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Chapter 2: The Day After

"My tousan's having a dirty dream about my best friend's father... This is unreal!" - Goten

When Vegeta awoke the next morning, it was to a feeling of bone-deep contentment. Somehow, before he'd drifted off, he had pulled the blanket on the bed up to cover the both of them, but majority of the warmth he felt was coming from the large Saiya-jin cuddling him from behind like a giant stuffed animal. During the course of their slumber, Kakarotto had wrapped his arms tightly around Vegeta's torso and pulled him flush against his chest. Since it was not yet morning, the small Saiya-jin could only assume that the erection he felt behind him was a product of either stimulation or an erotic dream. With a smirk, Vegeta rotated his hips experimentally, causing Kakarotto to moan and thrust against him. The slick feel of his skin against his own caused Vegeta to develop his own erection, which he ignored. If he didn't masturbate again for the rest of his life, it would be too soon.

It was over. The Second Change was over. Vegeta smiled slightly to himself and allowed himself the pleasure of being free from the burning. But now he was ensnared by something of an entirely different nature.

Behind him, Kakarotto was waking up. He nuzzled Vegeta's neck, his tongue emerging to taste the slightly salty skin he found there. Vegeta bit off a groan of need and disentangled himself from the baka. Turning around to face him, he could easily see Kakarotto's large endowment perfectly erect and simply begging to be touched.

"Iie[1]," Vegeta whispered. "I have self-control. I am not ruled by my desire." Then Kakarotto opened his eyes and smiled up at him and he was nearly undone entirely.

"Ohayo, Vegeta," he said. "Do you have any regrets?"

It would be an odd thing to ask so soon after waking if they had not had a history of animosity lying between them. "No more than usual." The other man frowned, but let it go.

According to the bright red numbers of the clock on the bedside table it was a little after one p.m. Goku thought about the experience he'd had earlier that day and found himself smiling before he'd fully realized it. Vegeta was standing before him with a strange look on his face, body uncovered and obviously aroused. Goku himself lay hard and throbbing and was more than ready to pick up where they'd left off in the morning.

"Stop right there," Vegeta said when he shifted on the bed and reached for him. "I'm already going to be walking funny for the rest of the day because of your dick and your vigor. Let's not make it worse."

Goku blushed and looked down at the blanket. "Sorry, Vegeta."

"Don't be. We both enjoyed it." He then proceeded to disappear into the bathroom and the sound of the shower was soon audible. Goku set there, motionless for a long moment, before touching two fingers to his forehead and vanishing.


"Kaka-" Vegeta stopped in the doorway, a white towel wrapped around his waist, and just stared. "Where the fuck did he go?"

The only sign that he'd ever had a guest in his room were the clothes still scattered around it. Apparently, wherever his lover had gone he was completely naked. Vegeta walked over to the bed and laid his hands palm-down on the place where Kakarotto had been ten minutes before; it was cool. He couldn't have left more than a few minutes after he'd gone into the bathroom. Vegeta's brow furrowed as he thought about this, wondering what the hell had happened to cause Kakarotto to run. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him, one that terrified him straight to his soul. What if he regretted what they'd done?

His legs weak, he sat down on the edge of the bed. Did he regret what they'd done together? At the time, it had been perfect, the sex pleasurable to the point of insanity. In his mind, it was still perfect. Never before had he felt so close to someone even though they'd fucked and had not made love. Vegeta, for one, had never made love before.

Well, it didn't matter anyway. He and Kakarotto were now an item only to be separated by death.

Whether they liked it or not.

He ventured downstairs for food and stumbled across his daughter. Bura was fourteen-years-old, too intelligent for her own good, and had just recently started to think that she needed martial arts training. When she'd asked her father about it, he'd mentally groaned and wished she'd asked years ago. As it was, she would be slow to learn and unable to defend herself properly for a year or more. 'Maybe Pan should train her instead,' he thought idly.

"Papa!" She clutched his arms and examined his face. "Are you alright? Kaasan said that you were sick..."

He mentally cursed. Damn that onna! "I'm fine now, Bura. How are you?"

She stared at him. "Are you really feeling okay?"

Vegeta debated on telling her at least some of the truth. Trunks, when he'd reached the age range of the First Change, had experienced nothing. The human blood must have diluted their Saiya-jin blood to the point that the primal urges had no effect. He didn't doubt that Bura would be free of the Changes as well. Why bother her with something she would, most likely, never experience and would never understand?

But he found himself speaking anyway, knowing deep down that she would understand at least some of it. "I've always said that Saiya-jin were different than humans, Bura, but you have no idea how different." He went into the kitchen and began to rummage around in the refrigerator, knowing that his daughter would follow. When he'd gotten enough items out to make a giant sandwich, he continued his narrative. "Trunks never went through the First Change, or Saiya-jin puberty, and neither will you. The ningen in your blood has taken that away from you, but that's a good thing, trust me. You wouldn't like going into heat and trying desperately to find the perfect person to mate with."

Her mouth dropped open. "And that happens at puberty? How young are the kids when they first have these adult feelings?"

"Between fifteen and twenty-four Saiya-jin years, which is about seventeen and twenty-six ningen years, I believe. The Mating Cycle is only three years long for us so there was a chance that you would go into heat four times."

Two red spots colored Bura's cheeks. "How old were you, um...?"

"Fifteen, eighteen, twenty-one, and twenty-four. It also happens again when a Saiya-jin reaches the prime of their life at between fifty and fifty-five, but only once." He would not say anymore. He refused to. But the embarrassment shone clear on his face because the blush on Bura's deepened.

"Papa," she said quietly, "is that why you've been missing these past few days? You were in heat?" He nodded. "When does it stop? Do you have to have sex with someone or is there a maximum time limit?" Now she sounded curious, something she'd inherited from Buruma. It was the sound of a scientist hoping to learn more about a phenomenon they'd never heard of before.

"It depends," he muttered, focusing his eyes entirely on the making of his sandwich. He layered the meat, the cheese, the lettuce, and the tomato and then began drawing complex pictures over it all with the mustard bottle. All to avoid meeting his daughter's gaze. "The First Change has a twelve hour limit. I don't know much about the Second Change since I don't remember what my father said about it."

"But you're down here today so something must have happened to stop it. I assume that there's no time limit. So you had sex?" The color was back. "Not with Kaasan, I hope."

He visibly recoiled at the mere thought and then snorted. "I'm not going near the onna again." Vegeta lowered his voice and leaned in closer, feeling somewhat like a teenage girl at a slumber party. "If you promise not to tell anyone, I'll tell you who I was with."

"Go on, I won't tell." The look on her face was interesting, sort of a cross between eagerness and unease. Her father opened his mouth and then promptly shut it when his oldest walked into the room.

"Long time no see, Papa," he said. "Did Goku-san[2] hurt you so bad the last time you saw him that you couldn't move?"

To Bura's utter amazement, her father's cheeks darkened. "Something like that," he muttered. Her hands flew to her mouth in surprise.

"Goku-san?" she mouthed. Then she smiled. Well, there was no help for it. "Trunks is twenty-six, Papa. In Ningen years. I think you should tell him all about the Changes, just in case."

The lavender-haired demi-Saiya-jin looked at his sister then looked as his father. "What is she talking about?"

Vegeta scowled. "Something I don't want to get into. Something I hope you never have to go through."

"Ja, minna," Bura waved and left the room. Trunks, on the other hand, took a seat with the indication that he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Vegeta busied himself with pouring a glass of juice before sitting across from his son. Then he fussed with plate, moving it this way and that, as if it wasn't aligned perfectly on the table for him. Trunks reached over and stilled his hands with a serious expression.

"If you're this nervous, then Bura's right. You have to tell me. After all, you told her, didn't you?"

"That was before I realized that there was still the remote chance that you would go through the First Change. I hadn't realized that you still have a few months before you turn twenty-seven."

He then proceeded to explain, in the most succinct of terms, about the changes a Saiya-jin's body underwent during the First Change. Because this was his son and not his analytical daughter, he told him about his own experience with the heat. Trunks' face was burning by the time he'd heard the entire, albeit heavily edited, story of the first and second time his father had gone into heat. When Vegeta reached the Second Change, however, he paused and buried his face into his hands with a deeply-felt groan.

"Papa?" Trunks inquired.

"As I've already told you," he began, his voice only slightly shaking, "the only time I felt the least bit sane during the Heat was while I was on the receiving end." He looked up, his eyes dark and ashamed. "The Second Change transcends the first by far. There is no time limit and there is no way to sate the hunger beyond giving it exactly what it wants. I could have been driven insane in just under a week's time if a certain someone hadn't intervened."

"Who?" his son questioned. "Who would even dare to top you?"

He gave him a look. "You know who."

"Oh." Then his eyes widened and his face took on a redness so deep he felt as if he would pass out from the rush of blood to his head. "OH!"

"Haven't seen him since. That bastard skipped out this afternoon while I was in the shower. I told him what it meant. I told him that he was as compatible to me as I was to him. It binds you closer together than anything else in the world." He grew angrier with every second until he clenched his fists and brought them down onto the table, nearly causing it to collapse. As it were, only his glass of grape juice tipped over.

"Ah, Papa, I think Goku-san's afraid. Not of you, but of what he feels. When he was with ChiChi, he was always so controlled by her. Every little thing he thought or did was carefully regulated. Now, he's in control of himself and isn't used to it yet."

"Well, that baka just better get used to having me around because nothing can ever tear us apart." He rose, shoving his sandwich over to his son before getting a towel to clean the table. "Go ahead. I'm not hungry anymore."

Trunks dug in, swallowing quickly when he saw his father heading over to the doorway. "I hope you feel better, Papa."

"Yeah," he responded. "I hope I feel better, too."


Luckily Goten wasn't home when he got there, or Goku would have had a lot of explaining to do. He was standing in the living room, body bared for the world to see, with a raging erection that twitched every time he thought of what he and Vegeta had done earlier that day.-- which meant that it was constantly in motion. It wasn't that he had any regrets, or that he hadn't enjoyed the time he'd spent with the small Saiya-jin, but, rather, he feared Vegeta would. Over the course of the time they'd known each other, Goku could count on one hand the moments Vegeta had actually been kind to him. At first, it used to bother him a lot, but then he realized that Vegeta simply didn't know any other way to communicate. That hadn't stopped him from hoping, however.

Then he'd smiled at him -- several times, in fact -- and had said that he completed him. Goku knew, without a doubt, that it was true, but he wanted to give Vegeta a little time to adjust to everything before he proceeded to spend every waking moment by his side.

Hand idly stroking his manhood, Goku headed towards the shower to wash the sweat and dried semen from his body. If only he could keep Vegeta's scent on him afterward.

Goku wasn't very knowledgeable about sex. After living with Kamesennin Muten Roshi, one could wonder how that was possible, but no matter. As a teenager, he had never really felt any sexual urges until the First Change had kicked in when he was fifteen. To put it frankly, Goku had been scared shitless. His body acted as if it wanted to rebel against him and he couldn't get enough of touching himself. He had started to spend an exorbitant amount of time in the toilet at the Kame House, something that caused more than a few raised eyebrows... especially when he re-emerged flushed and obviously embarrassed. Unlike Vegeta, had hadn't been driven nearly insane by lust, but had been able to resist the impulse to rub himself raw.

Then ChiChi had come over looking for him and everything had gone downhill from there.

She didn't leave him alone for a moment, not even long enough for him to go to disappear into the lavatory. The pressure in his body mounted slowly until it had burst. Before he'd even realized what he was doing, ChiChi was spread out naked on his bed, a big smile on her face. Then he'd sunken into her body with little preamble, thrusting and thrusting until he'd reached completion. Afterward, he couldn't help but to think that if he hadn't been horny beyond belief that he probably wouldn't have had sex with her.

A few months later, the consequence of his actions was revealed by ChiChi herself: she was pregnant. And he'd been bound to her ever since.

Until she died, that is.

Shaking himself free of his ChiChi-related memories, Goku focused once again on Vegeta and the way his body had felt wrapped around his own. Before long, he was thrusting into his hand and spraying the tiled wall of the shower with his seed. It did little to satisfy his need, however, and Goku hoped that Vegeta would want to see him soon. He didn't think he could wait much longer.


When Goten got home the house was quiet and seemingly empty, but his father's ki was present. He dropped his shopping bag on the floor beside the door and tip-toed through the rooms in search of him. He finally found him asleep on his bed (in early evening no less!), nude and aroused. Goten colored scarlet and started to back out of the room when his father stirred and moaned a name.


This caused his son's eyes to widen in shock, before he started to grin. "Wait until Tru-chan[3] hears about this..." he whispered to himself. The rustling sound of Goku rolling over made him freeze in the doorway again, hoping that his father didn't wake up and catch him standing there. When the older man began to hump the bed, he fled as fast as he could in the opposite direction.

"My tousan's[4] having a dirty dream about my best friend's father," he said in awe. "This is unreal!" Another thought entered his mind, one that made him feel proud in a really strange way. 'He's got the biggest dick I've ever seen in my life!'

Within minutes, Goten was on the phone with Trunks. He could hardly make coherent sentences because the news he planned to impart was so exciting. "Tru-chan, guess what? Guess what I saw today?"


"Well, after I came home from the mall, I wondered where Tousan was. I went all around the house looking for him and eventually found him in his room, asleep. But that's not the interesting part. He was bare-ass naked, Trunks, and was having a dirty dream about Vegeta-san, as evidenced his hard-on and the fact that he moaned his name. I think my father likes your father!"

He heard a snort that could have been of amusement and "I know".

"What the hell do you mean, 'I know'?"

"I mean that I already know that he likes him. Papa likes him, too. In fact, Goku-san was over here earlier screwing him."

Goten stared at the phone for a long moment before saying, "And you didn't call me? That's what cell phones are for, you baka!"

"What kind of person would I look like calling you just to say that my papa told me he got fucked by Goku-san?"

"You mean he actually admitted that he was uke? He really did?"

"Hai. I thought it was strange, too, even though he was explaining the Saiya-jin changes to me. I would have been perfectly happy if he'd left that part out." Goten could tell that he was embarrassed by the sound of his voice. "Actually, he could have left a lot of stuff out."

Goten was going to tease his friend when something he said registered in his mind. "What are 'Saiya-jin changes'?"

"It's a disturbing story, Go-chan. You might be too young to hear it," Trunks chuckled.

"I'm twenty-five!"

"Maybe in calendar years, Go-chan, but not in maturity."

"Well, fuck you!"

The "Yes, please" startled him, much to his friend's pleasure. Trunks then went on to explain the First and Second changes in as few words as possibly, blushing the entire time he did so. In fact, Goten was doing his own blushing. "You mean that might happen to you and me?" the younger demi-Saiya-jin asked.

"Maybe. Papa doesn't know."

A thought occurred to him, one that made him groan at the strange images that entered his mind. "So Tousan went through the First Change?"

"He's Saiya-jin, isn't he?"

"That's something I didn't need to think about. Hey, I'll talk to you tomorrow, 'kay? I'm hungry."

"You're always hungry."

"And you're always horny. If you went into heat, no one would even know the difference."

"Real funny, you baka. See you later, Go-chan. Ja."

"Ja." He disconnected the call and left his room to return the phone to the living room, bumping into his father in the small hallway. Goku was still naked and still very much aroused. His son looked down in reflex, shocked to see that his father's manhood looked even larger up close, and slowly backed away into his room.

"Gomen nasai, Tousan!" he squeaked before slamming the door shut. "Please tell me when it's safe to come out!"

"Goten, c'mon, we have the same parts." Goku was more than a little amused at his antics.

"Hai, but not of the same proportion." Knowing that Goten was going to be weird about it for the rest of the night, Goku really began to regret not masturbating before he headed off to the toilet.

[1] = no
[2] = a suffix that's added for respect
[3] = a suffix that indicates a young child, a lover, or a close female friend
[4] = short for "otousan"; a less formal version that means "dad"