Passport to Paradise

Chapter 4

The prince had nothing to slick to prepare him with and thought he would have to wait until he could purchase something, but then an idea struck him. He had never done it before since none of his former lovers had been into sexual experimentation, but he had a feeling that Kakarotto wouldn't mind in the slightest. He kissed his way down the teen's slender body, spending some time at his nipples, his cock, and his testicles again before his chin rested on the bed.

"Lift yourself up a little. Hook your hands behind your knees."

"What are you going to do?" He didn't sound nervous, merely curious.

Vegeta smirked to himself. "Something I think you'll really enjoy." And then this tongue was on Kakarotto's entrance and the boy squealed at the unexpected sensation. He worked determinedly on loosening him up and it worked very quickly. By the time he was able to work his tongue and two fingers inside, Kakarotto was nothing more than an incoherent wreak.

"Have you gone off somewhere?" the prince asked teasingly. The teen's eyes were open but he wasn't looking at anything.

"Don't stop. Please don't stop!" he said in a dazed tone of voice. Being licked down there had to be the best thing he had ever experienced in his short life.

"I'm afraid that if I continue that you'll never return. It can wait until some other time." He spat into his palm and stroked himself. It was crude but he was sure that it would be enough.

He positioned himself. "Bear down as if you're going to the bathroom. It'll open you up wider."

His face contorted slightly. "This feels strange."

"It may feel that way now, but it definitely won't feel that way in a minute." Holding himself steady he steadily pushed forward with his hips until the head of his cock had disappeared. He watched Kakarotto's face to see if he was alright and his expression was certainly interesting. "I'm not sure if you want me to continue, or if you want me to pull out."

Long-fingered hands grabbed his hips. "Don't you dare pull out!" Then the teen blushed when he realized what he'd said and who he'd said it to. "That is, if you don't want to, Master," he quickly added.

Vegeta thrust forward experimentally and his "slave" arched his back up to meet him. "I don't know, Kakarotto, you were being awfully disrespectful a moment ago."

"My apologies, Master," he gasped. "I'll never do it again!"

"See that you don't." He worked himself the rest of the way inside Kakarotto's body and did not move for a long moment, relishing the feel of his passage clenching around him. When Kakarotto began to push back against him again, he knew that he was ready for him to continue, so he began to move, slowly at first, then with increasing speed. With every forward thrust Kakarotto squeezed, creating more friction on Vegeta's rock-solid member. He also gave a little roll of his hips when the prince bottomed out.

"Faster, master. Please!"

Unfortunately Vegeta was going as fast as he reasonably could since he didn't want to hurt the teen, but Kakarotto began frantic, thrusting his own body and gripping Vegeta's hips with his hands in an attempt to make him speed up. The prince readjusted his position, pushing Kakarotto nearly up onto his shoulders and using gravity to aid him. He could only hold on as his request was honored by the prince.

Kakarotto came again, his body not used to such pleasure, but Vegeta resisted the urge to join him. The sight of the teen, his face and body taut with unimaginable ecstasy, his mouth open in a soundless cry, was nearly too much to bear. For a few more minutes he continued at his relentless pace and, much to his astonishment, Kakarotto began to grow erect again. But Vegeta was becoming tired and his control was not infinite. He thrust one final time and emptied himself within his lover's body, collapsing on top of him in a way that wasn't the least bit comfortable. After a moment, he hugged Kakarotto to him and rolled over carefully, miraculously not sliding out in the process.

For several long moments they both simply existed. Kakarotto's breathing had quieted, but he still lay limply against the prince. Vegeta thought that he was asleep at first, but then tiny movements against his thigh became noticeable and he remembered that the teen was still hard.

"You should be exhausted," he murmured.

"'m not. Still want you." His voice was thick with sleep.

"And you can have me, but not right now. Tomorrow's another day."

"'kay." Kakarotto buried his face into his neck and slipped off into slumber completely.

Although Vegeta was tired, but mind wouldn't allow him to sleep just yet. He almost couldn't believe that he'd just made love to Kakarotto. It was something that he thought would never be possible even after he'd purchased him from the tavern-keeper in Hillys. Exchanging money for Kakarotto had never meant to him what it had meant to others. He didn't want a slave and it made him angry to know that other people did. Once he became king, he would put an end to slavery once and for all and he hoped that the current, and future, victims could hold out until then.

Kakarotto was truly a special person. He had still retained his sweetness, though he he'd had little reason to, and was eager to please. Vegeta was even starting to think that he did things for him because he liked him instead of out of obligation. And he smiled. Constantly. That was enough to convince him that he'd done the right thing.

He pulled the teen closer, twining their tails together, and kissed him atop his unruly head of hair. "I love you, Kakarotto," he whispered. And he was very surprised to realize that it was the absolute truth.


He awoke to the sound of Kakarotto bathing. He did this often, sometimes almost desperately as if he'd been denied this simple pleasure in the past. Vegeta watched him with a lazy smile on his face. He would never grow tired of seeing those graceful hands caress himself.

Kakarotto dried himself with a square of linen, his face still turned away from the bed. "How much longer will you lay there, Master?"

A little surprised that he'd noticed his scrutiny, Vegeta said, "I'm rising right now. Have you left any water in the kettle?"

"Of course." He paused to kiss him good morning before heading over to his bag. Vegeta watched him walk away, fondly remembering how it had felt to be deep inside such a fine ass.

Kakarotto's seed had dried in flaky patches on his skin that, in all honesty, felt disgusting. He poured fresh hot water into the basin from the kettle that hung in the room's small fireplace and briskly began to wash. He could hear Kakarotto relieving himself in the chamber pot nearby. All in all, it made him feel very domestic. He could easily imagine dressing Kakarotto or taming his wild black hair just as easily as he could imagine having sex with him.

"Master?" He blinked and looked over at his lover. "Is everything alright?"

"Yes," he smiled, kissing him. "Everything's fine."

"I'm glad." He leaned into him and sighed happily. "Lady Fiyone rose with the sun. She's probably finished with breakfast."

"Good. I'm ready to move on. Hopefully their market will be open after we eat." Vegeta kissed him once more before heading over to their things and dressing for the day.


Kakarotto exited the room before his master and knew immediately that something was wrong. The Lady was too quiet as were the two daughters and he knew that all three of them had risen just by listening to their movements before he'd gotten out of bed. As he and the prince moved down the narrow hallway, the sound of whispering became audible. Why would they be whispering unless they had something to hide?

"Master," he said softly and seriously, "I think they know."

"Know what?" he asked before he caught himself. Of course they knew. It wasn't as if either of them had been very quiet and the sound of the headboard colliding with the wall behind it had probably been a dead giveaway. "It doesn't matter," he said. "Having sex with other men isn't illegal. Not anymore, at least."

The teen shook his head. "But it might cause you trouble. I'm sorry, Master."

"Don't be. If given a chance to do things over, I'll choose to make love to you every time."

They entered the small dining room where the three women sat around the table, their heads bent close together. Lady Fiyone's face was a mask of disgust while her daughters' reactions were less intense. Emalyn looked disappointed, but Krissandra actually looked interested.

"Mother, they can't help who they are," Krissandra said in a frustrated voice as if she'd said this more than once. "In truth, I can't help but find it arousing."

Emalyn looked shocked while her mother looked horrified. "Krissandra!" the older woman said, her eyes wide.

"What? They're both really very handsome, don't you think?"

Kakarotto blushed deeply while Vegeta shuddered. "Ladies," he said, attracting their attention, "good morning. I must extend my sincere apologies for last night. I fear my servant and I were a little... disruptive."

"Oh, please don't worry about that." Krissandra couldn't take her eyes off him and expression was a little unnerving. "I enjoyed every moment of it."

"We'll be leaving now. Thank you for your hospitality." Vegeta couldn't get out of there fast enough. He paid the Lady of the House and returned to the guest room to get their things. Kakarotto remained in the dining room, not quite able to look at anyone. When Vegeta returned he was out the door almost before he was.

They were almost to the market when the teen spoke. "That was embarrassing."

"And disturbing," the prince added. "Krissandra would very much like a threesome."

"Please don't continue." Kakarotto looked miserable. "I'd rather not think about that."

The prince wrapped and arm around his waist and pulled him close. "Then shall I take your mind off it, then?" he whispered. "I want you to service me tonight. We're still a few days from our destination, but I'm willing to risk discovery in the forest if I can feel your soft lips wrapped around my cock."

Heat rose in his cheeks. "Your wish is my command, Master."

"Have I ever told you how much I love it when you call me that? But only if you're doing it of your own free will. Otherwise it's just wrong." With that thought Vegeta's good mood evaporated. "You haven't been free in so long, Kakarotto. You were just a child when you were taken away from your homeland."

"Vegeta, do you believe in Fate?"

He was startled to hear his name spoken by his love without the slightest trace of uncertainty. "Not particularly, no."

"I do. I believe that all of the bad things I've went through as a slave was leading up to the moment that you bought me from Grott. Every beating, every rape, every humiliation had a purpose."

"I very much want to believe that," the prince whispered. "For your sake, and for mine." Kakarotto smiled and kissed him there on the street, uncaring of who saw them. As Lios was a human town, there were more than a few dirty looks, but no one said anything.

Within an hour they were on the road again. Kakarotto walked with newfound confidence, his head held high, and Vegeta liked to see him that way. He knew that there was still darkness inside of his lover, but they had time to get rid of it all.

Noon saw them beneath a tree just off the road enjoying a brief lunch of bread and cheese along with apples that Kakarotto had picked. It was the teen's favorite way to spend a meal. Their dessert was the enjoyment of each other's lips and a little light fondling.

Suddenly Kakarotto stiffened. "There are five men around us: two on the left, one on the road, and two in the trees. The ones above us have crossbows." He didn't make any sign that he'd noticed their attackers, his lips still pressed against Vegeta's.

"Damn thieves," the prince cursed softly.

The bandits remained hidden in the trees, making no move to rob them. Kakarotto's mind worked furiously to try to find them a way out of this dire situation. "Do you trust me?"

"With my life," he answered honestly.

"Unfortunately this may very well come down to life or death. When you feel me move, roll away in the opposite direction. Don't do anything but keep your head down. I'll handle the rest."

"Are you insane?" Vegeta's heart was pounding. The thought of Kakarotto's body lying cold and lifeless on the ground was in the forefront of his mind.

"You trust me, remember? Now go." Kakarotto rolled right while Vegeta, after only a brief moment's hesitation, rolled left. Two crossbow bolts penetrated the ground where they last were.

Vegeta did as instructed, his eyes clenched shut. He heard the sounds of combat, of men crying out in pain. Then he heard the distinctive sound of a crossbow discharging, its bolt finding its mark in living flesh, judging by the scream he heard. As quickly as the battle began, it was over, and since Vegeta wasn't being dragged from his hiding place, he assumed that Kakarotto had won. Somehow.

He opened his eyes. The teen was rifling through through the clothing and pouches of the dead men, coldly and efficiently relieving them of all their valuables. Vegeta watched with wide eyes as the timid teenager he'd traveled with for days behaved like a seasoned warrior. It was obvious that he had done this before.

"Kakarotto," he swallowed thickly. Training against his father's lazy guards had not prepared him for the reality of battle.

"Hmm, master?" He removed another dagger from its sheath. It was a fine weapon and would probably fetch them a lot in Fisher's Cove.

"You killed them." His voice sounded faint and his head was pounding in time with his pulse. "They're dead."

"Uh huh. I had to or else we would be dead. I'll do anything to protect you, Master." He tossed another pouch filled with coins onto the assembled pile of loot. "Looks like they've robbed quite a few people."

Vegeta sighed. He was right. There had been no other options. But it was so sad that Kakarotto had blood on his hands. He was still so young.

Soon they had a sizeable collection of small objects to sell, one so large that they had to fashion a sack out of one man's shirt just to carry it all. Kakarotto smiled at the prince, seemingly unfazed by what he'd done. Vegeta, on the other hand, was a little unnerved. It had undoubtedly changed the way he viewed his love.

They continued on their way to Fisher's Cove, silent for a long while. If Vegeta were to look at Kakarotto's face he would have seen a struggle there. The teen knew that he had done something completely out of character, and that Vegeta had been bothered by it, but he couldn't bring himself to feel regret. His master's life had been spared, as well as his own, and that meant far more to him than Vegeta's unease. He would endure an eternity of uncomfortable silence as long as it meant he could remain by his master's side.

"Kakarotto, I'm sorry you had to do that, but I understand. Really." The afternoon was on the fast-track to evening, the sun slanting over their bodies and casting long shadows across the dirt road. "It doesn't change how I feel about you."

"Really? Are you sure?" His face was hopeful and he was far too happy to stop and apologize for daring to question his master.

"Yes. How can I feel anything other than love for you?"

A wave of intense affection for his newest master nearly swept him away. There had never been a moment before this one that he'd believed in Fate so strongly. He could almost be grateful for the hardships he'd gone through since it had earned him such a wonderful reward. "I will tell you a story, Master. It's the only way I know of that's good enough."

"Good enough?"

"Yes, to thank you for being so good to me." Kakarotto smiled at him and it remained even after he began his tale. His past was simply that and knowing that it had had a purpose lessened the power it had over him. "My people were the keepers of the Key. It was what they'd guarded for centuries and continued to guard even though they didn't remember what it was for. It had become the primary reason for their existence and every child was raised to understand that as well as they understood themselves.

"Four years ago the barbarians came. They sought the Key and knew exactly what its true purpose was. It opens some sort of gateway that they wanted to lead their own people into, a place that's supposed to be beautiful beyond anything in this world. My people would not allow them to have it. Our ancestors have instructed us in the writings that no one was to ever use the Key under any circumstances. They upheld this vow with honor and all of them perished that day. Men, women, and children alike. I am the sole survivor." He shook his head, tears stinging his eyes. "All their lives were wasted to protect me. For a place that poses no threat to anyone. It's paradise, master! How could paradise be bad?"

The prince didn't answer his question. He couldn't quite get passed the fact that Kakarotto had implied that he, himself, was the Key. But how was that possible? "You're the Key?" he tried to ask, but it came out as more of a statement.

"Yes. Well, I'm not the Key, but it is a part of me. It's been there since just after I was born. Every time the bearer of the Key is close to death, they remove it and place it within someone else who is compatible with it. The Elders figured that everyone would look for an object and not think to look for a person."

"It was a good idea," he admitted. "I just don't like the fact that it makes you a target."

"Oh, they don't know where I am. I escaped from the battle after killing the men who were after me. Unfortunately I was captured by slavers before I could get to the nearest city. Exhaustion had caught up to me and I fell asleep against my will." He linked arms with his master. "I trust you. You deserve to know the truth about me."

He had indeed wanted to know more about his lover, but learning that there were people after him who would cheerfully end his life made him realize that there were some things he could definitely live without knowing about. "No one will hurt you as long as I have breath in my body," he swore.

Kakarotto kissed him. "I know," he said with a smile.