Warning: This is one of the first fics that Iíve ever written. Itís not very good in my opinion.

A Week in the Life of Vegeta

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ, blah blah blah, or any of the characters, yada yada yada, Mc Donald's or any other place in this story that I forgot to mention. (except the place in Tuesday)

Note: It starts off a little slow and boring, but it will get better. Trust me. And a day starts at either 6 or 7 am. In this Trunks is 8 and Goten's 7 it happens before the Majin Buu Saga, but Goku is alive in this one. If I accidentally switch to third person, I apologize. I'm used to writing third person stories. I also apologize in advance for any spelling or grammar mistakes. [ ] = author inserts.

Note 2: If you read this, you might be better off saving it for later. I said it would be long.



7:00am: The woman is screaming for the brat to get up for school and it's really getting on my nerves. I get dressed and go downstairs to eat her food and hope I survive.


7:30am: When I come down only Bulma says hello. Trunks ignores me. I don't think I'm that bad of a parent, am I?


8:00am: Breakfast is over. Time to go train in the gravity room. Kakarott comes over again. One day I'm going to win in a sparring match. I just have to have patience.


12:00pm: I break for lunch. Bulma's working so I get my own. Somehow, a huge fire starts and I put it out. She won't notice the burn mark on the wall, I hope.


12:45pm: Back to training. In the wilderness this time. I don't want to be home when she sees the kitchen. Kakarott shows up and we spar, again. I almost got him this time, I'm really close.


2:30pm: Trunks comes home from school. He's all beat up and his only explanation was 'Me and Goten were sparring on the playground'.


3:00pm: It's time for the brat and I to train. He's getting better, but he's still no where near a match for me.


6:00pm: We stop so Trunks could do his homework. I go and watch some t.v.


6:30pm: Time for dinner. Bulma says she made chicken and rice, but when other people make it the chicken is pinkless and the rice is soft.


7:00pm: Bulma's packing for a business trip to Italy to negotiate deals. This is going to be the last time I see her for a couple of days.


9:00pm: She finally finished packing, ordering me around, & making sure everything was going to be okay. She's so tired out that she falls asleep.


9:30pm: I'm bored so I decide to have some fun. As I was walking out onto the balcony, she wakes up.

"Vegeta! Get your short ass back in here!"


1 0:00pm: I slipped some extra strength sleeping powder in some tea I brought to her. She's gonna be sleep until morning, guaranteed. I tried to walk out again, but she woke up! Damn dollar store medicine.



6:00am: Bulma woke me up complaining about how she needs to go shopping for clothes. I tell her to shut up and leave. She gets mad and goes off and I tune her out after she gets to my family descendants and just walked away. In the hallway, Trunks looks at me, shakes his head, and goes back into his room.


6:45am: Bulma's all ready to go and we go with her to the airport. She drives the capsule car and somehow persuades us to ride with her. We almost hit 3 trees, an old man, and 5 parked cars. I am NEVER going to do that again.


7:30am: We had to go all the way to the Tokyo Airport and before she left, I ALMOST HUGGED HER! I can't believe this! I'm getting soft.


10:00am: Trunks and I got back home. Would have been sooner if he hadn't have wanted to stop at Disneyland. At least it was free.


10:15am: Trunks left for a half day of school. I went to train.


10:30am: I was at it less than 15 minutes when I heard the phone ring. I had to go down to his school because something had happened.


11:05am: I marched in screaming "Where is the brat and what has he done now?" The principal told me that he & Kakarott's brat had gotten into a fight and when I said so, he looked at me like I was crazy. "Where is he so I can go?"

"Oh he's not here. He's at the hospital."


12:30pm: At the Satan City Memorial hospital. Trunks is not all that beat up. He has only a broken hand, several fractured ribs, and a slight concussion. Nothing serious. Now Goten, that's a whole other story.


1:35pm: They released him. I had to as Kakarott for some senzu beans and then I asked my son what happened.

"I kind of wanted him to do something that would break a school rule." I gave him a look. "Okay several. When he said no I told him how much of a baka his father was." I gave him another look. "Well it's true! Anyway, he said that you were an arrogant SOB who couldn't be nice if Satan himself threatened you." Oh yeah I could. But not before old Satan had gotten a little hurt first.


2:00pm:  Great. I'm officially bored. This time I can go and have some fun and loud, pushy women like Bulma can't stop me.


2:15pm: I arrived at the Dollar Palace. I gotta get them for having cheap products that don't work. Cheap stuff sure does burn fast.


2:30pm: I stop by Mc Donald's for a quick snack. Those fools actually think that a couple of Big Mac Extra Value Meals would satisfy my hunger. I gave them 10 minutes to get more, it's not my fault it was reduced to a crater.


3:00pm:  I returned home to find Trunks gone. He and that boy sure do make up quick. I decide to train some more. You can never be too strong and besides, Kakarott deserves to die soon.


6:00pm: Time to eat. Too bad the woman isn't here. I can't believe I'm missing her cooking! I really must be desperate. When Trunks came home, we tried, but two Saiyans in a kitchen is a disaster waiting to happen. This time not only did more burn marks get added to the walls, but we got into a food fight broke all of the dishes, and various handprints were decorating the house. Hey, at least we had fun.


10:00pm: We left everything like it was before and went and trained. We were still hungry. Thatís okay, there has to be something still open.


12:00am: We still haven't found any place. Ah, I see one. Billy Bob's Redneck Roadkill. Okay... What's roadkill?


12:15am: Nevermind what I said before, I shouldn't have asked myself that. My son and I arrived inside only to discover that we shouldn't have even considered this place an option. For one, the menu's had items on them like Possum Surprise and Frog a la Flat and the people! Their plaid flannel shirts and overalls were really ugly.


1:45am: Our food took forever to come. The waiter said it was because it was early in the morning and that I should come by around rush hour. I'm not even going to think about that!


2:30am: Trunks and I finally stop vomiting. I didn't think that anything could mess with a Saiyans system. I was wrong.


3:00am: Trunks went to bed. He has school tomorrow after all. I sit and think, "Can my life get any worse than this?"



6:00am: Another day, but I have to fix breakfast. I roll my eyes. Wonderful! I can't cook so I go back to sleep.


7:30am: I get up for real this time. Trunks has already gone to school. He had about 9 bowls of cereal. I love the fact that he has survival skills.


8:00am: After digging up something edible, I turn around to find Kakarott standing there! I stand corrected, my life can and DID get worse. He had that usual stupid smile on his face, but this time he had a turkey leg in his hand that he promptly finished off seconds after his arrival.

"You wanna spar?"



12:30pm: We stop for two reasons 1) It's lunch time and 2) I can't get back up. I remember about Bulma's unlucky dishes so after I recover, I go to the Satan City department store and drag Kakarott along.


1:15pm: At the store, a man is showing me plates, saucers, silverware, glasses, cups, and other stuff because he says I have to "accessorize". I only want something that won't break so easily so me and Kakarott perform a test. We drop plates on the tile floor to check, finally we come across one kind that doesn't shatter upon impact.

"That's our new "impossible to break" model. Perfect for you!" the salesman tells us.

So I pay for a complete set and also all of the other stuff I broke with my Capsule Corp. Express card then I go get it gift wrapped. Valentines Day is coming up and I know I don't want a repeat of what happened last year. I don't have a death wish.


2:00pm: I stash the present in Kakarott's house until V-Day so I can surprise her. I also go to the jewelry store. This will make up for all the things I have done to her over the years and the little incident of trying to blow up the planet when I first came. I also am going to have Kakarott's mate cook dinner for us. [for last years Valentine's Day account read Valentine's Day disaster]


3:00pm: I go home to find Trunks and Goten jumping on our king size water bed! They start to run when I came into the room, but I decided to join in! I don't know what came over me, but I don't regret it. We jumped for about 10 minutes until the bed started groaning. The next thing we knew, we were on the floor. Great! Now I go back to the store, again!


3:30pm: I'm now at the Satan City Dept. store. Water beds sure are expensive, but them again it's not my money. I have the brat and his friend come along too. We're going to "test" this item as well.


4:46pm: Six beds later we had finally found one worth it. For some reason, the same salesman was in this department too.

"Oh no! NO! Not you again! We must get some more unbreakable stuff for your kind." he cried when he saw us.

I got tired of him and sent him to see that florist. [see V-Day Disaster]


5:30pm: We're back at the Capsule Corp. (Goten too) I think I went over my credit limit. How am I going to explain this to Bulma when the statement comes?


6:00pm: Time for dinner. Goten cooks and he can pretty well, for a seven year old that is. But hey, that's better that Bulma.


6:45pm: I'm beating Trunks at Mortal Kombat. Goten is going to play the winner. Then the phone rang and while I'm distracted, I get KO'ed by Johnny Cage. It's Bulma. She says she finished early and that she would be back in a couple of hours. OH SHIT! We have to clean this house! She must have used her satellite cell phone from the plane. She's probably more that half-way here by now.

"We have to get this house cleaned now!" I yell to Trunks and Goten.


7:00pm: We start with the living room. All of the furniture was righted and the dirt was scrubbed from the wallpaper and the dust sucked up from the carpet with the vacuum.

8:00pm: "Trunks, how would you like Goten to sleep over tonight?"

"That'll be great!" Trunks said joyfully.

"Thanks Vegeta-sama!" Goten said.

The extra help would be greatly appreciated. We move on to the kitchen. Now that I think about it, it would have been better to wash dishes AFTER every meal. We get the bread crumbs, egg shells, candy wrappers, milk cartons, and all the dirty silverware [no dishes remember] cleaned up. It took us 10 dishwasher loads.


9:00pm: We move on to the huge piles of dirty clothes [after the food fight, training clothes, etc.] washing them shouldn't be too hard. I was wrong, as always. I know I only added one scoop of detergent. That still doesn't explain how a waterfall of bubbles and soapy water cascaded down the side of the washer.  After we got the mess mopped up, After that, we threw the load into the super-large washer.


9:30pm: Oops. We used a tad too much heat. Now everything is micro-sized. If Bulma and I ever decide to have another kid, at least I won't have to spend hours at the Children's Boutique.

11:00pm: Finally everything's in tip-top shape. She comes in around this time too. I'm lying on the couch with the two brats asleep on me. It's not because I'm going soft, I'm just too tired to get up. That's all. I pick them up and put them in Trunks' room. Now it's time for a little fun. I've missed the midnight recreation.




7:00am: It's complete and utter chaos at breakfast this morning and too bad it's parent-teacher conference day so no school and she's making me go! I don't want to praise my brat with other love-stricken idiots who think that their offspring can do no wrong.

8:00am: We just have to go clothes shopping for the conference tonight in Bulma's opinion. Well, when we go, guess who's there too? You got it! Kakarott and his dysfunctional family. I'm about to ask can my life get any worse again, but I already know it can and will.  Bulma forces me to walk with them. Kakarott came and put his arm around my shoulders.

"Hey Vegeta! How are you doing today?" he asks me.

I growl in response. "Do you still want your arm to function correctly, baka?" He moves it smiling sheepishly.

Bulma leads us to... the Satan City Department Store! Oh, no! Not here! I glance at Goten and Trunks and both have terrified looks on their faces.

"Uh, can't we go to another store, say in Tokyo?" I plead.

"This is the best multi-purpose store in town and it's stupid to travel that far!" she replies. She goes in followed by ChiChi, Gohan, and Kakarott.

"Let's go." I whisper to the kids. We start to creep away when all of a sudden, the two women stick their heads back out of the store and gives us looks that could melt Antarctica. All three of us sigh, defeated and follow behind with our heads down.


8:05am: We're in the kids' clothes. Good, stay far, far away from the tableware and furniture. Trunks and Goten pick out clothes in a hurry, but unfortunately it would have been better if they matched. ChiChi and Bulma looked on in disbelief and picked something themselves. In my opinion, what the boys had was better. [think about what Gohan had on when they first went to Namek for Goten and a khaki pants and blue + tan striped shirt outfit for Trunks. Bulma's not as clueless as ChiChi] Trunks quickly decided that it would be better to tolerate his, but Goten got mad when his dad and brother started to snicker.

"No mom! I refuse to where this!" Goten shouted about to go into a temper tantrum. Kakarott pulled Goten aside.

"Let her get that now and we'll come back later for something you like. Okay?"

"Sure dad!" and he hugged him. That's soooo sweet! Yeah right. They should have just made him wear that hideous outfit instead of reason with him.


8:20am: We go to the nearest checkout, but no one is there. The next one over is in...Oh Kami! Not tableware!

"Let's go Vegeta!" Bulma said trying to drag me over there.

"Uh, Bulma. How about I go and wait for you at the Big and Tall or Short and Small men's store?"

"Nonsense. Come on!" I followed. Defeated by a foe no one could even hope to conquer.

8:25am: I try to stall as much as possible, but I soon find out that it's hopeless. The boys and I try to hide our faces. Even Kakarott is looking rather nervous by now.

"Yes can I help- It's you! What do you want now? A whole new living room to destroy?" a saleslady asked.

"What is she talking about Vegeta?"

"Er, nothing. Nothing at all!" I say shakily.

"Ma'am, is this your husband?" After Bulma nodded she continued. "Your husband came into here earlier today and yesterday. Once with that spikey-haired man for some dishes and again with the two little ones for a waterbed. He dropped the dishes on the floor to test him and he ran another test with the beds by jumping on them! I personally didn't serve them, but I saw the whole thing both times." Bulma gave me another look, about 100 times worse. Had she been around during Earth's Ice Age, the planet would have been Sea World!

"Did you do something at home that resulted in you having to replace some dishes and a bed?" Bulma asked me.

"No." I say as quickly as I could. Then I remember the bond. Damn! Either way it goes, she'll know the truth.  "Yes, but it was purely accidental.

She then turns her burning gaze to Kakarott and the two brats. "Goku, Goten, Trunks what happened?" There nerves broke. 

"I went with him to buy the plates, but I did not break anything!" Goku said terrified.

Bulma nodded. "What about you two?"

"The only thing I did break was the waterbed, but it wouldn't have if Vegeta-sama hadn't of joined in!" Goten said. Bulma shot a glance at me and turned to the last culprit.

"Mom, I broke the dishes and was involved in the bed thing but Dad helped too! The dishes wouldn't have gotten broken if he hadn't of thrown that roll at me and the bed would not have had to be replaced if Dad hadn't jumped too. He's as guilty as Goten and I, but maybe moreso. I'm sorry and so is Goten." He elbowed his friend when he remained silent. "Sure! I'm sorry Bulma-san!" Goten piped up. Trunks, his little speech now finished, grabbed Goten's arm and followed Goku to a restaurant. Gohan and ChiChi, now sensing danger, paid then quickly left to go find the others, but not before Gohan got a snicker in.


8:30am: I try to escape an ultimate tongue lashing, but to no avail.

"VEGETA, WHAT IN KAMI'S NAME POSSED YOU TO BREAK MY DISHES AND JOIN THE KIDS IN JUMPING ON MY BED?! YOU BAKA!" she's starting to give me a headache. I start to walk away. "YOU BETTER NOT WALK AWAY FROM ME!" I keep going, heading for the buffet Kakarott and Co. went into.


9:00am: She finally stopped screaming at me and started on Trunks, who looked to me for help. I just shrug and give him a smirk. He continued looking pitiful until I finally caved in. "Woman, we replaced your stuff and personally, I think it's better so just SHUT UP!" She gave me another glare, that this time I ignored.


10:14am: Everybody's done eating and it was time for me and Kakarott to get fussed over like an American Thanksgiving turkey. We made our way over, after Bulma paid, to Big and Tall or Short and Small Menswear down the hall from the Dept. store. Bulma made it her mission to get some clothes that looked good (to her) so after a salesperson helped Kakarott, she had already grabbed an armload of clothing and was currently prodding me toward the dressing room.

"You better hurry up!" I sighed and put on the first outfit. Some blue dockers and a tan and blue plaid shirt. I opened the door.

"Lookin' good!" I roll my eyes. "Now turn around." Kakarott walked by us.

"Nice! Keep that one."

"Goku, get back here!" ChiChi yelled at him. Bulma smothers a laugh and I decide to get it and leave.


11:00am: We get back home and I swear I'll NEVER go shopping with that woman again! I decide to watch some t.v. on our big screen using the 765 channel satellite dish that picks up signals from other solar systems. Most of the time I can't understand it, but it's still funny. My favorite show is coming on, Cooking with Ki, in a seven hour marathon. 14 episodes of the joy of being a master chef. I need to learn this skill just in case Bulma gets sneaky with what she puts in my meals.


4:00pm: Time to start to get ready. I change my clothes and make sure Trunks is ready so that the woman couldn't say anything. I also decide to go downstairs for a little snack.


4:15pm: It takes a little while to actually get there because on the way, Bulma yells at me for just throwing my previous clothes on the bed. Since I hadn't had a good argument in a while, I decide to pause and comment on her cooking, looks, and how she seemed to be gaining weight. After she slapped me,  I continued on my way. When I make it to the kitchen, only then do I remember that WE NEVER WENT FOOD SHOPPING! I sit down at the table and ask myself, "Why me?"


4:30pm: Bulma decides that it's time to go so off to the Satan City Academy.

"Yea!" I say sarcastically.

When we get there, I'm greeted by Kakarottís stupid smiling face.

"Hey Vegeta! Guess what?"

"What you third class loser?"

"They have free food!"

I cheer up at this and a smile slowly spreads across my face.

"Free food?" I repeat. "Free food!" I run inside and sure enough, there was a couple of buffet tables piled high with goodies. "This makes this all worthwhile!" Kakarott nods as he joins me in quiet awe. We happily start to load plates with delectable. The other adults turned away in disgust.


5:00pm: The conference is fully underway as Bulma dragged me to the brats teacher, Mr. Mathews. I was just going back for fifths too! Damn. Now I have to listen to him go on and on about how bad my son is. As if Bulma and I didn't know. Kakarott, ChiChi, and the little Kakarott look-alike showed up. [it's a second grade/third grade split class] and we found out lots of things that those two had done; like how they put a frog in the principal's desk, how Trunks charged kids admission to see the worlds dumbest child (Goten), how they both burped the Japan's national anthem on the P.A. system, and lots of other things. The whole thing took an hour and a half and by this time, Kakarott was snoring away and I was dozing off and leaning back in my chair. All of a sudden a loud noise startled me. I lost my balance and hit the floor. Everybody was laughing and I soon discovered that Bulma had slammed a book down on the desk to wake me up. Kakarott was also jolted out of slumber. He jumped up screaming, "Who's trying to kill us now?" then he looked around and started to blush heavily. It was my turn to have someone to laugh at.

"Thank you for your time." I told the teacher as I grabbed my son and tried to get out as fast as I could. "I'll punish him..." I gave Bulma a look. "at HOME." We leave soon after that. 

"Good job in Science, Goten." Kakarott said giving him a hug.

"Thanks Dad."

"You'll get something special when we get home."

I snort and look at that big baka. "You're kid only got a good grade in Science. Trunks got ALL A's. He's still smarter than Goten." Bulma and ChiChi both rolled their eyes and walked away.

"Yeah!" Trunks agreed.

"Whatever. My Goten is nicer than Trunks."

"Well, my Trunks is stronger than your Goten."

"Uh, well at least Goten's father isn't evil!"

"What?!" I jumped at Kakarott, turned Super Saiyan and tried to land a punch to his jaw. Kakarott also went Super Saiyan and rose to the challenge. We fought for an awfully long time and I almost had him with a Final Flash, but he dodged it at the last minute.

"What's going on here?" Bulma yelled out. I froze and Kakarott knocked me out of the sky.

"Goku, stop that right now!" ChiChi added.

Kakarott stopped and grinned sheepishly while I got back off of the ground.

"What happened?" Bulma asked. I remembered what happened on Valentine's Day of the previous year and I also remembered that I owed him a favor.

"I started this. It's all my fault." Everybody was staring at me in stunned silence. "What?" I asked.

"You actually apologized! It's a miracle!" Bulma exclaimed.

"Yeah, well..."

"Leave Vegeta alone. He did it because he wanted to. That's all." Kakarott spoke up. I looked at him gratefully.

"I don't know about you bakas, but I'm going home." I left. Now I owe that third class loser ANOTHER favor. How much lower can my life get? At least tomorrow I can make Bulma happy and get a really good "reward".


6:00pm: I went to bed. I have to make sure to get up before Bulma and plan out the dinner and everything.


Friday-Valentine's Day

6:00am: I hurry to shower and get dressed so that I can get over to Kakarott's house. I wonder why Bulma didn't wake up this time? When I get there, knocking on the door does not work.


6:20am: It's now 20 minutes later and I'm still not in. I go to their partly open bedroom window. I knock on the sill. Well, I guess the light outside wasn't too good because Kakarott's mate sat up, looked in my direction, and dove behind the bed screaming, "Goku! There's a stranger looking in the window!" Kakarott remained asleep. "The world's about to end!" Nothing. "Cell's back!" Still nothing. "DINNER!" This got a reaction. Kakarott sat straight up, hitting is head on the headboard in the process. Books, videos, figurines, and ChiChi's Anger Management and You self-improvement kit fell onto his head. I start laughing. He yawned and stretched.

"What are we having?" ChiChi grabbed his arm and pulled him onto the floor.

"Shhh. Look at the window." I'm getting really impatient by now. I knock again. Kakarott with his Saiyan eyes looked in my direction.

"That's not a stranger, it's Vegeta!" He walked over to the window and opened it. I climbed in. "Why didn't you use the front door?"

"I knocked forever and nobody ever answered. And please put on some clothes!" I walked into the kitchen, leaving a blushing baka behind. Goten was already there drinking a Coke and soon Gohan came out too.

"ChiChi, can you cook some French food like French Fries and French Toast. Bulma loves French food."

"Uh Vegeta, that's not really French. Even I know that!" Kakarott leaned down and whispered confidently. "It's German." Everybody facevaulted including me. After we got back up, ChiChi says she'll see what she can do and starts to open cabinets and getting strange smelling spices out onto the counter. I walk into the living room with Goku, Gohan, and Goten following.

"Look." I said as we got into the living room. "I know you don't want me to get yelled at. Bulma is scary sometimes. I'm just too princely to have to go through that." Those two stupid Sons and one other looked at me and burst out laughing.

"It's not funny." I muttered. "Back to the subject. I want to have a picnic, a picnic under the stars. So I need a basket, some candles, a blanket, tableware, etc."

"Okay! We got it all covered including the other presents to be wrapped." Kakarott said while his brats nodded.

"Good. I'm counting on you. If I get verbally, physically, or emotionally abused over this, I will return it to you ten-fold, but Kakarott, only five-fold." I walked away and sat down to watch some more t.v. There wasn't much on so I searched through their videos.

"Armageddon, no. The Wedding Singer, no. Aladdin, no." I finally found one I liked and popped it in. After fast-forwarding past the previews I got to the beginning and started singing along.

"From the day we arrive on the planet and blinking, step into the sun. There's more to see, than can ever be seen; more to do than can ever be done. There's far too much to take in here, more to find than can ever be found. But the sun rolling high, through the sapphire sky, keeps great and small on endless round.

It's the Circle of Life! And it moves us all through despair and hope, through faith and love. Till we find our place on the path unwinding. It's the circle, the Circle of Life!"

All three Sons looked at me in amazement.

"What? Trunks has the movie and he watches it a lot. Besides, I like it!"

"You probably know the words to every song on there!" Kakarott said.

"Yeah, so what?"

They soon went back to planning. I watched and laughed along as Simba and Nala got into trouble.


6:25am: "Vegeta, do you-" Gohan started.

"Shhh. My song's coming up.

I'm gonna be a mighty king
So enemies beware!

Well, I've never seen a king of beasts
With quite so little hair

I'm gonna be the main event
Like no king was before
I'm brushing up on looking down
I'm working on my ROAR

Thus far, a rather uninspiring thing

Oh, I just can't wait to be king!
You've rather a long way to go, young master,
if you think...

No one saying do this
Now when I said that, I -
No one saying be there
What I meant was...
No one saying stop that
Look, what you don't realize...
No one saying see here
Now see here!

Free to run around all day
Well, that's definitely out...
Free to do it all my way!

I think it's time that you and I
Arranged a heart to heart

Kings don't need advice
From little hornbills for a start

If this is where the monarchy is headed
Count me out!
Out of service, out of Africa
I wouldn't hang about
This child is getting wildly out of wing. Oh I just can't wait to be king!"

I get up and start to dance too.

"Everybody look left
Everybody look right
Everywhere you look I'm
Standing in the spotlight!

Not yet!

Let every creature go for broke and sing
Let's hear it in the herd and on the wing
It's gonna be King Simba's finest fling

Oh, I just can't wait to be king!
Oh, I just can't wait to be king!
Oh, I just can't waaaaaait ... to be king!"

"Vegeta-san has finally lost it." Gohan whispered.

"If you think this is weird, just wait until Hakuna Matata!" Goten replied.

"C'mon guys! Back to the subject at hand. Gohan, you go and get the supplies, Goten you go and pack it then go with your brother to help set up. I'll stall Bulma until you are ready, okay?" Kakarott said.

I got tired of waiting for the other song so I fast-forwarded again. "Good! It's on!"

"Uh, oh!" Goten exclaimed.

"Hakuna Matata!
What a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata!
Ain't no passing craze

It means no worries
For the rest of your days
It's our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!

Why, when he was a young warthog...
When I was a young wart hoooog!
Very nice.
He found his aroma lacked a certain appeal
He could clear the Savannah after every meal
I'm a sensitive soul, though I seem thick-skinned
And it hurt that my friends never stood downwind
And oh, the shame
(He was ashamed!)
Thoughta changin' my name
Oh, what's in a name?
And I got downhearted
How did you feel?
Ev'rytime that I...
Pumbaa! Not in front of the kids!
Oh... sorry.

Hakuna Matata!
What a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata!
Ain't no passing craze
It means no worries
For the rest of your days
Yeah, sing it, kid!
It's our problem-free
Hakuna Matata!

Hakuna matata

It means no worries
For the rest of your days.
It's our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!" As I was singing it, I start dancing again. This time my audience is bigger because ChiChi came into the room. She saw me and started laughing hysterically.

"Hey! It's not that funny!" I cried.

"Oh yes it is! You should see yourself!" ChiChi said breathlessly, tears streaming down her face.

"She's right, you know!" Kakarott and sons were rolling on the ground with amusement.

"Whatever." I stop, my pride torn to shreds, and walked out. "I need to be getting home."

Kakarott sees me and stops. "We're sorry. You don't have to go if you don't want to."

"It's alright. By now, Bulma is probably wondering where I am." One cue, the phone rang.

"That's probably her." ChiChi answered it. "Moshi Moshi. Hi Bulma! What? Yes, I've seen him."

I motion for her not to tell her where I am.

"He's out sparring with Goku." pause. "I don't know." pause. "Yes I'll tell him to bring his behind home.(snicker) Okay, bye." She turned to me. "You know what she wants, but I'll give you this message also. She says that if you don't bring yourself home soon that she will hunt you down like the dog you are, beat you senseless, rip out your still-beating heart, show it to you, and laugh while you die. Then, afterwards, she would spit on your grave."

"Kami! Couldn't you have given a cleaner version?" Goten asked.

"That was the cleaner version! She added many other words that I can only question their meaning!" She went back to the kitchen.

"I think I will be leaving now."

"Are you scared? She can't do anything to you!" Gohan said.

"You just don't know what she is possibly capable of and, believe me, you don't wanna know!"

I fly away at top speed. I have so much more to live for.


7:00am: I arrived back home. I tried to sneak past the living room where she was sitting but as I got half-way across the entrance, she spoke.

"Vegeta, stop right there!" I froze. "Where were you?"

"That's none of your business, woman!"

She turned around shooting her chilling gaze my way. "What did you just say?" she asked calmly.

I faltered. "I-I-I said it's none of your business." I repeated meekly. That look could unnerve a rock.

"That's what I thought." The next thing I knew, I was looking at the front door, from the OUTSIDE.

"Damn, damn, DAMN!" I shouted emphasizing each word with a foot stomp. Trunks opened his window and shot me a sympathetic look. "Hey son!" I whispered. "Help a Saiyan in need, will you?"

Trunks started to smirk. "What will I get for helping you?"

That brat! "Uh, I'll be nice to you!" All I got was a snort for a reply. He needs to stop picking up my characteristics. "I'll be nice and I will go easy on you during training!" Another snort. "I'll be nice, will go easy on you AND give you 75 zenni!" I could see his eyes light up from here. "Do we have a deal?"

"Sure. I'll go stall Mom while you come inside." He walked away. There goes the last of my funds.


7:20am: I float up to the window and climb in. The coast is clear so far. I go to the door and peek out into the hallway. No one's there. I go to our room and open the top drawer on the dresser. I was so absorbed in my work that I didn't sense anybody else either. I actually didn't notice until the drawer closed on its own. I looked up.

"Oh shit!"

"Hello Vegeta. Back for a second helping?"

I turn away from her and look at the bedroom door. Trunks was standing there smirking.

"I thought we had a deal!"

"She offered my more money for my services. About 25 more zenni in fact."

"You little brat!" I lunge for him and he runs away screaming.

"Leave the boy alone. Just get what you came her for and leave." I got everything and tried one more time to plead with her.


"NOW!" she pointed towards the door. I walk downstairs and fly away. I turn around to see Trunks laughing.

"I'm going to get you for this! Don't think I won't!"


7:35am: Back at Kakarott's house. This is going to be a long day. Gohan had gone to the store and got everything and now they were planning how they would do everything.

"Back to sing some more?" Gohan asked. I ignored him and asked Kakarott a question.

"We are going to have to do more than this to make her happy. What should I do?"

"What happened now?" he asked me.

"She tried to murder me!" He looked at me strangely. "Well she did. Trunks played me for a fool because Bulma offered him more bribe money."

"You have one weird family." Kakarott told me.

"Me? What about you? Baka, Baka Jr., Nerd Boy, and Demon Spawn." I pointed to each one respectively.

"Hey!" Goten and Gohan said in unison.

"Don't pay any attention to him. He's mad and needs someone else to talk about since Bulma's the root of the problem." Their father told them. "How about you and me go and spar? It'll take you mind off of things since trying to kill me takes all of your brainpower." He smirked.

I thought for a second. "Wait, was that an insult? I think it was. You'll pay for insulting the prince of the- OW!" He hit me in my jaw. We both go outside and to the usual place.


8:15am: I think it will probably goes as expected. I would get close and then he comes back with an unexpected Kame Hame Ha. Well this time, he was clearly distracted because... I WON!

"I'm king of the world! Whoo hoo!" I stopped jumping up and down and looked to make sure nobody but Kakarott heard that.

"Yeah pretty good." He mumbled. For the first time (concerning him) I start to feel guilty.

"What's wrong?" I ask as I sit down next to him.

"I completely forgot to get ChiChi something! She is going to KILL me!"

"I guess I could help you since I owe you two favors and all. Let's go to the mall." I looked at our clothes. "After we change."


9:00am: At the Outlet mall. (Kakarott's cheap and I now hate the S.C. Shopping center for obvious reasons)

We stop at a store called Rings n Things.

"She likes jewelry and I got a really good gift here one year."

I go in and look around. "What happened? Did a tornado come through here?" I asked the person behind the counter.

"We had a sale and today's Valentine's Day! You should have came yesterday."

"Is there any other mall with actual merchandise left?" Kakarott asked tearfully.

"You might could try May's Flowers downstairs."

"Thanks!" We run outside and look from the balcony.

"Oh Kami! They're about to open and a crowd of men are already running towards there. JUMP!" We leapt from the side and land about 100 feet from the mob. "RUN!" We take off full speed. We came from one way and chaos from the other. "We're not gonna make it! We're not gonna make it! We're not gonna-" We ran right into a man holding a 'We're Sold Out' sign and knocked him down, falling on top of him. "make it."


10:00am: After brushing ourselves off and picking up the fragmented pieces of our pride, Kakarott and I walk away towards the food court.

"Goku, Son Goku, if you are in the building, come to Jewelry and You. I repeat, if you're in the building, please come to Jewelry and You. Thank you." a voice on the P.A. announced.

We both look at each other and shrug simultaneously and go to the third level where the shop was located.

"I'm Son Goku." Kakarott announced.

"I can't believe it's really you! The REAL savior of the world many times over! Can I take a picture with you?" A nerdy man with a "Hi! I'm the manager!" tag on.

"I'm well-know too!" I shout in his face.

"Oh really?!" He gets a pen and an autograph book ready. "And what is your name?"

"Vegeta, Saiyan prince from Vegeta-sei."

"Never heard of you." He readies a polaroid camera on a tripod and set the timer. "Ready? Say cheese!" He and Kakarott does it and the flash goes off. I tackle him to the ground.

"You should know who I am! I tried to annihilate your planet previously & fought beside this baka to save the people on this planet! I should be well known!"

"Vegeta, calm down!" Kakarott pulled me off the nerd who was, by now, turning a pretty good shade of blue. "I'm sorry for his behavior. Why did you call me up here?"

Gasping for air, nerd-boy sat up. "You won the grand prize in our contest."

"Really? What did I win?"

"A Valentine's Day dinner at Satan City's best restaurant, The Rose Room."

"Oh wow!" In his joy, he grabs me in a giant bear hug.

"Let go Kakarott, I can't breathe!" I manage to choke out.

"Oops." He turns to nerd-boy who was keeping a wary eye on me. "What time is dinner?"

"At eight. Black tie only you know." Kakarott gives me a glance.

"He means that it's formal."

"Oh, okay." He starts to grin again. "ChiChi's gonna be soooo happy!"

I walk away towards the elevator with the baka close behind.

"Wait!" Great! The nerd wants something else. "You forgot the ID slip. When you show up, you want to be able to eat you know."

"I sure do!" Kakarott cried.

"Let's go. Do you have any kind of formal attire at your house?" I asked him.

"Hmm. Nope. I don't think so."

"We'll just have to get you some then." I start off toward Tuxedo World.

"Can I help you?" a salesperson asked as we entered.

"Yes, uh can you fit this person here for a tuxedo? We're renting."

"I see. Follow me please." There was some laughing as Kakarott was being measured. I never knew he was ticklish. We had to wait a bit while the salesperson hunted around for one that fitted. "Here you are. That'll be a 15 zenni non-refundable deposit and 45 zenni a day."

I start to pull out my card again.

"You can put that away, I'll cover it."

"Oh wow!" I rolled my eyes. "Would have been better if, THIS WASN'T YOURS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!"


11:00am: I go back home to find that Bulma wasn't even there!

"She said she was going the mall." Trunks informed me.

Whatever. "This is what I had brought over before. I'm going to take her favorite ring and get it engraved. How about that?"

"What will it say?" Goten asked curiously.

"That's none of your damn business. I might let you see AFTER I go and get it put on there if you shut up

"Well, we're all set. Just come by when you're ready." Gohan said.

Kakarott leaned in closer. "It's going to have to be sooner than eight or I'll have to sit this one out. I have dinner plans now, remember?"

"Okay." I walk towards the door and turned around slightly. "And thanks for all of your help."

As I flew away, I overheard Gohan asking, "Did he just say THANK YOU?"


[the time entries will tend to be shorter after this because I got a little carried away before and forgot that I was going by times instead of by days]

12:00pm: I'm tired and hungry and I really need to train in the gravity room. I go inside and look around. The coast is clear. I make my way to the kitchen to fix about 15 ham and cheese sandwiches. Since I don't have a death wish, I go and eat in the gravity chamber.


12:15pm: That was good. I feel the urge to surpass Kakarott now, so my training will now begin.


4:00pm: While trying to obtain Super Saiyan Level two, I use too much power and blew the gravity room sky high. Then I pass out.


7:30pm: I wake up in my... bed? In the house? With Bulma... STANDING OVER ME WITH A SHARP OBJECT?!

"Get away! Nooooo! I don't wanna die!"

"Vegeta, calm down! I need to give you a shot to ease the pain. Geez! You act like I was trying to kill you or something?"

"How do I know you weren't?" I ask trying to calm my racing heart.

"Oh please!" This is the time I glance at the clock and realize something. Kakarott was leaving in 30 minutes!

"I gotta go! Move, move, MOVE!" I jump up and run to the bedroom window and fly out.


What now? "What woman? I'm leaving no matter what you say!"

"I don't care if you leave, but at least put on some clothes first!" I look down at my bikini briefs.

"Uh, yeah. That's a good idea." I mumbled. People below me were laughing. How embarrassing.


7:45pm: I start out again. I have to hurry, I have to hurry. I make it just when Kakarott and his mate were about to leave.

"I'm, ready! Wait until I get to the spot, then teleport her to your house."

"Sure. ChiChi, you're gonna have to stay close to the house so that I can locate you to get back here."

Kakarott, his two brats and I race to the spot they had prepared. I had to admit, it had a pretty nice view. In the distance, I could see the many lights of Satan City and the sky was full of twinkling stars. What a perfect place! I turn to Kakarott. "You can go get her now." He nods and disappears while I spread the blanket out onto the ground. Goten and Gohan helped me set up everything and then they headed for home. Gohan had to go get the Satan girl for a date today also.

8:00pm: Kakarott shows up and deposits Bulma on the edge of the clearing. He disappears a few seconds later to be with his mate. She walks towards me and gasped.

"This is so beautiful!" I smirk in response. "You did all this for me? I can't believe you actually remembered today was a holiday and I've treated you so bad!"

"I don't want to make you guilty. I just did this because I love you."

She froze. "Say that again."

"What? I do love you Bulma. I always will. I'm sorry I never told you before. " Of all the reactions I expected to receive, I got the least suspected. She started laughing!

"What? Why are you laughing, woman?"

"Wait until I tell ChiChi! I now have 20 extra zenni in my pocket!"

I looked at her strangely. "Don't tell me you get Kakarott's mate 20 zenni on whether or not I'd say that I loved you!" It was a statement, not a question.

She shrank away. "Uh yes." Further back she stepped until she bumped into a tree. I approached her with a crazy look on my face.

"You know what?" I asked in a whisper.

"What?" she squeaked out.

I picked her up and swung her around. "That's 20 extra zenni in our pockets and you had faith in me!" She laughed, amazed. I guess to her, I defied the laws of the universe. I professed my love to her, expressed something other than anger, and gave her a complement.

"Are you on something?" she asked me.

"NO! I'm just happy!" I laughed as I gave her my other present.

"What a wonderful locket!" It had our wedding picture that Kakarott had taken in it. "Help me put it on?" I do so.

"You know, I didn't even think you knew what happy meant!" I lead her over to the blanket and served her some escargots. "French food too?! I'm dreaming!"

I added another thing to my list of surprises, I kissed her tenderly.

"If this is a dream, I hope I never wake up!" She giggled as I cleared our dishes away and laid her down onto the blanket.



6:00am: We got back around 5am today and for some reason, Trunks didn't mind. One day I'm going to have to sit him down and question him on the stuff he knows. I left Bulma asleep upstairs and went down. Trunks was watching t.v. I got a bowl of cereal and joined him.


8:30am: Everything was peaceful until... we started fighting over what to watch.

"I wanna watch Monster Rancher!" Trunks shouted.

"That show sucks! I want to see Pokemon! I heard the episode is going to be great!" I yelled back.

"Monster Rancher!"


"Monster Rancher!"


"Neither one!" Bulma snatched the remote from our surprised grasp and turned off the t.v.

"Awww, Mom!" Trunks whined.

"Awww, Bulma!" I whined too.

"Just go into the kitchen and I'll cook you breakfast."

Food is better than t.v because Trunks smiled and nodded and walked away. Finally, I can watch in peace. I move to turn on the television.

"Vegeta!" she grabbed my ear and pulled me off of the couch.

"Woman! Let go of my damn ear! C'mon, this hurts!" She continued to yank until she got to the kitchen where she preceded to throw me into a chair.

"Have you been lifting weights or something?" I asked amazed.

She just snorted and turned to the stove. This is a good time to question him.

"Trunks, what do you know?"

"He looked up. "What do you mean, "What do you know" Papa?"

"You know what I mean!"

He got a little intimidated by my tone of voice and started to reply. "I know all about the birds and the bees so I know what you two do at night. I know that's what you meant."

Bulma stopped and turned around. "And just how do you know that?"

"Well, at certain times you both disappear. I checked out your room once and the door is always locked and there have been some strange noises coming from inside like-"

"That's okay. We don't need to know in detail." I say hurriedly. "You're only eight! You know way more than you should!"

"It's not my fault you two are too loud-"

"That's enough!" Bulma cried blushing. "Besides, breakfast is ready."

She put it onto the table. We both just stared.

"What?" she asked

"What is this?"

"Don't act like you don't know! It's french toast!" We look on until finally she stares too. "You're right. I can't recognize it either." She picked up the plates, scraped the substance into the garbage disposal. "After we all get dressed, we can go out eat."

"All right!" Trunks and I cried as we stood up. She gave us a look. "That's fine." we corrected.


10:00am: We show up at the breakfast buffet place. After Bulma paid, Trunks and I had lots of fun trying to out eat each other. Bulma just got two plates worth of food and spent most of her time watching us eat.


11:00am: Two hours later will still at it and Trunks and I, so far, are even. Then it came down to the last fried chicken leg.

"It's mine! I saw it first!" Trunks yelled at me.

"Who's the oldest? Me! So therefore it's mine!"

"Who the cutest? Me! So it's mine!"

"He's got you there." Bulma said wearily.

"Here brat, I don't have time to be fighting over food with you." I let go of my end and Trunks fell backward and landed on a man that was walking behind him at the time.

"You little brat!" the man raised his hand to hit him and Trunks, startled, just sat there on the ground in shock.

I went over and grabbed the mans arm. "If you hit him, you'll spend the rest of your days regretting what you did. Get what I mean?" I smirk evilly. He nodded and I released him. Trunks got up from the floor.

"Thanks Papa." he told me.

"No problem, but you need to fight your own battles. I won't always be around to defend you."

"This is touching and all, but I want to go home!" Bulma said loudly interrupting our moment.

I sigh and shake my head. "Lets go."


11:25am: We returned home. Trunks ran to the living room.

"I missed Digimon, but that's okay. I taped it!"

I joined him on the couch. "Well turn it on." We soon were absorbed in singing the theme song. "Digimon, Digital Monsters, Digimon are the champions!"

"I think I have two children." She left to work in her lab on some new project.


12:00pm: After we watched the two episodes, I took time out of my busy schedule to help Trunks improve a technique that he wanted to try out against Goten in their next sparring match.

"That's good! Just keep you ki controlled and it should be alright."

"Like this?" a bright green, spiraled beam came into existence.

"Yeah. That way. What will you call it?"

"The Super Trunks Green Beam!"

I winced. "Uh, no. How about the Grass Gun?" I ask jokingly.

"Yeah! The Grass Gun! Thanks Papa!" he ran up and hugged me then flew away in search of Goten.

"Hey wait! I was joking." I say weakly. If he ever uses that while I'm around and we're in public, I'm going to deny that he's my son.


3:00pm: After training myself, I go inside for some food. Bulma is in there reading at the table and drinking some tea.

I walk up behind her and cover up her eyes.

"Guess who."

She smiles and says, "Goku, I told you not to do that while we're at my house!"


"Vegeta, I know it was you. I was just playing!"

"Whew! You had me for a second." I set her book down on the table and picked her up in my arms.

"Veggie-chan, this is the very reason why our son knows too much."

"I don't see him here now, do you?" I walk upstairs to our room and put her on my bed. Then I noticed a certain person in our sliding glass window.

"Trunks! Get away!" As I shut the curtains, I heard his voice say to his companion, "Goten, I told you they do it all the time!"

Bulma behind me sighed. "We do "do it" all the time."

"I know you don't have any objections with that." She started to smile mischievously.

"You're right, I don't."


5:30pm: We emerge from our room just in time for Bulma to start dinner. To pass the time, I decide to go and train again. Kakarott materialized in front of me again, this time with a sandwich.

"Do you ever stop eating?" I ask him.

"Yeah I do actually. When I'm not hungry."

"If ever. Did you come to chow down or to spar?"

"Same old Vegeta." He quickly finished his meal and got into a fighting stance. "Ready when you are."

I rush at him and my right connects with his jaw. He falls back a little and hits me with a knee to the stomach. This goes on for a while until finally its a draw. Neither one of us can rise. Bulma, seeing us from the window, rushes over and gives us each a senzu bean.

"Thanks Bulma!" Kakarott said.

"Goku, do you want to stay over for dinner?"

I, standing behind Bulma and facing Kakarott started shaking my head and mouthing the words "No! Don't do it!".

"That'll be fine!" he replied cheerfully,

"Baka!" I say slapping my forehead. He'll never learn.


6:15pm: At the table, Trunks and I are next to each other looking at Goten, who Trunks had asked over, and Kakarott eat her food. We couldn't touch it, but they could. Bulma, sitting between me and Kakarott, smiled happily that at least someone appreciated her cooking. I saw Goten's hand sneaking towards Trunks' plate. (which he gladly handed over by the way) These two would eat just about anything.


7:00pm: After they finished consuming everything, we all went to watch t.v. My other favorite movie, The King and I, was on so we watched that.

"I take it that you love anything that deals with royalty." Kakarott mentioned.

"Of course. I, Prince Vegeta, have to study the royal roots." They all looked at me and shook their heads.

"That is sooo pathetic!" Trunks whispered to Goten.

"I heard that! It's not bad that I want to keep remembering how Kings and Queens act and how they get respect." The group looked at each other again until Bulma spoke up.

"Gomen Prince Vegeta!" she said.

"Please forgive us Prince Vegeta!" Kakarott added.

"You're number one, Vegeta-sama!" Goten said too.

"We all adore you Prince Dad!" Trunks said. They all burst out laughing at their joke.

"Very funny. Ha, Ha."

"You know we love you." Bulma said kissing me on my cheek. She got up and left the room. Trunks kissed me on my hand as did Goten. Kakarott was quick to follow suit.

"Do it and die." I told him. He just grinned and walked into the kitchen.


7:30pm: We. Are. Bored. Kakarott and Goten are still here.

"Hey! Why don't we play Monopoly?" Bulma suggested.

"Whatever." I say.

"I call banker!" Kakarott yelled. We all stared.

"I think I should be banker." Bulma gets up and goes to get the board game. While she sets it up, I decided to have a "friendly" wager with the baka.

"Kakarott, I bet you 30 zenni that I can get Boardwalk and Park Place."

"You're on!"

The game started. I chose the thimble, Bulma the hat, Kakarott the wheelbarrow, Trunks the car, and Goten the man on the horse.

Well all rolled an Goten got the highest. He rolled again.

"1, 2! Community chest!" He grabbed a card. "Whoo hoo! Grand Opera Opening." he reads. "Collect 50 zenni from every player!" We hand over his money, grumbling all the time.

"Goten honey, you rolled doubles. Roll again." Bulma mentioned.

"Oh yeah." he rolled. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6! Vermont Avenue! I wanna buy it!"

"100 zenni please." He gave Bulma the money.


10:00pm: We are still playing. I own the Electric Company, Pennsylvania Railroad, St. Charles Place and Boardwalk. Bulma owns Short Line, the Water Works, States Avenue, and Pacific Avenue. Trunks owns Marvin Gardens, Baltic Avenue, and Oriental Avenue. Goten owns Tennessee Avenue and Vermont Avenue. Kakarott only owns Pennsylvania Avenue.

Kakarott was on Pacific Avenue and was preparing to move.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6" Only two more spaces! "7" One more! "8"

"PAY UP! I have 4 houses and a hotel on that property! You owe me..." I quickly added up the grand total. "3700 zenni!"

"Really? Here." He hands it over.

"You have all of it?" I count it. "You do. Alright, where'd you get it from?"

"I'm just loaded."

"Kakarott," I explain patiently like I am to a child. "You have only one property and you only landed on community chest or chance ONCE! HOW THE HELL DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH MONEY?"

He begins to look guilty. "Well, I kind of borrowed it from the bank, but I was intending on paying it back with interest."

"I knew it was a mistake sitting next to you." Bulma sighed.

"I am going to kill you!" I grab at him over the gameboard.

"It's only a game, geez!" he cried.

"I'll show you game!"


12:00am: I wake up in the Capsule Corp.'s infirmary.

"Well you finally awake." Bulma says from her place beside me.

"What time is it?"

"Twelve in the morning. You have lots of injuries. Broken ribs, broken hand, broken leg, lots of burns..." she goes on for about a minute. I'm satisfied. If I'm hurt this bad, Kakarott must be dead!

"What does Kakarott have?"

"Goku only has one cut above his eye. He brought you in after you failed to move."

"ARGH! ONE CUT!" I get up in a hurry. "When I get through with him this time, he's gonna wish he was dead!"

"He at home, sleeping. What you should be doing." She stands and goes to exit the room. "Don't even think about going over to his house." She gets some medicine, mixes it up and puts it into a syringe. "After I give you this, you'll be sleep for ages."

She hurries over to my bedside and sticks that needle into me. I'm too tired to protest. A few seconds later, I'm knocked out.



9:00am: I'm up for today. She was right, that stuff does work wonders. I wonder what it was? I go into the kitchen to find Bulma and all I find is a note that says that she's at the mall and will be back soon. Oh joy! She's out buying more stuff to crowd the room with.


10:00am: She finally comes back. She was hiding a wrapped package behind her back.

"Let me see it!" I tried to grab it from her.

"No!" I put my arms around and kisses her full on the mouth. While she was distracted, I took the package.

"To Vegeta." I read. "My one true love. Always, Bulma." I was shocked.

"A late Valentine's Day present. I hope you like it." I open the rather small box and take out a ring.

"Read the engraving."

"'Vegeta, you are my one and only Dark Warrior. I love you with all my heart'" I look up at her. "This is so nice of you. I love it, thanks." I put it on and get a thought. "Wait here." I jump up, go outside and fly away.


1:00pm: I finally find the store that I want. The same one she got my present from. I go inside.

"Hi. I would like to purchase a ring that matches mine and with some engraving."

The saleslady looked. "Ah, yes. A blue-haired woman came in earlier to get one. Your wife I presume?"

"Yes, yes. How much will it cost?"

"Since I think what you are doing is sweet, the ring + the engraving is 65 zenni."

I give her the money. "I need it by today."

"Sorry, but it will take at least three." I hold up a thousand zenni bill in her face. "For you, 10 minutes."

She gets the ring, takes the size measurement, the message, and gets to work.


1:10pm: True to her word, 10 minutes later it was finished.

"Thanks a lot."

"No problem. Come back soon and have fun!" She winks at me. How come everyone seems to know what we do in our spare time?


2:00pm: I make it back as fast as I can. Come to think of it, I haven't seen my son in a while.

"Where Trunks?" I ask as I return.

"I sent him over Goten's house. Where have you been?"

"I went to repay the favor." I hand her the jewelry box.

"You didn't have to!"

"Just open it and read my message."

"'Bulma, you're bitchy, loud, evil, and a bad cook..." she raised an eyebrow. "but I love you anyway' Okay... coming from you, that's the best thing in the world!" She hugs me and I pick her up and we head upstairs. I guess my life here on Earth isn't so bad after all.