall to the office where the real principal and secretary were being paid to act.