Passport to Paradise

Chapter 5

Kakarotto located a small lake once they'd decided to stop for the night and they went swimming. It was deep enough that they could swim, but not deep enough that they had to tread water. At least, Kakarotto didn't have to tread water. Vegeta frowned at his lover when they were in the middle of the lake and he could still keep his feet. The water was up to his shoulders, however.

"Hold on to me," the teen said after a while. So the prince wrapped his arms around his neck and his legs around his waist and felt a little like a baby animal riding on its mother's back. Kakarotto's soft cock nestled within his crack, pressing against a place that had never been explored before. With all of his previous lovers Vegeta had easily taken the dominant role. It scared him a little to realize that he wouldn't mind being submissive if it was Kakarotto he was submitting to.

Large hands massaged his rear. "Master," he whispered. "You feel so good."

"So do you."

It was still daylight though the sun was quickly setting. The lake was surrounded by trees, but it was large enough that the water itself was fairly open. There could be archers in the trees, voyeurs on the shore, but Vegeta found that he just didn't care. His body yearned for Kakarotto and his sweet ministrations.

It also yearned for something else, something he had never tried before, but it was still too soon to ask his young lover to play top to his bottom.

"Kakarotto," he whispered, his mouth sucking at his neck. "It's been too long."

"It was only yesterday, Master." His voice was teasing.

"When it comes to you, it could be five minutes ago and I would still want you much like a man dying from thirst would want a drink of water." His lips returned to his neck, sucking with all of his strength, hoping to leave a mark. There was a slight movement beneath him as Kakarotto began to rise to the occasion even in the cold water of the lake. The teen, never losing his hold on his ass, carried him ashore and set him down on his feet. Then he kneeled before his master and began to worship his erect member.

Vegeta clenched his hands in his soft hair, eyes closing to mere slits. He had never doubted Kakarotto's skill at fellatio, but he'd had no idea that he was so good. The prince's own skills paled in comparison since he had never orally stimulated a male partner before he'd purchased Kakarotto, but the teen had never had anyone give him pleasure before so he hadn't noticed in the slightest.

"I'm close," Vegeta moaned. His legs trembled, threatening to spill him upon the ground, but Kakarotto's hands held up him and lent him strength. He could feel the imminent explosion growing ever nearer, could feel his testicles draw up close to his body, and then he felt Kakarotto stop. Not only did his sucking motions cease but he also removed his mouth completely. Vegeta opened his eyes to stare at him in disbelief.

"Not yet," the teen said. "I want to feel you inside of me." He then positioned himself on his back in the thick grass. "Please."

He could only stare for a long moment, wondering what he'd done to deserve such a beautiful lover. He thought it had to be something monumental, but nothing came to mind. Maybe he was just incredibly lucky.

There was another position he wanted to try, but he didn't know if Kakarotto would be willing. "Can you turn over for me? Get on your hands-and-knees?" The look on the teen's face said that it was the last thing he wanted to do, but he did so anyway. The scars were shiny pink and in sharp contrast with the paleness of what little unblemished skin that peeked through.

Kneeling behind him, he caressed the smooth flesh of his rear beneath his hands. There weren't any scars to speak of, most of the real damage was on his back. His hands traveled up slowly to touch the scars, feeling the roughness of the skin, wishing that such a thing had never happened. He took the time to kiss his back as if his soft touches could erase those years of pain, and felt Kakarotto trembling beneath him.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

"You-you're not disgusted by them?" His voice trembled as well. "They always said that others would be, that no one else would want me because I'm damaged goods."

"I don't care what they said. It makes me angry to see your scars because someone dared to hurt you, but they don't change how I feel about you." He placed one final kiss to the small of his back, right above his tail, and then moved lower.

His tongue bathed those two perfect cheeks, relishing in the soft moans that Kakarotto gave. He hardly hesitated before dipping his tongue between them, worshipping this secret flesh as often as he'd worshipped his lips. He knew how well Kakarotto washed himself. He had seen it with his own eyes.

"Ma-Master," he whimpered, sinking down onto the ground when his elbows became too weak to hold him up. His tongue was penetrating him now, preparing him for entry by something far larger. After one final lick he felt Vegeta position himself. His body was so relaxed, so loose, that he knew he would feel little pain, if any at all. The sensation of Vegeta sliding into him and filling him up nearly made him cry it felt so good.

"Are you ready?" the prince asked him after he'd waited a moment for his body to adjust.

Kakarotto pushed himself up onto his hands again. "Uh huh."

"Then I won't hold back." It was the only warning he received before his hips began to thrust. This time the prince was able to pick up speed right away and every forceful thrust nearly sent Kakarotto back to lie upon the ground. The teen was moaning continuously, sometimes sounding as if someone was trying to kill him, punctuating with a little grunt each time he moved back to meet Vegeta. You definitely couldn't say that he wasn't an active participant.

Vegeta's hands clutched at Kakarotto's slender hips to give himself more leverage. The teen's tail thrashed against his stomach, even darting down to grip his cock each time he withdrew. Vegeta's own tail had wound itself around his leg, doing its best to cut off his circulation as if it had a mind of its own.

"Master!" Kakarotto gasped. He wanted to be touched, but didn't dare remove one of his hands from the ground. He writhed desperately. "T-touch me!"

He was confused, but only for a second. His right hand slipped beneath Kakarotto's body to grasp his twitching cock, squeezing it tightly within his fist. It was all the extra stimulation that the teen needed. In an instant he exploded, screaming so loudly that a large group of birds in the trees above took to flight, clouding the sky with their bodies. His body contracted almost painfully, bringing Vegeta over with ease.

Afterward they lay on the grass in each other's arms both trying to get their breath back. "That was amazing," Kakarotto said sincerely.

The prince chuckled and kissed his sweat-dampened forehead. "I try my best. We should go back into the lake. We're sweaty and dirt is probably adhering to our bodies with every passing second."

"I think my bones melted," the teen sighed dreamily.

Vegeta smiled and began to laugh. "You're so cute sometimes."

"And I'm not cute all the time?"

"No." Kakarotto adopted an offended expression. "You're absolutely irresistible." He was somehow able to get to his feet and he extended his hand to his lover once he had steadied himself. "Less than a week to go until we'll be able to make love in a real bed again."

"And I can't wait."


The remainder of their trip wasn't entirely pleasant, unfortunately. While they were each happy to be in the company of someone they loved, the day following their last little detour was filled with rain. And so had the day after. Both of them were miserable, their cloaks doing little to keep out the rain that would blow horizontally into their faces and tempers had been incredibly short. More often than not Vegeta found himself apologizing to Kakarotto for raising his voice or for making a cutting remark. When the skies finally cleared, it was all Kakarotto could do not to jump up and down with joy.

"Go ahead," Vegeta had said after seeing the look of barely contained excitement on his face. "I'll even join you." So they had spent a few moments acting like children, something neither of them had gotten the chance to do very often.

"I love you," Kakarotto had whispered softly, his hand caressing Vegeta's cheek.

"I love you, too."

Now they were coming upon the huge gates that marked the south entrance into Fisher's Cove. There was another way in on the east and, of course, a large harbor that accommodated ships from all over the world. The gate sat in a tall stone archway set into the equally-as-tall city wall and was watched every moment of every day by a small group of serious guards in heavy armor who constantly fingered the hilts of the swords at their waists. Kakarotto reached out and grabbed Vegeta's hand tightly, a little intimidated by them.

"Don't leave me alone," he begged quietly as they stood in line with the other merchants and visitors to the city. "My mark will tell them that I'm less than nothing."

"You aren't," Vegeta said firmly.

"I know I'm not now, but, to them, I'll never be anything other than a slave. We have to be careful."

"I won't let you out of my sight, I promise." Vegeta gave his hand a squeeze then let him go. Fisher's Cove was a mixed city with a roughly forty-five percent human population. The Saiya-jin could usually care less about someone's sexual orientation, but the humans were a completely different story. He didn't want to attract their hostility.

Kakarotto remained clingy even after they cleared the gate. If he wasn't clutching at the prince's hand he was holding onto his tunic like a small child. He was truly terrified of the city guard, even more so than he was of the inevitable negative reactions his wandering hands would earn him. Eventually Vegeta gave in to his heart and wrapped his arm around the teen's waist. An old woman walking nearby glared disapprovingly at them, but his lover's body had finally stopped trembling.

"We'll find an inn," he said. "One with a good reputation. I'm sure you'll appreciate a hot bath after all these days of walking."

"I haven't had one since before the rainstorm."

"So I can smell," he teased. Kakarotto was becoming better at not taking everything so seriously, though he was still obviously afraid of being rejected. This time the prince received a good reaction judging by the tiny smile that appeared on the teen's face.

"We haven't made love underwater yet," he purred. Vegeta looked at him with lust-filled eyes, his pants becoming tighter around the crotch. Kakarotto could just be watching clouds pass by and he would turn him on.

It was easy to find a nice place to spend a few days. Fisher's Cove catered to a lot of people both rich and poor so there were rooms available for every budget. While Vegeta had began his journey with a sizeable amount of money, and Kakarotto's corpse-robbery had only added to his funds, he didn't want to spend too much. Not having ever been outside the palace walls, he had no idea what to expect. It was best to be prepared.

For six gold they were able to get two meals a day and unlimited access to the bathing room, which they made use of the very same day they'd checked in, right after dinner. Vegeta had found it hard to thrust underwater, but the feel of it swirling around his most intimate places had been amazing. They'd gone to sleep soon after they had both been satisfied, but it had not been from lack of trying to start something else on Kakarotto's part.

The size of Fisher's Cove was staggering and there were no maps available to common citizens. Hanging around the inns that obviously catered to tourists were people male and female, young and old, Saiya-jin and human who claimed to be guides. Some of them were legit, while others were more likely to lead you into a bad neighborhood then rob you blind. Kakarotto, the prince had come to learn, had an eye for people. He could spot the fake guides for what they were and point out the ones who were just looking for a way to earn money. He pointed out several children who really should have been in school, a teenage girl, and a few boys in their twenties. All of them looked a little worse for wear.

"All of them need the money pretty badly," he said, "but I don't think they'll try to rob us." He looked at the prince, letting him know that the final decision rested in his hands.

Not wanting to deal with any children, he ignored them completely. He skipped over the teenage girl because she couldn't stop staring at him. That only left the young men around his own age, some of whom were quite handsome. He didn't think it was a good idea to let his cock choose for him, but he was leaning towards a slender Saiya-jin boy of average height. He had long shaggy black hair that spilled into his eyes and over his shoulders and was wearing a sleeveless gray shirt and tight black pants. He actually looked more like a prostitute than a guide.

Kakarotto followed his master's gaze and inwardly winced. He had been afraid of who he would choose. "He's okay," he mumbled even while dislike blossomed across his face. That one would be competition for him, of that he was sure.

"No, he's not." Vegeta slipped his hand behind Kakarotto and pinched him on the rear. The teen let out an undignified squeak. "That was for not speaking up after I've told you several times that it was okay."

"It's not my place to do so, Master, since you will be the one to pay." Vegeta sighed in frustration, but didn't say anything else.

They moved out from beneath the awning shading the entrance of the inn as the boys began to disperse. Vegeta, afraid he would lose his chance, quickly scanned them again and chose a boy that was plain in appearance so that Kakarotto wasn't upset. The boy he had been eyeing before frowned in disappointment before heading off.

"What's your name?" he asked him. He was human as was evident by his reddish-brown hair and lack of a tail.

"Alain, sir. Are you looking for a guide? This city can be confusing to newcomers."

"Can you honestly do the job?"

He was quick to say yes. "I only charge five silver a day. Most of the others charge a gold."

"Then you're hired." Vegeta held out his hand. "I'm Vegeta. This is Kakarotto. We're looking for a place to hear the latest news from around the continent."

"So you're adventurers then?"

The prince nodded. "You could say that."

"I know of a good place by the sea. A lot of warriors and sailors head there once they get back into town. You should hear some of the tales they tell."

"Sounds perfect."

"It is. There's only the matter of getting you through the increased security at the docks, but you shouldn't have any problems. Are you ready to leave now?"

Vegeta and Kakarotto exchanged glances. "Increased security?" the prince asked.

"There was an incident there a few days ago, nothing too big, and the governor gave the orders to restrict access. So far the only people to be kept out are thieves and cutthroats. Everyone else still has the same freedom of movement." He was impatient, if the look on his face was anything to go by. "So, are we still going? Or should I go find someone else to guide around town?"

"No, I'll use your services. Finding something interesting to do was the entire reason I came here."

Alain turned toward Kakarotto, who had remained silent for the entire conversation. "What about you? What brought you to Fisher's Cove?"

"Vegeta did," he responded. "Where he goes, I go."

"You're lovers, then. I thought he was your servant."

Vegeta's voice lowered dangerously. "Is that a problem?"

The guide was unafraid. "Who am I to say what's right or wrong? Besides, you've hired me. I'm not going to risk losing money over this."

"Good to see that there are still humans willing to keep public and private lives separate. Lead on, Alain. If I learn what I want to know today, I'll throw in an extra gold."

His eyes lit up with delight. "Good thing you picked me, then. I know all the ins-and-outs of life here in the Cove. You will not be disappointed."

He took Kakarotto's hand and tugged him along after their guide. "This had better be worth it," he muttered quietly to himself. Kakarotto agreed wholeheartedly.