Metamorphosis Alpha

Chapter 5: A Saiya-jin Thing

"...your otousan has always been an odd duck." - Bura to Pan

Eventually, Pan was able to get the entire story out of Bura at lunch time and she almost dropped her chopsticks in absolute shock. "Will that happen to you?" She knew that most of the things that full and half Saiya-jin were gifted with (not that the Changes were a gift, mind you) she would not receive because she was only a quarter Saiya-jin. Things like a tail, or the ability to transform into Super Saiya-jin.

Bura shrugged. "I don't know. It seems like Trunks will escape the First Change, but he still has a few more months to go before he's out of range."

"I hope you do, too," her friend said sincerely. "You would be miserable and I don't want you to feel that way."

She smiled, thinking that her friend could be so sweet sometimes. "Thanks, Pan-chan."

"Konnichi-wa, ladies," Takanori said as he leaned against the window next to the large desk they shared in homeroom. Both girls glared at him in annoyance, but the boy didn't seem to notice, or he just didn't care enough to acknowledge it.

"Why are you here?" Pan asked without preamble.

He grinned and wrapped his arms around their shoulders. "Can't I stop by to say hello to my favorite girls in the school?"

"Iie," they said in unison, pushing him away. Bura grabbed her bag and her lunch. "Come on, Pan, let's go."


Behind them, Takanori was growing angry. His friends across the room, who had been watching him from the moment he walked over to Bura and Pan, were laughing at another failed attempt to charm them. He glared at the girls' backs and shouted at them. "Everyone knows that you're both a couple of perverts! You should be grateful that I'm even bothering with you!"

Pan froze, her free hand involuntarily clenching into a fist. Bura cast a worried look at her and took her hand. "He's not worth it, Pan-chan. Do you want to be suspended again for fighting?"

"But he called you a pervert, Bura-chan!" she whispered. "I can't excuse that."

"Hai, you can. We know that he's nothing but slime. Hell, every girl knows it. He's just angry that he's not worth giving the time of day to." She said the last loud enough for everyone to hear. A small group of girls in the back of the room began to giggle.

Slowly, Pan calmed down and no longer had the urge to wipe Takanori from the face of the planet. She did, however, wish that she could at least kick him in the nuts. The image of him curled into the fetal position, whimpering like a baby, made her smile. "Let's go."

They went to the courtyard where several other students were taking advantage of the nice day. They sat on the bench they'd claimed as their own and placed their half-eaten meals on the smooth wood between them.

"Um, Pan," Bura said nervously, fidgeting with her chopsticks. "About what happened in there..."

"I'm sorry," she interrupted miserably. "I'm sorry you get such a bad reputation just by being around me. I know that if I would just dress and act like a girl no one would pick on us, but I can't. I just don't feel very girly inside."

"Pan-" But she was cut off again.

"And you can't get a boyfriend because no boy will come near you when I'm around, but you're my only friend, Bura. You're the only one who doesn't think I'm weird."


"But I can do it," she said with determination. "I can stop tagging along behind you so that you can have a happy life. I would do anything to make you happy."

"Would you shut up for a damn minute and listen to me?!" She started both herself, Pan, and a few people nearby with her outburst. "Arigatou. Look, Pan-chan, I don't want you to go away. You're my best friend and I love you."

"I love you, too," she smiled. "But I still can't help feeling guilty."

The blue-haired teenager leaned closer. "What if I told you that I didn't mind what everyone else assumes about us? That I can't see myself being anywhere else but by your side?"

"You- What- Really?" she squeaked.

"Pan, close your mouth." Bura laughed. "Yes, really." She suddenly grew shy again. "Do you mind if we... dated a little? Just to see what it's like?"

She shook her head quickly. "Uh, iie, of course not." A large grin spread across her face. "I mean, not if you want to."

"I want to very much."

"Great." Pan couldn't stop smiling. "Great."


Goku's home was still full of ChiChi's things. He just couldn't bear to give them away or throw them out so they remained exactly in the places they'd been when she was still alive. Vegeta thought it was more than a little eerie to live in a house so full of ChiChi's presense, but he didn't want to say anything lest it prompted their first argument. Following Goku, he dropped off the box he carried in the bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"So..." he said.


"You wanna spar?"

Goku grinned in excitement. "I thought you'd never ask!"

They went to their usual place, an empty field about a mile away from Goku's house. They assumed thier usual positions and sized each other up, each noting that their opponent seemed to be at their best. They shared a look; this fight would be an exceptionally good one.

They traded blows without pause, each scoring a few hits before Vegeta led them both into Super Saiya-jin. The small Saiya-jin was reluctant to use ki attacks, knowing that seriously hurting Goku was the last thing he wanted to do. He felt that purely physical attacks would be more than enough and, besides, it took more skill to win that way. Watching his mate's body move with a grace and a speed you would never expect from someone so large was seriously turning him on and it reached a point when the throbbing was the only thing he was focused on. Deciding to turn the energy of battle into something entirely different (but no less passionate), he tackled Goku to the ground and they began to wrestle, grinding their erections into each other's bodies at every available opportunity.

Vegeta took the flesh of Goku's neck into his mouth and began to suck in earnest, figuring out fairly quickly that it was an erogenous zone for the larger man. Goku nearly threw him off as he writhed on the ground, his large hands sliding down Vegeta's back to cup his ass. Body heating at the thought of what was to come, Vegeta desperately tugged at his clothing to get it off.

"Damn it!" he cursed in frustration. It was going to be, he decided, the last time he wore a one-piece training suit. As quickly as he could, Vegeta tugged his arms free of the clingy black material and pushed it down to his ankles. The damn boots were in the way and he glared at them severely. Since they would not oblige him and remove themselves, he yanked them, and the bodysuit, off in two quick movements.

When he turned back to his mate, he was already deliciously naked. Vegeta unconsciously licked his lips in anticipation and positioned himself over the straining erection, no preparation whatsoever. Oh, in some distant, sane part of his lust-crazed mind he knew that what he was about to do was going to hurt like hell, but he just didn't care at the moment. Goku opened his mouth to say something, anything, to make him reconsider his action, when Vegeta lowered himself down onto his erection in one fell swoop.

"HOLY FUCK!" Vegeta screamed, not sure if the burning, blinding pain in his rectum turned him off or turned him on even more. If his still-raging erection was any indication, it certainly wasn't the former. Bracing himself on Goku's chest, he began to ride him, observing distantly that it grew easier with every movement. It was probably the blood spilled by the rough coupling.

"You are so tight..." Goku moaned, clutching at Vegeta's hips to aid his movement. With every downward thrust of the small Saiya-jin, he responded with a sharp upward thrust of his own. Never before had he experienced such pleasure from sex, but never before had it been as rough and as purely Saiya-jin as it had been with Vegeta. It was like he was finally allowed to give in to his baser instincts and let himself go.

The wind caressed their flushed bodies, drying the tiny beads of perspiration before they really had a chance to collect. The two Saiya-jin copulated violently until Goku arched his back one last time and something burst deep inside of him. Vegeta looked down at him and the sight of his mate completely engulfed in pleasure sent him over the edge as well. Thick, warm seed shot nearly up to Goku's forehead as he emptied himself. Exhausted, Vegeta allowed himself to fall atop the wide chest below, not caring that he was lying in wetness.

"I stand corrected," he said once he'd caught his breath. "This was the best fuck I've ever had in my life."

When he responded, his words were thick with lethargy. "I concur."


Their relationship had morphed into something that was beyond explanation. Pan had never before been in a relationship more meaningful than friendship actually, though Bura had had several boyfriends in the past. She honestly didn't know what to do, what to say, what to think. It was as if she was on an out-of-control Merry-Go-Round that was threatening to make her sick even as she screamed in delight.

Nervously, she waited outside of Bura's last class, hoping that her friend hadn't changed her mind about dating her in the last few hours. When she appeared in the doorway, Pan couldn't help herself, she grinned. Bura returned the gesture and they companionably headed, side-by-side, to the exit.

As per usual, they walked to the Capsule Corporation. On the very rare days that Pan went home directly after school she always flew, but with Bura in a skirt that wasn't a good idea. The small, dark-haired girl shoved her hands into her pockets, wanting desperately to bring up their new status, but was afraid to do so.

"Panny-chan, are you okay?" Bura saw the uncomfortable look on her friend's face and thought it had something to do with what they'd spoke of at lunch.

"I should be asking you that question," she murmured. When Bura replied with, "Nani?" she continued. "You've never dated another girl before, have you?" Pan was fairly sure that she hadn't, considering that the two of them spent practically all their time together. But there had been a brief period when not only were they not in the same grade, they also didn't attend the same school. Pan had studied as hard as she could for months, even going as far as to attend cram school on weeknights and weekends, just so that she could score high enough on a test that would allow her to be elevated to the seventh grade -- Bura's grade. During that time, she'd hardly seen anyone that weren't her parents or fellow students and her joy had been palatable when she was allowed entrance into Junei Junior High for the second term. When Bura had discovered that she'd done so much just to be around her more often, the look on her face had made Pan melt inside. Even back then she had been in love with her.


"Yet you want to date me. Why? I'm nobody special. Just a little quarter alien tomboy." She kicked despondently at a rock on the sidewalk. "But you, you're beautiful. You could have anyone that you want."

"What if who I want is you?"

Pan stopped and turned to stare at her in bewilderment. "But why?"

She smiled at her. Bura had always known that Pan had serious self-esteem issues. No matter how much anyone told her, she continued to believe that she was inadequate to everyone else. But, this time, Bura hoped that she could finally get through to her. "You're my best friend, Pan-chan. I feel closer to you than to anyone else. The fact that you're cute is only an added bonus." Redness blossomed in the younger girl's cheeks and she abruptly looked down at her feet.

When they arrived at the Capsule Corp., Trunks and Goten were standing in the hall, peeking into the living room where Buruma's angry voice could be heard. She'd made friends with the wives of the Z-Senshi fairly easily after the defeat of Majin Buu and they'd formed a little club of sorts. ChiChi, Videl, and Juuhachi-gou had become her confidants and she had become theirs. Well, Videl hadn't really joined until she was in her mid-twenties, but she had become somewhat close to ChiChi soon after Pan was born for the sake of family harmony.

"Niichan, what's going on?" Bura asked.

"Well, from what I've overheard so far, Goku-san hurt Kaasan's feelings. She thinks that Papa is poisoning his mind."

"They're planning an intervention," Goten added. Pan snorted and rolled her eyes.

Bura frowned. "That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Can't she see how happy they are? Why does she have to try and ruin things?" She was set to march into the living room and give her mother and her friends a piece of her mind when Pan's hand on her arm halted her forward progress.

"Let's wait a little while longer, okay? Maybe make a few plans of our own."

The women began to comfort Buruma as best they could, but it was obvious that the ranting wouldn't cease. "What about the party tonight?" Juuhachi-gou asked in her usual emotionless voice.

The four in the hall exchanged similar surprised glances. Party? Then Bura smacked her forehead with the open palm of her hand. "I forgot," she whispered. "Kaasan's dinner party. Everyone is supposedly invited."

"Well, I wasn't," Goten complained. His niece shared his sentiment.

"Forget about that, Goten-niichan, this is bad! Really bad!" Bura started to pace, a worried from on her face. "Goku-san loves to see his friends, he never misses a get-together. Papa isn't going to let him out of his sight -- you all know how overprotective he can be with people he cares about -- and is going to spend most of his time either glaring or growling at everyone who even looks at his mate."

"That's why we're going to stop it before it begins," said a different voice nearby. They jumped guiltily and smiled sheepishly at Buruma. "Son-kun has to realize that he can not be the lover of Vegeta. Not only is he a bastard, but he's also a man." Videl nodded in agreement, but Juuhachi-gou looked annoyed. Both Bura and Trunks took careful note of this, wondering if they had someone unexpected on their side.

"I don't mean to disrespect, but you're being narrow-minded," Bura said in a desperate attempt to make her mother see reason. "Goku-san and Papa are Saiya-jin; you can't hold them to the same rules as the ningen."

Videl was clearly in support Buruma and her crusade to make her friend "straight" again. "But they live here in Japan therefore they must obey the societal rules of Japan. Men do not partner themselves with other men nor do women with women. There should always be male/female dichotomy."

Her daughter sighed sadly, unable to believe her mother was so ignorant. "Okaasan, how can you think that?" She didn't expect an answer and, so, was completely unsurprised when she didn't receive one.

Trunks, Goten, Bura, and Pan left the wrathful Buruma and went outside to the patio. Bura collapsed onto a picnic bench, Pan hurrying to sit beside her. The two young men conferred quickly and quietly before Goten flew off in the direction of his home to tell his father and Vegeta the bad news.

"It's probably better if he goes," Trunks said aloud to the girls. "He's better at remaining calm in crisis situations than the rest of us."

"What are we going to do, Trunks?" Bura asked. "This is going to suck so bad." She allowed Pan to pull her into an embrace, the act causing her brother to raise one lavender eyebrow in query.

"We're girlfriends now," Pan explained with a huge grin.

"I assume that you mean the dating kind." He expelled a quick burst of air through his nose. "Well, this certainly complicates things even further. Both Kaasan as well as Videl-san are homophobic. I don't know about Gohan-san; he might just be against Papa."

"They don't have to know, Trunks," Bura said softly. "At least not until we're adults and can live on our own."

"And what about you?" Pan smirked. "You and Goten-ojichan should have become boyfriends years ago."

The girls laughed at the embarrassed expression on Trunks' face. "Uh, well, I-" He stared down at his hands. "I think Goten's straight."

Pan snorted. "Yeah, and I'm secretly a drag queen. He notices when you leave a room and when you enter it. Every time you smile you cause him to do the same. If that's not love then I don't know what is."

"What is it with us?" Bura asked suddenly. "I don't know if it's a Saiya-jin thing or something else, but don't you find it strange that Papa, Goku-san, Goten-niichan, me, and you two all can easily find happiness in a relationship with someone of the same gender?"

"Otousan couldn't," Pan pointed out.

"Well, your otousan has always been an odd duck."

The conversation petered out after Bura's statement and the three of them sat in calm, albeit slightly tense silence. Ten minutes later they had the life scared out of them by the impromptu arrival of Goku, Vegeta, and Goten who all wore expressions of unhappiness.

"Shigata gai nai," Goku shrugged with a weak smile. There was no help for it.