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Genres: A/U, Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Pairings: Goku x Vegeta, Trunks + Goten, Bura + Pan
Ages: A few of the age gaps have been narrowed for the plot's sake. Gohan = 31, Trunks = 26, Goten = 25, Bura = 14, Pan = 13.
Warnings: Considering the fact that I've never written a true lemon before this story, all sex scenes will, most likely, suck (and not in a good way). There's a mention of non-con as well as a little violence and profanity. Possibly OOC Vegeta and Goku. Oh, there's also the introduction of an OC.
Notes: I hope that this isn't cliché. There are more than enough DB/Z fics that copycat each other floating around out there. To suit my needs, I altered Goku's Instantaneous Movement technique. Now he doesn't need to locate a specific ki to teleport.
Summary: The Second Change is the last-ditch effort of nature to force Saiya-jin to have children. During this time, male and female Saiya-jin in their prime from fifty years of age to fifty-five go into heat, something that also happens during the First Change (also known as puberty). This time, however, the hunger is not so easily satisfied...

The First Movement: Alpha
Chapter 1: A Heat-Induced Revelation

"With enough lube and physical effort, anything is possible." - Vegeta

Vegeta awoke one morning with a burning in his body that seemed likely to drive him insane. Curling into a tiny ball of misery in the center of his bed, he waited for the blindingly exquisite pain to cease.

On that day, he was approximately fifty Saiya-jin[1] years, give or take a few days. The years of Vegeta-sei[2] had been several days longer than the years of Chikyuu-sei and a few months after he'd been taken away from his home as a child, he'd lost count. It didn't matter how old he was exactly; he knew the age range of the Second Change.

The First took place when a Saiya-jin male or female was in the age range of fifteen to twenty-four. It was the start of the Mating Cycle, a primal urge that overtook them about once every three years. When it happened, the Saiya-jin whose scent caught their attention would be their prey for approximately twelve hours. All those not in season knew to stay well out of the way of those who were lest they found themselves bleeding to death on the ground. The Mating was usually consensual unless a suitable mate could not be found. The urge to mate with only those whose scent perfectly matched what they were subconsciously searching for completely overpowered all rational thought. Luckily, the attraction was usually mutual.

This went on until either the male or female sufferer reached approximately twenty-five years of age or the female became pregnant, whichever came first. Then the hormones died down for a few decades until the Second Change took hold of them.

In the most recent (and final) years of Saiya-jin history, it had become unusual to see a Saiya-jin over forty years of age. The alliance with Furiza had brought a change so severe that more Saiya-jin were dying off in battle than were being born back at home. This is what forced the king to finally realize that he had to break things off with the Changeling before the entire Saiya-jin race was completely wiped out.

Of course, it had been an utter disaster.

Vegeta no Ouji[3] was kidnapped to lure the king and his strongest elite warriors to Furiza's ship and it worked. All of them were killed which left the Changeling free to kill everyone else. Only seven Saiya-jin survived the destruction of their planet and all of them had been children at the time save one man. After Raditsu's death by the hands of a Namek-jin named Piccolo and Nappa's death by the hands of his own prince, Vegeta became the oldest of the Pure... and the first person to go through the Second Change since the time of his grandfather.

He didn't know much about it, but what he did know scared the shit out of him. Vegeta had thought that he was free of the Change because his tail (a major source of power for the Saiya-jin) had gotten severed from his body when he was in his late twenties, never again to regrow since he was long past puberty. Apparently, he'd been horribly, horribly wrong.

His body grew hotter and more sensitive until it felt as if the very blood in his veins was boiling and scalding him from the inside. Every heartbeat, every inhalation and exhalation of breath, would cause tremors to course through his body. In the early stages, it felt as if he'd had a slight cold, had Saiya-jin been able to contract ningen illnesses, that is. As the changes progressed, his body temperature rose and his body shook with pain and chills. Slowly, the intense heat would die down until only an intense need for sexual gratification would remain as if he was going through puberty all over again.

Against his will, Vegeta whimpered and pressed himself into the bed. He remembered how desperate he'd been at seventeen with a lack of suitable partners around to help him satisfy the new, and terrifying, need growing within him. In the beginning, he'd tried pleasuring himself with his hand to the point that even looking at his boyhood made him wince. Though it had felt good (in the beginning, at least), it hadn't been enough.

Adult Vegeta's hand grasped his erection firmly as his mind sank further into his memories.

While neither of them were what anyone could call "handsome", Vegeta allowed both Raditsu and Nappa to fuck him. It had been an experience never repeated. His mind had been clouded in a haze of lust that transformed every touch, ever kiss, every movement inside his body into something profound. After doing both Raditsu and Nappa twice, he'd gone in search of more after each of his caretakers had fallen into a deep, sated sleep.

In one of the many halls of Furiza's ship, Zaabon found him. If the flush on his face and the glazed look in his eyes hadn't told the lieutenant that something was wrong, the fact that Vegeta's hand was down his pants would have. He raised one green eyebrow at the teenager and drawled, "My, aren't we the randy one. Your first time?" He knew all about the changes Saiya-jin went through during the course of their lives and thought it fitting that such an uncivilized race would descend to the depths of animalism during these times.

"Fuck," the boy ground out with effort, "off."

"No, I think I'll just fuck you." He grabbed him around the waist and threw him over his shoulder, fully intending to take him back to his room for what remained of the night. Vegeta squirmed in his grasp in an attempt to free himself, but only succeeded in slowly masturbating himself against his shoulder. The aide laughed and grabbed hold of Vegeta's dangling tail. This caused the boy to immediately stiffen and let out a low moan.

"That's right, those monkey tails of yours are awfully sensitive, aren't they? Especially during sex. We'll just have to see how sensitive..."

"Zaabon!" The sharp command behind him made him halt instantly. "Why are you carrying the little monkey towards your quarters?"

He turned around and fixed his Lord and Master with an even stare. The small Changeling was in his first form, barely five feet tall and covered in bubblegum pink skin with white armor-like plating. Sharp black horns crowned his head. "I was simply going to teach him a lesson, Lord Furiza."

He nodded, fully intending to allow the lesson to take place, when he looked at Vegeta more closely. The boy appeared to be distinctly uncomfortable and unusually pink. Also, his hips seemed to be gyrating unconsciously against his aide's body. In the next instant, a delighted smile lit up his face. "Why, Little Monkey, I believe that you're in heat!"

Sighing to himself, Zaabon knew that he would be ordered to turn over his prize to his lord. Furiza had the highest rank on the ship and had also had his eye on Vegeta for a very long time. Despite what others may have thought of him, Furiza would rather have an animated and passionate lover in his bed than a fearful and frozen one. He'd known that he only had to bide his time until Vegeta's first heat to take his pleasure from the young body.

When Furiza took him from Zaabon, he'd whimpered but it hadn't been from lust. With the blue-skinned man, he could have expected at least a moderate amount of care and preparation. With Furiza, he knew that chances he would go easy on him were slim to none.

In the present, Vegeta's hands clenched in rage at his helplessness, then at his shame. He could clearly remember the sensations his body had experienced as if it had only happened yesterday, but could also remember the guilt and feelings of worthlessness and uncleanliness that he'd felt the following day. In his current state, he was helpless to stop himself from getting off on it even as his mind rebelled violently.

Then the desire ebbed away and he could finally think clearly again.

Immediately, he was awash in feelings of embarrassment and guilt. He was too damn old to lose control like that. What if one of his children had found him pulling frantically at himself on the bed? It was very early in the morning but, still, the possibility was there. Disgustedly, Vegeta rose and yanked the now-soiled sheets from his bed along with the cotton pajama pants that covered the lower half of his body. Naked, he went to start the shower and lose himself under the pounding spray.

Twenty minutes later, Vegeta emerged clean and reasonably calm. He was now able to look at what had happened to him somewhat objectively and had enough sense to know that it wasn't over. Not by a longshot. When he'd been a small child, his father had told him about the First and Second Change and what he should expect each time, but he couldn't remember all of the information. He just couldn't remember. He could only go on his own experiences during the First Change (whose total completion had taken ten years), remembering that only having an orgasm triggered by the sensation of having something (as in a penis) inserted inside of him had seemed to calm his body. Redness spread across his face as he thought about this. Since the last time Furiza had taken advantage of him, he hadn't had sex with another male. Twenty-eight long years... He couldn't quite admit to himself that he missed it.

He pulled on a pair of loose black pants over his nakedness. After running a careless hand through hair that had never allowed itself to be tamed, he left his room and wandered downstairs into the kitchen for breakfast. He was ravenous, probably a by-product of sexual exertion. Forcing his mind away from this subject, he began to make enough tamagoyaki[6] for he and Bura (who was the only other member of the household that would eat his cooking despite there being nothing wrong with it). He put her share into the oven, leaving a note on the kitchen table for her, and took his meal back to his room.

His day was shot to Hell, he already knew. With the sexual urges being as unpredictable as they were, it would be unwise of him to venture outside of his bedroom. He had a television in there, an adjacent bathroom, and could sneak out for food, so things should be fine until his body stopped betraying him.

But who knew when that would be?

"Fuck, fuck, FUCK," he cursed after his meal was finished and he no longer had anything to focus on. The urges wouldn't stop unless he allowed a guy to fuck him, he knew. Somehow, the Second Change was more sneaky than the first. It had subsided for a short while, but already he could feel the beginnings of it rising again. Vegeta tensed up, fisting his hands in the fresh sheets, wishing that he'd stayed dead after dying in the kamikaze attack against Buu. That way, he would have never had to go through this torture.

He also would have never helped to create Bura. And, of course, Furiza would have been free to torment him in Hell.


Sweat broke out along his face as he tried desperately to resist the temptation to hump himself against the bed, his hand, anything firm enough to provide enough stimulation to bring him off. He lasted an entire five minutes this way before his hand wrapped, once more, around his straining erection with enough force to make him wince.

Amazingly, the pain helped to clear his head, if only a little.

He had to have someone fuck him, there was no other choice. Faintly, he remembered his father saying that the horniness caused by the Second Change wouldn't stop unless he was able to sate its selective and exhaustive hunger for sex, faster if he could find the one whose scent perfectly complemented his own.

Like that had a chance of happening. There was only one other pure-blooded Saiya-jin left alive in the universe, a man who was so unlike himself that he found the differences infuriating. Kakarotto, otherwise known as Son Goku, had probably never had a primal urge in his life despite the fact that the First Change should have happened to him long ago. He was so un-Saiya-jin that it embarrassed Vegeta frequently.

Incomprehensibly, he found his thoughts focusing on him. How he stood when they fought, how his face looked when he was happy, when he was hungry, when he was in the heat of battle. He had even seen a large amount of Kakarotto's uncovered skin due to the fact that his gi had a habit of being torn to shreds whenever he fought a particularly hard battle and knew for a fact that he had the sexiest upper body he'd ever seen on a man.

Vegeta stopped his train of thought right there and wrenched his hand away from his manhood. There was no way in Hell he was going to masturbate to the image of Kakarotto, the Third-Class Baka[5]. No. Fucking. Way.

A wave of desire so powerful it pretty much stole his breath away washed over him and his hand returned to its previous position. The other hand drifted down behind his jewels to tease the small opening found there. Nothing had been anywhere near that area in so long besides a washcloth that the sensation immediately sent him over the edge.

He moaned Kakarotto's name when he came.


By nightfall, his situation was no better. Kakarotto himself had called his private phone line several times in search of him according to the caller ID, probably wondering why he hadn't made it to East District for their usual sparring date. It was Friday, after all. Finally, after the ninth call, he answered the phone.


"Vegeta! Thank Kami[6]," he sighed. "Are you alright?"

How could he answer this, really, when his dick hurt from constant manipulation and he was starting to yearn for his battle partner to shove his own dick up his ass? "I'm peachy, Kakarotto, how about yourself?"

There was a moment of stunned silence. "You're dying, aren't you," Kakarotto said finally. "That's it; I'm coming over there right now!"

"MATTE YO[7], BAKA!" he shouted. If Kakarotto came over right now via Shunkanido[8] he was going to find a naked and very embarrassed Saiya-jin with a hard-on that just wouldn't quit. "I'm fine," he said in a more quiet tone. "We can spar tomorrow."

"If you're sure..."

"Hai[9], I'm sure."

"Okay, then, I'll see you tomorrow, Vegeta!" Kakarotto chirped before hanging up the phone without saying goodbye. Vegeta smirked fondly, then cursed violently when he realized what he was doing.

He could only go to sleep after a long session of meditation and a cold shower to force the horniness to subside. At the rate he was going, he would pull his dick right off before the following day was complete. As it were, his fingers slipped down to caress himself as he slipped away into slumber and that prompted him to have the most erotic dream he'd ever had to date. He and Kakarotto were fucking in every conceivable position, and even some he knew weren't physically possible. And he wasn't uke[10] all the time, either, but was seme[11] in at least half of the fantasies. Vegeta awoke to brilliant sunshine and a raging erection, one that felt a hell of a lot better to the touch than the day before. He was halfway to completion before he realized that he was not alone in his room.

The hand on his manhood froze as did the hand that was sneaking down to play with his entrance. "What the fuck?" he whispered.

There, in a chair that sat next to the door of the room, was Kakarotto. He had a slightly glazed look in his eyes that spoke volumes to Vegeta and a tent in his pants that made his eyes widen in disbelief. Delicately, Vegeta sniffed the air and smelled cinnamon and spice, which was definitely nice. "Ohayo[12], Vegeta," he said hoarsely.

"Kakarotto, I'm almost afraid to know the answer to this question, but what are you doing here?" He sat up and crossed his legs in a failed attempt to hide his arousal from the younger man.

"I woke up this morning and felt like I should come over," he explained. "So I did."

How wonderfully Kakarotto. "Well, can you leave for a minute while I get up and take care of this?" He waved his hand in the general direction of his crotch. The other man stood but, instead of exiting, he made his way over to the bed. Vegeta's eyes narrowed as he watched Kakarotto's slow approach, noticing that his eyes were vacant and more than a little disturbing. Was he being possessed by something? "What are you doing, you baka?"

He crawled on the bed and buried his nose into Vegeta's hair. "You smell so good," he murmured as he nuzzled him like a cat. Vegeta, who'd frozen the moment the large bulge in his pants had come into contact with his thigh, shuddered, but not in a bad way. He took a moment to think, "How ironic; Kakarotto and I are a perfect match" before sinking his fingers into Kakarotto's hair and yanking him downward into a bruising kiss. The burning fire rose within his body once more and caused him to thrust his hips upward. Considering the fact that Kakarotto was about a foot taller than he was, his crotch was about level with his stomach.

They separated, both gasping for air. "Do you even know what's going on, Kakarotto?"

"I only know that I want something I can't explain." He rubbed himself against Vegeta's body. "Never felt like this before except when I was a teenager, before ChiChi and I were married." He laughed shakily. "It was the reason I married her! Got her pregnant with Gohan."

He was sympathetic. Knowing Kakarotto's honor, he married her because he felt that it would have been the right thing to do. "Gomen nasai,[13]" he said honestly. "I wasn't here. I didn't know." He writhed when he felt Kakarotto began to kiss and bite at his neck.

"Didn't know what?" he murmured.

"That you were my mate. That you would be the one to complete me."

"How can I be your mate when you're a guy?"

Vegeta snorted and ran his hands along Kakarotto's back. "If you are attracted to my scent, then you are not as heterosexual as you claim to be. Nor am I." He thrust upward again, impatient with such talk. "When will we finally get to the fucking?"

Body shaking with laughter, Kakarotto said, "Impatient little man, aren't we?"

"Little?! Just because everyone's not gargantuan like you are it doesn't make them 'little'." The though of taking something the size of what the bulge in his pants suggested made him wince just a little, but he wouldn't be Saiya-jin if he didn't like a little pain with his pleasure. He reached down with both his hands and tugged at the wide blue sash holding the orange gi pants against Kakarotto's waist. "Get naked. Now."

"Yes, sir," he said against his neck in a teasing tone. In less than sixty seconds, the gi, the black shirt, the baby blue boxer shorts, the blue wristbands, and the heavy black boots when flying across the room. Vegeta's eyes were amazed to see the size of the erection sticking out at a forty-five degree angle from a thick forest of black pubic hair even though he knew it had to be big just by the size of the bulge he'd seen in his pants. "It's like you've got a fucking baseball bat between your legs."

He blushed. "Uh, yeah. Yours isn't bad, either."

The arousal that had somewhat subsided as they'd talked, suddenly came back with a vengeance. Vegeta gasped and his eyes flew open wide with the intensity of it. His manhood was now throbbing in time to his heartbeat. "We're going to have to skip the preliminaries and get on to the main event before I explode." Kakarotto stood there like a deer caught in headlights even though he felt a strong pull towards the panting Saiya-jin on the bed. "NOW, DAMN IT!"

"I don't know what to do!" he wailed helplessly.

"You stick it in and thrust repeatedly until you come, dumbass, how hard can that be?"

"Stick it in where?"

Vegeta stared at him and, for a moment, his arousal didn't matter. He just couldn't believe the sheer naïveté of the man standing before him. On second thought, yes, he could. "Only you could say something that stupid, Kakarotto."

He put his hands on his hips and frowned down at him. "It's a valid question, considering the circumstances."

Feeling that it was best to teach using a visual aid, Vegeta raised his hips and pointed to his small orifice. "You see this, Kakarotto? This is where that gigantic dick of yours is supposed to go."

Kakarotto's eyes grew huge as he moved down for a closer look. "Is that even possible?"

"With enough lube and physical effort, anything is possible. Get the bottle of lotion over there on the dresser." He did as told and awaited further instruction. "Put some on your fingers and stretch me so that you can fit in there."

A look of complete comprehension dawned on Kakarotto's face. "Oh! I've got it!" Then he frowned. "You might not want to be on your back for this. You're only a little bit bigger than ChiChi is and she felt like she was being smothered if we did it like that."

An image of him on hands-and-knees while Kakarotto pounded into him from behind made his hand trail down to his neglected erection. Kakarotto slapped it away with a grin. Pouting at him (and not believing that he was doing it), he turned over and pushed himself up to his knees. "Stop wasting time and get down to it already."

He felt a cool finger probe at his entrance, making him shiver in anticipation. He could visualize very well how long Kakarotto's fingers were. In fact, it seemed like everything on his body was large. He spread his legs wider and thrust his ass up to meet every gentle thrust. "This position makes things a lot easier," the younger Saiya-jin commented.

"You're going to have to get up to three fingers in there easily before you will be able to get in there."

"Okay. Vegeta, you feel so good," he said with wonder. "I never knew that two men could be joined like a man and a woman could."

"I'm sure that there's a lot you don't know." The slap on his rump surprised him, but it also felt more than a little good as evidenced by the moan that escaped from deep within him. He heard low chuckling behind him and it was all the preparation he'd received before Kakarotto began raining open-handed slaps down upon both cheeks.

"Kaka- Kaka- YOU BAKA!" he groaned. His arms trembled and threatened to dump him onto the bed. "You're just making it worse! What did I tell you not ten minutes ago about skipping the foreplay?"

"I'm interested in knowing what other kinds of kinky things you're into." The light spanking ceased and his hand returned to stretching him, this time inserting two fingers into his rectum. Vegeta mumbled something in response. "What was that?"

"I said that 'I don't know what else I'm into'. Honestly, I've never given it much thought. The onna[14] was merely way for me to try a new method of intercourse." He winced. Buruma was Kakarotto's friend. "Er, sorry."

He began to move his fingers faster, the sensation causing Vegeta's eyes to involuntarily close. "If she was an experiment, then why did you two have Bura?"

"She wanted a girl and I felt that I owed- HOLY SHIT!" Kakarotto jumped and immediately removed his fingers, babbling apologies as he did so. "No, no, put them back in! I don't know what the hell you hit in there, but I want you to hit it again. Repeatedly."

And he did, much to Vegeta's delight. Finally, after twenty minutes of foreplay that Vegeta grew to greatly enjoy, Goku was finally ready for the final step. "Cover your dick in that lotion and push it in me."

Resting at his entrance, Goku still had his doubts that he was going to fit inside of Vegeta. As much as he wanted to be, he also had no desire to hurt the man beneath him. He slowly pressed forward and watched, with growing awe, how the tight band of muscle that was Vegeta's sphincter expanded to allow the head of his penis to enter his rectum. Then, when it contracted, it felt as if it was going to cut off his circulation and forward movement became nearly impossible. But when his body was finally flush against Vegeta's upturned bottom, the sensation surrounding his manhood was so phenomenal he just had to revel in it for a little while.

"You know, Kakarotto," Vegeta said conversationally, "movement is sort of a requirement for fucking."

"Oh," he blushed, "right." He did a few experimental thrusts and felt Vegeta's anal sphincter finally loosen its death grip. Smirking to himself, he pulled out until only the head remained enclosed by the velvet heat, then slammed his hips back home in one swift movement that wrung a surprised, "Ah!" from the Saiya-jin under him.

Soon, both Saiya-jin discovered that, with a slight adjustment, Goku could hit that special spot inside of Vegeta on every forward lunge. This caused the small Saiya-jin to see starbursts behind his eyelids and groan unintelligible nonsense that may or may not have been praises to a deity he wasn't sure he believed in. There were plenty of demands, as well, from the oft-chanted, "Fuck me harder!" to "Put your back into it, you baka!"

His mind was so far gone into a pleasure-filled place he'd never visited before that nothing short of an explosion large enough to level all of Satan City could bring him back before he'd had his release. Behind him, Goku grunted on every forward thrust with the effort to get the maximum amount of a pleasure so strong that it closely bordered on pain. When he finally allowed himself to come, his hair flickered erratically from gold to black for a moment before finally choosing the gold and staying that way. In involuntary response, Vegeta's hair did the same.

Vegeta felt as if his body would go up in flames. The itching burning feeling in his penis and rear magnified to the point that he started squirming to get both closer and away. Behind him, Goku groaned and collapsed on top of him, weakly kissing the damp skin of his face.

"No more," the larger Saiya-jin panted. "At least, not right now."

The sensation subsided as did the heat he'd felt for the entire day previous. All he could feel now was the warmth of the living Saiya-jin blanket draped across his back, the feel of a softening penis threatening to slip from his rectum, and the gentle pressure of Goku's hands caressing his sides. "That was probably the best fuck I've ever had in my entire life," Vegeta announced.

"I wholeheartedly agree." With a weary grunt, he pushed himself off Vegeta and draped an arm across his waist. "I'm going to sleep. Wake me for lunch."

"Kaka-" He broke off when a loud snore interrupted him. "-rotto." He turned his head slightly to look over his shoulder at the man whose mouth gaped open in slumber. His ki level dropped down from Super Saiya-jin and he transformed back to his usual self. "Baka," he said fondly, moving closer into his embrace. He felt profoundly empty, but was fairly sure that they could have another go after a nap and some food.

On the bright side of things, at least he wasn't horny anymore.

This chapter probably has the most footnotes:

[01] = the Japanese name for Vegeta and Goku's race of people which means "people of Saiya"
[02] = Planet Vegeta
[03] = Prince Vegeta
[04] = a Japanese-style breakfast egg roll/omelette
[05] = idiot
[06] = it means "God"
[07] = wait
[08] = the Japanese name for "Instant Transmission" that literally means "Instantaneous Movement"
[09] = yes
[10] = bottom or "the one who receives"
[11] = top or "the one who gives"
[12] = good morning
[13] = I'm so sorry
[14] = woman