Metamorphosis Alpha

Chapter 4: Evolution

"I hate considering the feelings of others. It makes things too complicated." - Vegeta

After comforting Goku until he fell asleep, Vegeta knew that he couldn't live in Buruma's house any longer. He knew that she was one of the people that disapproved of the relationship he had with Kakarotto, maybe even to the point that she would try to "make them see reason". No matter how long he lived on Chikyuu, or no matter how much good he did, the ningen would always see him as the same cold-blooded murderer who'd come to their planet over twenty-five years ago. But he was content in the knowledge that Goku, one of the people who'd seen him at his worst, had also seen enough light within his soul to let him leave after their first encounter.

He was lying half on top of Kakarotto, knowing that his weight wasn't making the larger Saiya-jin uncomfortable. The bare skin of his chest that lay beneath his cheek was the perfect combination of velvet smoothness and solid steel and the heartbeat he could both hear and feel was comforting. Kakarotto's arms were wrapped around his narrow waist and his thigh was nestled against his crotch. It would be very easy to return to sleep, encircled by the safety and warmth of Kakarotto's arms, but he knew they had to get up. Today was the day he planned to move into his mate's home in East District and he wanted to do so before Buruma began to poke her nose into things.

But there was still time to enjoy his morning. Vegeta turned very slowly so as not to wake his lover prematurely and began to take broad, wet swipes of his tongue across the lightly tanned flesh of Kakarotto's chest. The large body beneath him shuddered and the arms around his body tightened slightly in response.

Then he took one hardening nipple into his mouth, applying suction, and Kakarotto woke up with a sharp intake of breath.

"Vegeta," he moaned, pulling the small body closer. Their burgeoning erections slid against each other as each Saiya-jin's hips began to thrust. Vegeta smirked as best he could around his mouthful and began to nibble at the rigid pebble, gently at first, then harder. The arching of Kakarotto's back and the moan torn free from his throat revealed how much he enjoyed his ministrations.

"I want, I want," he gasped.

Suddenly, all motion ceased. Vegeta even went as far as to pull free from his embrace. "Hai, Kakarotto? What do you want?"

He was suddenly shy. "Um, you know. I want you to... Down there..." He gestured broadly with his hand. Wickedly, Vegeta slowly licked a trail over his sternum down the center of his torso to dip into his navel.

"You mean here?" he asked teasingly.


His tongue took a wide path around his aching need and slid to the inside of his left thigh. "Here?"

"Fuck, Vegeta!" While not exactly where he wanted him to be, the sensation of the other Saiya-jin's warm breath on his testicles was amazing. He spread his thighs as far apart as they would go and tilted his hips upward. Suddenly, his tight pink orifice was on display to Vegeta's hungry gaze.

For a moment, neither of them moved. Vegeta's breath ghosted over an area where no man or woman had ever dared to go before, causing his lover to shiver. Then, without warning, the small Saiya-jin darted forward and swiped his tongue across the puckered skin. A loud, long moan the likes of which he had never heard from Goku before was wrenched free and it was suddenly all he could do to hold him down so that he could pull even more from his body. Who knew that he was so sensitive?

It took a moment for Vegeta to realize that Goku was chanting something over and over again that suspiciously sounded like, "Fuck!" He was completely focused on tonguing the small opening and occasionally thrusting the small organ inside to pay attention to anything else. The responses he was receiving from Goku's body delighted him and it was a moment before he realized that he was moments away from coming and he hadn't even touched himself.

But then he stopped and crawled up Goku's body until his manhood was positioned at his entrance. Tear tracks wet Goku's cheeks, but he was certain that they were from experiencing more pleasure than what his body was used to. He pressed his lips to his mate's face and kissed away the wetness, pausing briefly to kiss the soft, slightly parted lips.

"Do you want me to?" he breathed into his mouth.

One word made husky by passion, "Hai..."

"Alright, then. Just relax, Kakarotto, and I'll give you the ride of your life."

He prepared him gently, making sure to press against the sweet spot inside of him multiple times. The turgid erection that rose up from his crotch was weeping copiously by the time he deemed him ready. After ensuring that his own erection was coated in the lube he'd substituted for the lotion the day before, he pressed inward slowly and surely until his hips were flush against Goku's ass. It was the first time he'd ever been inside of another man and the pleasure he felt threatened to make him go into sensory overload. Vegeta took an experimental thrust that caused his mate to moan in response and was soon keeping up a steady pace. Every time he thrust forward, Goku made sure to thrust back.

"Faster, 'geta," Goku urged.

"I'm going as fast as I fucking can!" Then, as he was struck with an idea, he tapped into the golden place inside of him that had taken him so many years to access and exploded into Super Saiya-jin. His body grew to accommodate his increase in power, which caused his manhood to expand within Goku's body. The large Saiya-jin's eyes flew open wide and he transformed as well, a scream tearing at his throat.

Now it was Vegeta's turn to chant incoherently as he slammed himself over and over again into his mate's body. He knew that there was a great chance that both of them would be bruised and sore afterward, but he just didn't give a fuck.

When Goku came, he was like a wild animal. After the first time, after all of the endearing cluelessness had melted away, he had allowed himself to be swept up in the moment. It usually resulted in scratches, bruises, and bite marks, but Vegeta didn't mind. In fact, he encouraged it. It was about time the "Third-Class Baka" began to act like a true Saiya-jin and he took it as a clear sign that the ningen brainwashing was finally wearing off.

Goku forced his eyes open and stared into Vegeta's own azure orbs. "I'm almost there, 'geta."

"Not yet," he said. "Just a little while longer."

"In a little while longer I'm going to explode."

He leaned forward and licked away the pool of sweat that had collected in the hollow of his throat. "And I'll be here to put you back together again." Vegeta looked up at him with eyes dark with desire and whispered, "Come for me, Kakarotto."

So he did, the resulting spasms of his inner chamber squeezing Vegeta until he followed. The small Saiya-jin collapsed upon Goku's sweat-slicked and semen-coated body and just... existed for a little while until he could regain his sanity. And remember his own name.

"And it's just going to get better," he murmured.

"'geta-chan?" Goku said, grabbing him underneath his arms, pulling him upward to lie on his chest like a small child. The feel of Vegeta slipping out made him shudder and immediately feel empty.

"Nothing, Kakarotto." He wrapped his arms around his torso and pressed himself as close as he could to the warm skin. The smell of cinnamon and spice mingled with sweat and musk, threatening to make him hard again. "We can only rest for a few minutes because I want to get out of here soon." Any reply he received from his mate was lost as Vegeta slipped into slumber.


It had become habit to meet her best friend in the courtyard before school began, not that they never spent any time together outside of school. In fact, they were usually seen together so often that people had begun to suspect that something more lay between them. Well, Bura, for one, wouldn't mind a deeper relationship, but she didn't know if Pan would be up for it. Despite all evidence of her being the stereotypical butch lesbian, she had no idea if it was really true or not.

"Ohayo gozaimasu, Bura-chan," Pan greeted with a big yawn. She dropped her bag down on the ground and dropped onto the bench beside her friend. Hirokotsu was a somewhat typical Japanese public high school. They wore uniforms, but, then again, they'd been wearing them since junior high. Even though that was true, Pan had never once stopped complaining about the evils of conformity.

The uniforms consisted of a navy blazer over a white shirt and a solid red tie with shiny black shoes. The girl's uniform also had a navy beret along with a pleated navy skirt while the boy's uniform had navy pants. Bura, who actually thought that the uniforms were cute, wore the girls' uniform with pride. Pan, who soured at the mere mention of anything remotely "feminine", wore the boy's uniform.

"Okayo," the other girl responded. She marked her place in her book and shoved it into her bubblegum pink Hello Kitty backpack. "Have you talked to Goten-niichan at all this weekend?"

"Uh, iie. I was supposed to train with Goku-ojiichan, but I couldn't find him anywhere." She focused her dark eyes on Bura. "Do you know something?"

"May-be," she grinned.

Pan raised her hands, her fingers wiggling. "Don't make me tickle you until you pee on yourself. How would you ever explain why you had to miss both homeroom and first period?"

"Okay, okay; don't get your boxer shorts in a bunch." When Pan glared at her, she grinned again. "Well, how much do you like my papa?"

"He's like my tousan, you know that. In fact," the expression on her face turned contemplative, "he's taught me more that my real otousan has ever taught me."

So far so good... "How do you feel about gay relationships?"

The question was so out there that, for a moment, Pan was completely lost. Then her eyes narrowed. "Why do you ask?"

"It's a long story that we don't have enough time to get into at the moment. I'll tell you right now that we're now family, and that Papa and Goku-san will be spending a lot more time together, but that's all."

Dark eyes blinked once, then blinked again. "Vegeta-san and Goku-ojiichan are lovers?!" she squeaked, as her brain reached a conclusion.

"Hai. Apparently, it was meant to be." Her mind began to conjure up many different sappy shounen ai scenarios, knowing for a fact that their relationship would probably never degenerate into fluffiness. "I think it's sweet. You should see the way they look at each other." She paused, noticing that her friend hadn't said a word beyond her initial exclamation of surprise. "Pan-chan?"

The othe girl sat there, her mouth wide open with shock. "Pan-chan, close your mouth before you catch flies." She reached over and gently pushed her chin upward. "There you go."

She shook her head in an attempt to clear her mind. "I think it's cool," she said finally. "Goku-ojiichan has been lonely since ChiChi-obaasan died, not that they were ever compatible. Vegeta-san never really, um, got along with Buruma-san. She, um, well..." Pan looked at Bura from the corner of her eye.

"They never loved each other," the girl shrugged, "but they both love Trunks and I enough not to scream at each other every five seconds so it's okay."

"Good," she smiled. But, soon, it transformed into a worried frown. "Otousan is not going to be pleased."

"That's the understatement of the century, Panny."


Their slumber was interrupted by the sound of loud knocking on the door. Vegeta groaned in annoyance and snuggled back into Goku's body, otherwise not moving. There was a second of silence, then the door was opening and a shaft of light from the hallway splashed across the bed.

"Up, you two, right now!" Buruma called. She stepped into the room and froze when she encountered the two naked Saiya-jin wound together on the bed. All of the so-called "naughty bits" were covered, but there was still a lot of skin on display. After allowing herself to acknowledge that Vegeta still turned her on (and that her old friend did as well), she walked over to the side of the bed and roughly shook Vegeta's shoulder. "You have two hours to get out now that you've 'found each other'. Goku has his own house, and I'm sure you'll be quite happy there."

He mumbled something that she was sure insulted her, and turned his head away. "Damn onna. If you would just leave us alone for a few minutes, we can get started. You lost your privellige to see my dick when we broke up and you sure as hell aren't going to see Kakarotto's."

"Fuck you," she spat, angry that he could still upset her. "I'm glad that you're leaving. Do you know how much money I had to spend on food just for you?" As Buruma launched into a rant, she failed to notice the wince of annoyance that crossed Goku's face.

"Hey, Buruma, could you please get out?" he asked. "I'm not in the mood this morning."

She stopped mid-word. "Nani?" Vegeta snickered to himself.

"You heard him. Get. The. Fuck. Out." The woman huffed, anger, frustration, and hurt multipling, and stomped out of the room.

Vegeta sat up and folded his left leg under him while allowing the right one to dangle off the side of the bed. "I would have never thought you had it in you."

Goku blushed. "Me either. But she sounded so much like ChiChi and I don't want to be reminded of all the times she screamed at me." Yawning, he stretched and scratched at his testicles (which caused him to notice the "morning wood"). "I don't suppose you want to do something with that?"

"Not this morning. If she comes back in here bitching and moaning, I might be forced to kill her."

"Buruma? The mother of your children? My first friend?"

Vegeta scowled. "I hate considering the feelings of others. It makes things too complicated."

He smiled and hugged him. "Well, I really like it and you do want to make me happy, don't you?" The small Saiya-jin muttered something uncomplimentary that made Goku laugh.

They got up and showered separately to save time. Each had thoughts of running soap-slick hands all over a wet, naked Saiya-jin body and knew that they could easily waste an hour or more if they showered together. Vegeta went first so that he could begin packing while his mate showered, but was finished before Goku emerged.

"This is it," he frowned, staring at the sad assembly of two medium-sized boxes. His spandex training uniforms didn't take up much room, nor did what little non-spandex clothing he owned. He only had one other pair of shoes that weren't his boots and no personal mementos to speak of beyond the little gifts Trunks and Bura had made for him when they were small children. It was depressing, whether he wanted to admit it to himself or not.

"It's okay, 'geta-chan, we can get stuff that can belong to the both of us." Goku wrapped his arm around his shoulders and kissed his cheek.

"Sure, Kakarotto," he answered, "whatever you say."