Metamorphosis Alpha

Chapter 6: Passing Judgement

"Never challenge a master, Kakarotto, especially when just thinking about sex makes you blush." - Vegeta

Goku paced back and forth in the bedroom, showing the world how upset he was. Vegeta finished buttoning the new black silk dress shirt he'd just purchased several hours before and caught the large Saiya-jin's arm as he went past. "Kakarotto, this isn't helping."

"I know, but I can't seem to sit still." He let his mate pull him into an embrace that threatened to undo him entirely. "'geta-chan, how could she do this to me?"

"Well, first and foremost, I think she's jealous. We're happy, she's not. Second, I think she's so used to you being with ChiChi that seeing you with someone else is strange." He smiled bitterly. "Especially if that someone is me."

"Vegeta..." He kissed him slowly and deeply. "I think I love you, 'geta. I knew you were special from the moment I saw you and I know for sure that I was attracted to you. But so much interfered and it took us so long to finally understand that we were meant to be."

"As much as I want to say that I wish we could have been together a long time ago, I have to admit that it would have been the wrong thing for us. You know how I was, Kakarotto, before Mirai Trunks showed up. We would have just ended up hurting each other and then we wouldn't have what we have right now." Goku noticed that he didn't return the sentiment, but he could wait.

He could wait forever.


Bura and Pan were hiding in Bura's room. Buruma had started to scare them a few hours before the dinner party began, screaming at them if they even so much as placed a fingertip on her just-cleaned glass-topped coffee table. It was like the Imperial Family was coming to visit, or someone just as important, instead of just a group of her friends.

"I'm afraid of what's going to happen," Pan admitted, which was unusual because she didn't like to admit weakness.

"Don't worry, Panny, we'll be around as backup. So will Niichan and Goten." She held the smaller girl close and stroked her hair, the sensation causing Pan to smile and cuddle closer. They hadn't even shared their first kiss yet, but they already felt like they were falling in love.

Before long it was time to head downstairs. Bura fixed her black halter dress and smoothed down her hair. She'd actually coerced Pan into wearing a skirt for once and felt that she looked cute in it. It was a navy one of Bura's but, because of their height difference, it now came to Pan's knees when it was a mini skirt on her.

"I'm going to forget and leave my legs open, I know it!" Pan said as they left the room. Judging by the look on Bura's face, that wasn't a bad idea. She gulped nervously and looked away from the lecherous look she wore.

The girls went downstairs into what Bura called "Hell" beneath her breath. Buruma was frantically running from room to room, directing the caterers and servers and decorators. They stood well back and partially in shadow so that she didn't see them and simply watched.

Ten minutes before "showtime", Buruma calmed down. She transformed to a woman of poise and sophistication, a sharp contrast to the wild woman of just a short while before.

The door bell rang right on time and Videl and Gohan made their entrance. "Konban-wa, Videl, Gohan. Please let me take your coats." Then she proceeded to snap her fingers, which caused the girls to quickly enter the entrance hall and hang the proffered coats in the closet. Then Buruma led the Sons into the living room, leaving Bura and Pan to roll their eyes in disgust.

"Your mother's acting like she's more important than she really is," Pan complained.

"She's always been like that."

Kuririn and Juuhachi-gou showed up a few minutes later, the Jinzouningen hanging back to speak with the two teenagers. "For the record, I think Buruma's being an idiot. I may not like Vegeta, but even I can see that he's good for Goku. He's looking a lot happier."

"He is," Pan smiled. "They both are."

"Good." Without a backward glance, Juuhachi-gou disappeared into the living room.

The two girls were on their feet for thirty minutes greeting guests and taking their outerwear and serving them hors d'oeuvres and drinks. Personally, they both were angry that they were being treated like hired help, but neither said a word about it to Buruma. They didn't want to set her off and give her a reason to tell the assembled people all about the new relationship between Goku and Vegeta. She would paint it in the worst light possible and the couple wasn't even around to defend themselves.

When the doorbell rang, Pan was already on her feet before anyone else could even think to move. She exchanged worried looks with Bura before hurrying as quickly as she could without running to answer the door.


Goku had teleported himself, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten to the Capsule Corp., but was hesitant to actually go inside. He could hear the sounds of talking and laughter from where he stood on the front porch and everyone seemed to be pretty happy.

"We can turn around and leave right now, Kakarotto. You don't have to do this." Vegeta was firm and the two young men beside them were nodding in complete agreement. They all knew how hard it was for Goku that his friend refused to accept his relationship with a man that made him happier than he'd been in a long time.

"No, I have to do this. It's better everyone that hears the news from me and not from a woman who's going to do her best to make us sound perverted and evil." He took Vegeta's hand and squeezed it, smiling at his three defenders. "Thank you, though." Goku rang the bell immediately, before he could lose his newfound nerve, and in a moment the door was being opened. He was relieved to see that it was his granddaughter and suspected that she'd sensed them and had been waiting for the bell to ring.

"So far, so good," she whispered. "Buruma-san hasn't told anyone anything."

"Yet," Goku sighed. Pan briefly squeezed his hand in support and returned to the living room.

"Are you ready?" Vegeta asked softly. His face wore one of the gentle expressions that Goku never saw unless they were alone. He knew that once they'd entered the room, it would be replaced by his typical expression of arrogance.

"Hai. Ai shiteru[1], 'geta," he whispered. Then, with his head held high, he went to join the others.

When Trunks and Goten made a move to follow him, Vegeta held them back. "Look after him tonight," he said and it was more of an order than a request, not that either young man would have refused. "The onna's out for blood."

There was a general cry of welcome from everyone and Goku found himself being hugged constantly. He tried to answer the questions of Kuririn and Yamucha as they tried to catch up on several month's worth of news in thirty seconds, but found his attention tugged in the direction of a glowering woman named Buruma. He flinched before he could stop himself and Kuririn felt it.

"Hey, Goku, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." He turned away and smiled at him. It was a poor version of his usual beaming grin, but it was enough to make his friend smile back. "Nothing at all."

Taking a seat on the sofa between Gohan and Kuririn, he watched Vegeta step in the room, his breath catching in his throat. He had never truly realized how incredibly sexy his mate was when he had an "untouchable" aura around him. Thoughts of making the small, yet formidable man beg for release swept through his mind, unbidden, and he felt himself hardening almost immediately.

"Otousan," Gohan began, leaning slightly closer to peer into his flushed face, "is there something wrong?" His son, always receptive to ChiChi's parenting skills, had been molded into the perfect successful ningen. Nevermind that he was also half Saiya-jin, she'd trained him well enough that he could repress every instinct and impulse that wasn't typically associated with the human race with relative ease. After Majin Buu's defeat, Gohan had sworn off fighting altogether and no one could convince him to break his rule. As a sort of apology to the little boy he'd abandoned when he gave his life during the Cell Games, Goku had trained little Pan from age two onward to the point that she was several times stronger and faster than Gohan had been at her age. She was also far more in touch with her Saiya-jin side than her father even though he had more alien blood than she possessed.

"Uh, iie." His voice was a touch on the shaky side but it was passable. "So, son, how has your life been going?"

As Gohan began to talk about his career as a comparative religion professor, he could distantly feel both amusement and a lust that threatened to undo him entirely. It had a distinctly Vegeta-like feel to it, but how he knew that he had no idea. Now that he thought about it, however, there had been thoughts and emotions flitting around inside of him that didn't seem to belong to him. They were foreign, yet completely familiar at the very same time. Goku wondered if there were a lot of things Vegeta didn't know about the Changes, especially if they involved the sufferer's perfect match.

'Vegeta, I want to take you home and give you pleasure you until you forget your own name.,' he thought to himself.

'And I'll gladly let you,' was the heat-filled reply.

Holy shit.

He could hear him, really hear him. It wasn't merely a figment of his imagination. He wasn't going insane. The look on his mate's face across the room made it perfectly clear that he could hear his thoughts and that he was just as turned on by what he was thinking.

'Did you-'


'So there are going to be more surprises?'

'Probably. Can you handle it, Kakarotto?'

'Oh, definitely. Can you?' Vegeta gave him a look of utter confidence that made him smirk in response.

"Videl told me that something was going on with you." Goku heard his son say. The words were like a bucket of ice water being poured over his head. His arousal was effectively doused and his attention was riveted on Gohan once more.

"What did she say?"

"Not enough, that's for sure. When I asked her to give me more information, she just said to 'wait until the party'. Well, the party has finally arrived and I would like a few answers. You look fine to me."

That was the moment that Buruma announced that dinner was now being served. More grateful to her than he'd been in a long while, Goku joined the others as the hostess led the way to the dining room.


Everyone arranged themselves around the table, Goku and Vegeta both annoyed that they couldn't sit beside each other without arousing suspicion. Trunks and Bura flanked their father because no one else was willing to sit next to him save for Pan and Goten. The two young Sons sat beside their respective best friends. Gohan sat next to his father, Videl on his other side. Kuririn sat on Goku's other side, his wife next to him. Buruma sat at the head of the table. Marron and Yamucha both randomly picked a chair and there were still two remaining.

"Where's Kamesennin and Piccolo?" Kuririn asked the hostess.

"The old letch called and said he was on his way. I don't know where Piccolo is."

"He's coming," Goku said. "I can feel him." A moment later the doorbell rang.

An irritated Namek-jin who definitely didn't look happy to be there stepped into the room and removed his cloak and turban before taking the seat beside Pan. "I still don't know why I agreed to this," he muttered. "I can live my life just fine without visiting you people."

"Piccolo-san, it's still nice to see you." Gohan smiled at him and it caused the green giant to melt just like it had when Gohan was a kid.

"Let's get started, shall we?" Buruma said brightly. "Roshi will come eventually." Picking up a small silver bell from beside her plate, she lifted it into the air and summoned the caterers. Men and women clad in crisp white shirts and black pants entered the room from the door that led to the kitchen with serving trays. They placed everything on the large table, bowed, and departed. Two more servers then entered with bottles of champagne for the adults and soda for Bura and Pan.

"Itadakimasu![2]" Buruma said.

"Itadakimasu!" Everyone else echoed.

And so the dinner party began. Goku thought it was nice to catch up with his friends, but everything was shadowed by an underlying tension, though some of them had no idea what it was about. Buruma was constantly shooting him and Vegeta dirty looks and Gohan was definitely starting to notice. He carefully fielded his son's questions while mentally cursing Buruma to the best of his ability.

'It doesn't matter what they think. I have people who will care about me regardless of who I'm in a relationship with.' Unfortunately, his mental pep talk fell far short of its goal.

'You need to calm down. How about you and I play a little game?' Goku's eyes focused on his mate who was sipping from his champagne flute. 'First person to admit defeat wins.'

'I probably shouldn't agree to this, knowing your mind as well as I do, but alright. What are the rules?'

'There aren't very many. The object of the game is to arouse your opponent as much as possible to the point of climax. Maybe even to the point beyond. You can use mental speech, physical movement, looks, whatever. The only limit to this is that no one can say anything out loud. We don't want to scandalize our fellow diners, do we?' But, judging by emotion Goku could feel from him, he would get a big kick out of horrifying the others at the table. He was sure that Goten and Trunks would think it was funny, but wasn't sure about Pan or Bura. He didn't even know if they were old enough to understand the concept of sex let alone humor related to it.

'Believe me, 'geta, those girls are more aware than you think.'

He chose to ignore that remark for the sake of preserving the innocent mental images he had of both girls. 'Ready, Kakarotto?'

'Bring it on.'

For a moment, Goku was at a loss. And more than a little embarrassed. But Vegeta's voice in his head did two things: it instantly made him hard and it caused his competitive spirit to emerge.

'How long has it been since you've felt my dick in your ass, Kakarotto? A few days? You're definitely long past due to bottom for me.'

'Why should I bottom when you like to be, uh, fucked so much?' His face flamed. 'It's true that I like to feel you inside of me, but you turn into a, um, slut whenever you see what's between my legs. How can I pass up a chance to make you scream?' He could feel the heat in his face spread beneath his shirt collar. Just thinking about what they got up to in the privacy of their bedroom while surrounded by his friends and family embarrassed the hell out of him.

"Sorry I'm late!" Roshi said as he entered the room. His abrupt entrance did much to calm Goku down. When he was sure that no one was watching, Vegeta smirked evilly and licked his fingers. He had actually started sucking on them when Roshi sat down in the last remaining seat.

"Hey, Otousan?" Gohan began. "Why are you staring at Vegeta-san?"

He blinked and realized that Vegeta was eating as if nothing out of the ordinary had just occurred. It was then that Goku realized that he would lose the contest no matter how badly he wanted to win. Vegeta was just too good at hiding his emotions, too good at causing him to ache with lust.

But that didn't mean he would go down without a fight.

"Oh, he looks sort of different tonight, that's all." He smiled weakly and returned his external attention to his plate. But internally, he was waging a war upon Vegeta's senses.

'I'm kissing you, Vegeta, my tongue is deep inside of your mouth, sliding alongside your own. My arms are around you, my hands sliding down your back to stroke your ass.'

There was a mental "hitch" before Vegeta responded in kind. 'My hands are already on your ass, Kakarotto, and my fingers are playing in your crack.'

His breathing was speeding up and he wanted nothing more than to leap across the table, grab Vegeta, and head toward the nearest room with a bed. The only thing he could do was allow his left hand to drop beneath the table in a desperate attempt to relieve some of the pressure in his body. Of course, caressing himself only served to make it worse.

'I penetrate you with my finger,' Vegeta continued when Goku didn't think a word, 'and swallow your moan. My other hand moves around to the front of your body and grabs hold of your cock and slides slowly upward from base to tip.

'I slide my tongue under your jaw and down your neck, hitting that special spot you love so much before continuing to your chest. My lips wrap around your erect left nipple and I suck on it, occasionally using my teeth to tease you. While this is happening, my hand hasn't stopped stroking you and you are now close to the point of no return.'

Not realizing that Goten and Trunks were staring at him with twin expressions of amazement, Goku squeezed himself hard, thinking that the pain would stop himself from coming. But it didn't work. With a soft, but deep groan, he unloaded in his shorts. The last thing he saw before his eyes slid shut of their own accord was Vegeta's smug face.

'Never challenge a master, Kakarotto,' he told him, 'especially when just thinking about sex makes you blush.'

When he'd recovered and had resumed his meal thinking that no one was the wiser, he told his mate. 'Just wait until we get home later tonight. You're not going to be able to sit down without squirming when I'm through with you.'

The passion he felt coming from Vegeta was nearly enough to revive his spent manhood. 'Oh, I'm looking forward to that. We can make a night of it. What is our personal best? Four hours? Five?'

'Hai, somewhere around there.' He looked fondly upon that night, but they'd been so sore afterward it had almost not been worth it. Discreetly, he excused himself to the bathroom so that he could attend to the semen that was quickly turning cold in his underwear, Vegeta's laughter echoing inside his head. In retaliation, Goku sent him an image of him pressed up against a wall, a position they had yet to try, and received a grunt in return.

After the deserts were brought out, and everyone seemed to be stuffed, Buruma suggested that they return to the living room for "after dinner entertainment". Goku didn't know what Buruma's version of that would be, but knowing for a fact that he wouldn't like it.

The group arranged themselves in the living room. Buruma, Videl, and Juuhachi-gou sat on the sofa as if they were judges. Trunks and Goten shared the love seat that sat perpendicular to it with Bura and Pan sitting on the floor opposite them on the other side of the coffee table. Everyone else took the remaining chairs or chose to sit on the floor until the only two people standing were Goku and Vegeta. The large Saiya-jin inched closer to his mate and didn't stop himself from taking his hand. There were a few gasps from those who could see it, namely Gohan and Kuririn.

"Did you and your two buddies decide that we need to be on trial?" Vegeta asked, not the least bit amused about the entire situation. He could feel the tension in Goku's hand, could feel his fear like a pulse in the back of his head. Once he'd realized that Goku was his mate, it was like every bad thing that had happened in their shared history was completely disregarded in favor of making sure that Goku was taken care of. He remembered clearly that first morning after they'd consummated the bond: in the shower he'd argued back and forth with himself about entering into a relationship with a man whose very presence had only served to piss him off for so many years. When it all came down to it, nothing else mattered beyond pleasing his mate. They were stuck together forever: for better or worse, for richer or poorer (and maybe even beyond death). He might as well make the best of it.

"If you want to call this a trial then go ahead," Buruma replied. "However, I consider it more of an attempt to save Goku's soul from further corruption."

He couldn't help it, he laughed. Loudly. The entire situation was just plain absurd. Save Kakarotto's soul from corruption? If anyone had been altered significantly by the mating, it would be him. The "baka" was just the same as always. It was he that felt as if he would burst into song at any moment like an actor in a corny old musical. At the same time it made him feel strong, invincible, like if he could just love Kakarotto a little bit more that he could handle anything that came his way. "Onna, you are a bigger baka than Kakarotto and that's saying a lot."

"Hey!" Goku protested. The gentle squeeze his hand received was enough to make him forgive.

"We are together," he announced. "I could go into more detail and say that we are lovers, but I doubt you want to hear that." He grinned evilly when he saw Yamucha wince at his bluntness. "Kakarotto and I are the only two full-blooded Saiya-jin left in the universe so I think it's fitting that we ended up together, but even if Vegeta-sei still existed, and there were millions of people like us, we would have still become a couple."

"How can you be so sure?" Kuririn asked him, honestly curious.

"Because it was fated," he shrugged. "Only he is able to complete me. Only I am able to complete him. No one else would ever be enough for either of us."

The entire time Vegeta spoke, Gohan's expression had grown darker and darker. Finally, he couldn't take anymore. "What do you have to say about this, Otousan? Are you really that far under his spell?"

This was the moment Goku had been dreading since he first joined with Vegeta. His son would never understand. ChiChi had done too good of a job brainwashing him for those seven years that he was dead. Gohan not only looked like a ningen, but he also acted and thought exactly like one to the point that he rejected everything that was "alien". There was just no way that things could go well that night. The large Saiya-jin took a deep breath that shook slightly as he exhaled in preparation for the uncomfortable conversation that was to come.

"He didn't trick me, or brainwash me, or hurt me in any way. I willingly consented to be his."

"His?" Gohan's voice rose sharply. "Like his pet?"

Things were definitely not going well at all.

"I'm as much his as you are Videl's. As much as one person can belong to another consensually. Why is it so hard to understand that I love him?"

Furious, Gohan jumped up and stormed over. "Because it's not right! Because he's a man! Because he's a cold-blooded murdering bastard!"

"Watch yourself, gaki[3]," Vegeta said in a low, dangerous voice. He started to say more, but Goku stopped him with just a look.

"You are my son, and I love you, but there is only so much you can say about Vegeta before I step forward to defend him."

"So you care more about him than you do about me?"

Goku hesitated, his face miserable. "Please don't make me choose between the two of you."

"That's it, then. You love him more than you love me." Gohan made a disgusted sound and added, "I should have figured out that you didn't care when you didn't come back after Cell killed you. When you abandoned Goten and I in favor of playing around in the afterlife." Goten looked a little startled at being dragged into the conflict and moved closer to Trunks as if the lavender-haired demi-Saiya-jin could shield him from the hostility.

Gohan glared at his brother for what he perceived to be betrayal and then proceeded to drop the bomb. "From this point onward, I have no father." He left the room, leaving complete silence in his wake. Videl jumped up and, after apologizing to Buruma, ran after her husband.

Goku was unnaturally pale. He swayed on his feet and would have fallen if Vegeta hadn't been there to catch him. "Are you happy now, onna?" Vegeta asked, furious. He gently steered his mate over to the nearest chair and tried to rouse Goku from his stupor. "Kakarotto, come back to me. Everything will be alright."

Dark eyes blinked once, twice, and Goku whispered, "He hates me. My son hates me." The grief in his voice broke everyone's heart. "How could he say that to me? How could he be angry that I'm happy?"

"He doesn't understand, but that's not his fault. He was young when his mother made him feel bad about himself and taught him that it was wrong to be different. I'm sorry that I wasn't a better person back then. I could have talked to him, made sure that he knew that it was okay to be himself."

"You helped Goten, Vegeta." His smile was shaky around the edges, but it was still a smile. "I don't blame you for the way that Gohan has turned out." He sighed and pushed himself to his feet. Goku felt as if he had aged a thousand years in just ten minutes.

"It's been... interesting, Buruma," he said. "Be seeing you." He then took Vegeta's hand and teleported them both back to his home in East District.

Buruma Briefs looked around the room, noting the various expressions on the faces of her guests. For the most part, they looked pissed off. At her. There was also no little amount of disgust, also directed at her. She smiled with cheer that she sure as hell didn't feel and said, "Tea, anyone?"

[1] = I love you
[2] = "let's eat!" or "thank you for the meal!" or "let's enjoy the meal!", etc.
[3] = brat

Author's Note: I'm still not entirely satisfied with the way this chapter turned out, but it'll do, I guess. I also took your suggestion, Anon, and tried to add more of Vegeta's feelings into this chapter. Also, for all those annoyed by my Japanese usage, in the second movement I don't use it as much. I guess I was trying to imitate Aja's Gravitation series and it didn't quite work out since everyone liked her Japanese usage and cultural references. I believe that it's because more people are used to the Gravi sub than they are to the dub and with Dragon Ball it's the other way around.