Passport to Paradise

Chapter 3

Tension had settled between them since the morning they shared their first kiss and it made the prince irritable and difficult to talk to. It was extremely hard not to throw caution to the wind as they walked down the road during the day, or pull Kakarotto into his lap as they sat around the campfire at night. And the teen wasn't helping matters by calling him Master and making suggestions with just about everything he did. Watching those slim fingers disappear one-by-one into his mouth to clean off any lingering bits of food from the dinner they'd just consumed was almost too much. He would usually excuse himself then and go find a large tree to masturbate behind. He knew that Kakarotto knew exactly what he was doing, but didn't care in the slightest.

A few days later they were in Lios, a small farming community less than a week from Fisher's Cove. It was... quaint. The buildings were all plain wooden affairs that were worn from the weather, but they were still sturdy. The rosy-cheeked humans in their oft-patched clothing resembled their buildings as they were just as strong and just as enduring.

Vegeta asked the first person he saw for directions to the inn. The older woman had looked at him for a moment as if he was speaking a language foreign to her and then directed him to one of the larger homes. Apparently not enough travelers came to visit for them to have an inn.

The middle-aged woman there offered to put them up for the night and give them supper and breakfast for a single silver. Vegeta thought that she was asking for too little, but far be it for him to correct her.

She lived in the house with only her two unmarried adult daughters, her husband having died in a farming accident out in the south fields. All of this was far more information than Vegeta needed, but the woman had opened her home to him and he did not want her to retract her invitation.

As she talked, Kakarotto wandered around the sitting room, his eyes roaming casually over the keepsakes. There were two brass plates on the mantle with names on them and birth dates, Emalyn and Krissandra were, most likely, her daughters. Two hand-painted china cats sat side-by-side on a bookshelf with small numbers painted onto their sides. All of this added to the impression that the Lady of the House cared deeply for commemoration yet she had taste enough not to overburden a room with her memories.

"Kakarotto," Vegeta said softly. He had quickly realized from the way Lady Fiyon's eyes darted to the side with every step the teen took that she was nervous about him examining her precious things so carefully. The prince knew that it was only because he was naturally curious, but the Lady didn't know that.

In an instant, the teen was at his side. "Yes sir?"

"Please remain beside me."

"Whatever you say, sir."

Fiyon was watching them with undisguised interest. "My servant," he lied easily. Well, he would have been had he honestly believed in the system of slavery.

Very soon it was time for dinner. Lady Fiyone had been simmering a pot of stew in the kitchen while she chatted with her guest, never once bothering to say a word to Kakarotto once she'd been told that he was a servant. Her daughters returned home late into the evening, both of them being laborers at the weaver's, and were more than a little hungry. They entered the house, laughing about something, and abruptly fell silent when they saw the prince.

"Hello. Are you to be staying with us?" A petite girl who was more than slightly overweight asked this. She looked to be the younger of the two.

"Yes, but only for the night." Vegeta rose and kissed the girls' hands with all of the princely manners his dearly-departed mother had drilled into him as a child. "I am Vegeta. Charmed to make your acquaintances."

The younger sister curtsied awkwardly. "I am Krissandra."

"And I am Emalyn." She stepped forward and the light from the hanging lantern caught her face. It was very pretty. She wore her dark brown hair pinned up and her lips were painted a delicate pink. Her curtsy was the epitome of grace. "A pleasure."

Kakarotto bristled. How dare she look at his master that way!

Lady Fiyone stuck her head into the room. "Dinner will be served in just a moment. Perhaps you would like to freshen up?"

"Of course, Mother," Emalyn said. "I will show our guests to their room and draw a basin of water." If Krissandra was upset that her sister was stealing the show, she made no sign of it.

Vegeta knew exactly what the young woman was doing and could honestly care less. His head had never turned at the sight of an alluring female and he doubted it ever would. He had never really longed for someone of the male persuasion, either, before he had seen Kakarotto in the Three Donkey Tavern. Now it was the teen who made his blood boil and his cock rise in his pants. It was him that he longed for.

Emalyn opened the door to a small, but neat room at the back of the house. "This is where you will be staying for the night," she said after she'd poured the water from a covered jar that sat on the small table beside it. "There is clean linen in the drawer beneath the basin." When neither of the young man spoke, she continued. "I will leave you both to your ablutions."

She was nearly gone when Vegeta thanked her for her assistance. She flashed a gentle smile at him before quietly closing the door behind her.

Going over to the water, the prince opened the drawer and removed a drying cloth. Kakarotto dropped their bags beside the bed before walking over and taking it, waiting patiently for the prince to wash his hands. He didn't say a word, nor did he look at him, for the duration. "You don't have anything to worry about," Vegeta said.

The teen blinked. "I'm not worried."

"Don't lie to me; I don't like it. Especially when it's easy for me to see the truth. You don't like the fact that Emalyn wants to catch herself a husband before we leave. As if I would see her and drop to my knees in worship!"

He couldn't help but giggle. "But she is quite pretty, and your parents surely want you to marry and have children?"

"Yes, both of those things are true, but they mean nothing in light of one realization I have made."

The look on Kakarotto's face was playful. "That realization is...?"

"I want you." Vegeta's eyes were serious as was his voice. "And only you."

And Kakarotto knew his heart would never be his own again.


When the five of them sat down to dinner it was a quiet affair. Lady Fiyone the seat at the head of the table once she'd served everyone. On one side sat Vegeta and Kakarotto, while on the other was Emalyn and Krissandra. The prince had thought the youngest girl had gracefully withdrawn from the competition, but she was still making eyes at him.

Dinner was... passable. The Lady was a fair cook, but the daughters were becoming more than a little irritating. And the mother as well. Once she'd noticed that her two "precious ones" were interested in Vegeta she began to drop little hints here and there about Krissandra's wonderful cooking or Emalyn's professional needlepoint skills. He spent most of the time smiling with false delight. Kakarotto spend most of the time glaring into his bowl.

After dinner there was an hour or so of socializing before bed. Emalyn pulled out a small harp and began to regale her mother's guests with song after song. She played like someone who thought themselves far better than they actually were. Neither young man could wait to return to their room. There was unfinished business between them to take care of.

Finally Lady Fiyone began to yawn and decided to retire to bed. Her daughters soon followed, each of them trying to communicate their desire to have Vegeta join them in their room. The problem was that they shared one since Krissandra's room had been converted to a guest chamber after their father had died. The thought of begin with one sister while the other one listened (in addition to being with one of the sisters in the first place) made him shudder.

The bed covers had been turned down and a fresh jug of water for drinking, along with two glasses, sat on the bedside table.

They undressed silently down to their underwear then each took a seat on the edge of the bed. Kakarotto, though he wanted Vegeta like few things in his life, he was also afraid. While not a stranger to the act of sex, he was a stranger to act of voluntary submission. None of his previous masters had cared about prepping him so that he would experience no pain, or even making sure that he received any pleasure from the experience. It had been all about them.

His body also bore the years of hardship he'd endured in the form of scars. His back had been a favorite of Lord Elvin, his second master, and he had delighted in marking him regularly. When his third master, the man before the tavern-keeper Grott, had discovered that there were no clear places on his back for him to deface, he had taken to raping him on every occasion that had presented himself, scarring him on the inside. No one would consider him beautiful. They would see only a disobedient slave who had deserved every lashing he had gotten.

"Kakarotto," the prince said softly, sensing his fear if not seeing it on his face. "Come here." He did so without a word. When he was close enough, Vegeta reached up a hand and caressed his chest. Unfortunately he couldn't reach higher than his shoulders without standing on tip-toe. "Please sit down. I want to comfort you without having to overextend myself." He smiled when he said this and the teen smiled back.

Kakarotto sat beside him and Vegeta wrapped his arms around his waist. "I may have purchased you, but you are not my slave. Obviously I hadn't been thinking very clearly when I did that since there is now a transaction standing between us, but it's too late now. Will you ever see me as just Vegeta, the man who desires you?"

"Someday, yes. The training is a hard thing to put aside."

"I can wait." He kissed him on the lips and smiled against them. "You are beautiful."

"I'm a slave whose back is covered in scars." And whose soul is tattered beyond repair.

"I don't care about that. You'll always be beautiful to me." Vegeta pressed his lips into Kakarotto's firmly, seeking more contact than the earlier brief kiss had provided. "Let me make love to you."

"Okay," Kakarotto breathed.

He laid him down on the soft feather bed and draped himself over him like a living blanket. The teen's eyes were clenched shut and his fists were buried in the duvet even though they had done nothing yet but kiss. Tiny mewling sounds emerged from the back of his throat. "Eager, are we?"

"Oh, yes," he gasped. Vegeta felt something solid and warm pressing into his thigh.

"You'll have to keep quiet. It wouldn't do to have one of the ladies come to investigate any strange noises coming from here." He hoped to pull quite a few of them from Kakarotto before the night was over.

All of the other times he'd had sex, it had been only for mutual release. There had been quite a few people hanging around the castle who were more than happy to share a bed with the prince. Male, female, they had all blended together. Most of them had been the sons and daughters of his father's aides or wealthy businessmen who the king had wanted to win over to his side. So he had been instructed to woo the besotted offspring and had no other choice but to do it.

This time, however, he wanted nothing more than to bring the teen beneath him more pleasure than he'd ever experienced in his life so far.

He kissed him and Kakarotto's hands unclenched from the duvet to clutch at his naked back. The young man thrust his hips up against the prince in time with every thrust of Vegeta's tongue in his mouth. Vegeta removed his mouth to draw in more air then traced a path with his tongue down the side of Kakarotto's neck and over his the two light brown buds on his chest, not moving on until each of them was hard and aching. He spent a little time at his navel, circling around the small indentation and causing Kakarotto to giggle between gasps.

"Lift up," he murmured and Kakarotto complied immediately. Vegeta pulled his loose-fitting white shorts down his legs and tossed them aside. After taking a moment to simply gaze upon perfection, Vegteta leaned down and took the head of Kakarotto's cock into his mouth. The teen gasped, having never felt such a thing before. Vegeta's mouth was like velvet and the tiny ridges on the roof of it massaged him. What was not being worked on with his mouth was being squeezed by his hand. The other hand, as he would soon discover, was making its own journey.

Hands made rough by years of hand-to-hand combat training gently cupped his testicles. Thick fingers rolled them around in their sac as a hot, wet mouth tried to forcefully suck his seed from within them. He cried out before he remembered that he wasn't supposed to, covering his mouth with his hands to muffle the sounds of pleasure he could not stop. As more and more of his cock was engulfed by Vegeta's mouth, the hand that had been fondling it moved to join its brother. But not for long. It bypassed the hand busy at his testicles, tickled his perineum, and searched for the small hole beneath it. Vegeta was persistent and knew he'd found the spot when Kakarotto suddenly stiffened and then exploded in his mouth. He was startled, no doubt about that, but he did his best to swallow down his offering.

"I'm sorry," Kakarotto said miserably once he'd caught his breath. Vegeta had moved up his body to rest his head on his chest. "I'll try to last longer next time."

"Don't worry about it. Giving you pleasure gives me pleasure." He kissed him then and Kakarotto could taste himself in his mouth. "Are you ready for more?"

"Yes," he sighed happily. "Do whatever you like, Master."

"I won't." This caused the teen's eyes to snap open. "This isn't about me, it's about you. I don't want to remind you of those bastards that hurt you."

Kakarotto sat up and pulled the prince back to his lips. "You won't," he said when they parted. "You never will. You can fuck me if you want." He twitched in anticipation of it. All of his previous joinings with men had always been painful and he wondered what it would feel like if it wasn't.

"We will not fuck," Vegeta whispered. The face below him looked devastated, but it was only for a moment. "We will make love."

His face fairly glowed with pleasure. "Whatever you say, Master."