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Recent Updates
Recent Updates
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  • September 12, 2009 - I haven't changed the layout, but I did change how the fanfics are presented and finally moved away from the MPAA rating system. I also made the Japanese version of the page titles more accurate. I have one story to share this time around but it will eventually be rewritten. I'm very, very, very bad at finishing what I start. I might be finished with The Phoenix Process before the end of the year, though. I've actually written something for the final chapter.
    • Just Added:

    • Solaris Series 1 (Dragon Ball); M : Shounen ai : A/U : Humor : Drama : Complete : Sometimes it takes profound change to open the doorway to happiness. (currently linking from The Otaku Institute Same-Sex Archive)
    • Coming Soon:

    • Age of the Empire 1-3: The Phoenix Process (Dragon Ball)
    • The Darkness Within (Harry Potter)
    • SIN (Gravitation)
  • September 30, 2007 - Yet another layout change...finally. I really hated the previous design and only used it for as long as I did because I'd created it for a class and didn't want to waste it. I also got rid of all the fanfic series index pages since they were pretty pointless. I'll try to update this site a little more often, but I'm a little preoccupied with various things (school, for one). As always, for the latest fanfic updates please visit my LiveJournal.
    • Just Added:

    • Indescribable Need (Dragon Ball); R : Shounen ai : A/U : Complete : Vegeta is drawn to Chikyuu. Goku is just drawn to Vegeta.
    • Passport to Paradise (Dragon Ball); NC-17 : Yaoi : A/U : Complete : Boy meets boy. Boy loves boy. Boy helps boy save the world.
    • The Three Days of Christmas (Dragon Ball); Shounen ai : R : post-series : Complete : Buruma has family and friends over for Christmas.
    • Winds of Change (Dragon Ball); NC-17 : YAOI : A/U : Incomplete : Takes place on Vegeta-sei. Frieza isn't a major problem... yet. (currently linking from LJ)
    • Coming Soon:

    • Culture Shock (Dragon Ball)
    • The Darkness Within (Harry Potter)
    • Masters of the Elements (Gundam Wing)
    • SIN (Gravitation)
    • Solaris (Dragon Ball)

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