The Courageous Legend of Chikyuu-sei

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Note: Just something that popped into my head. Goten's fourteen and Trunks is fifteen. I actually got the idea for this last April, but it sort of died off. Consider this a revival.

Warnings: None in this tiny little part. Shounen ai and violence later on.

The Courageous Legend of Chikyuu-sei
(Part One: It Was the Best, and Worst, of Times)

Prologue - Trunks' POV

The room was too small to hold five people comfortably let alone seven. My parents and I were crammed inside along with the headmaster, Sir Aldric, and three members of a family that mother and father could barely tolerate. To this day, I have no idea what's wrong with the Sons. They seem perfectly normal to me. Yet it was an unwritten law that no member of the Briefs family could socialize with any member of the Son family.

I saw the way Sir Aldric was staring at the six of us. He had a 'Why am I subjecting myself to this torture?' look on his face. The entire time we'd been in his office (and it had only been five minutes) my mother and Lady ChiChi had sniped at each other, my father glared continuously at Lord Goku (who only smiled), and I ignored them all except for the headmaster. After another short while, Sir Aldric got their attention.

"You are all here today because an issue has arisen." He focused his attention onto Goten and I. "Trunks, you wish to attend this boarding school, am I correct?"

That was not correct and, just as I was about to tell him the truth, my mother's wickedly sharp fingernails dug into my thigh. "Uh, right," I said as pained tears sprung to my eyes. Quickly blinking them away, I added, "Of course."

He scrutinized me for a moment and his piercing gaze made me squirm. It was as if he knew that I was lying. Then his eyes shifted onto the Son boy and I was relieved. "Son Goten, do you wish to attend?"

A bright smile appeared on his face. "Yes, please. It would mean a lot to me."

My eyes rolled at his sugary sweetness. I'd never been sweet in my entire life and I turned out fine. Besides, who needed "please" and "thank you" if you had prominent parents on your side?

Lady ChiChi frowned and cleared her throat to get everyone's attention. "Let's get to the point, shall we? Something is obviously wrong because we wouldn't be here otherwise. Is there still a place here for my Goten?"

"Yes, ma'am. There is also a place here for Trunks as well." He paused and my body involuntarily tensed up. Bad news was a comin'. "We are unusually full this semester so there is only one room remaining in the boy's dormitory."

I knew it! "Let me test my understanding... You want me to share a room with him?" I jerked my thumb towards the Son boy. He was just a little offended, but his mother was pissed beyond belief at my words. I didn't care if she had a heart attack from the rage. The thought of me sharing a room with her son horrified me. Mother and father always said that their family was low-class scum.

"How dare you speak about my son as if he were a vile creature you would rather die than share a room with!" Lady ChiChi glared at me and I returned her look. "There are a few choice things I could say about you, young man."

"ChiChi..." Lord Goku said in an attempt to calm his shrew of a wife down. It was was doomed to failure from the start.

My mother, Lady Bulma, had partially risen from her chair before my father, Lord Vegeta, pushed her back down into it. "My son is worth ten times the amount of that little snot-nosed brat."


"Ladies, please!" Sir Aldric rubbed his temples as if he was receiving a pounding headache. I had no doubt that mother and Lady ChiChi had given him a huge one. Why did he call us all here today? Did he really think that Goten and I could live together without a small war escalating between our parents? "The boys are both exceptional young men and have tested at a high level. The Academy would be proud to have them as students."

Goten's mother was the first to give in. "I'm sure that Goten can get along very well with Lady Bulma's son."

"And I'm sure that Trunks can get along with Goten," Mother said after a very long pause. I knew what she was thinking. Briefs children were always well-behaved. My parents had dealt with a few problems with me when I was small, but they considered them little incidents that meant nothing. Yes, that barn may have mysteriously burned down and those chickens may have literally flown the coop, but my guilt could not be proven. Overall, I was a "good boy".

A psychiatrist would call my misdeeds a cry for help. I've been ignored for majority of my life and, when Bra was born three years ago, it only became worse. Look, the fact of the matter is that I just don't give a damn anymore. All three of my immediate family members could die tomorrow and I wouldn't mourn their passing.

Lord Aldric smiled at us and I knew it was fake. The two "ladies" were trying his patience too much for it to be. "Very well. School starts in two weeks and here is all of the information that you need." He slid a packet over to the mothers. "We look forward to having your sons here this fall."

"If anything happens I hold you personally responsible," Lady ChiChi told him as she gathered her things. She nodded to her husband and the three Sons exited the office.

Mother smiled at Sir Aldric, probably hoping that there was an extra bed somewhere after all. "Are you sure that there's absolutely nothing you can do? I'll make it worth your while..."

"Lady Bulma!" he gasped in surprise. What could mother give in exchange for a sudden vacancy? A lot. The headmaster blushed as possibilities ran through his head.

"I'm talking about money, Sir Aldric! What did you think I was talking about?" She held up her hand just as soon as the words left her mouth. "Nevermind, I don't want to know."

I snickered. "My mother isn't a whore, but the thought is definitely amusing. You should come over to our house and listen to my parents go at it." In reality, they hadn't had sex in what seemed to be a very long time. I always knew when they did, mother was just that damn loud.

"Trunks!" Mother gasped, her face turning red with embarrassment. Father grabbed me by the arm and half pulled, half dragged me to the door. I musn't be allowed to ruin their reputation any more. Mother followed, still blushing. "Um, he'll be here on the second. See you then."


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