Denkaku is the home of every fanfic that Goku Girl has written. This includes fanfics based on Dragon Ball, Gundam Wing, Final Fantasy, and others.

Most Recent Updates

October 09, 2017

Long time no update. I finally updated the layout because I started disliking it years ago, but never got around to changing it. The site is also now mobile-friendly. I also added word counts and pairing information to all of the fanfics (both of which may be a little inaccurate due to the counting algorithm I used and how long ago I wrote the story), added links to reviews on other sites (where applicable), added a new "by type" browsing page, added a contact form, and shortened the name of the site. Also, the text for all of the fanfics has been integrated into the main site layout (eliminating the need for new windows). Unfortunately, I've forgotten how to actually finish writing a fanfic, so I don't have anything new to share. Maybe next time.

The Dragon Ball and grand total fanfic counts have increased because I decided to list all of the stories in "The Vegeta Humiliation Chronicles" separately.

Note: All counts may include fanfics that are currently unavailable to read.

September 12, 2009

I haven't changed the layout, but I did change how the fanfics are presented and finally moved away from the MPAA rating system. I also made the Japanese version of the page titles more accurate. I have one story to share this time around but it will eventually be rewritten. I'm very, very, very bad at finishing what I start. I might be finished with The Phoenix Process before the end of the year, though. I've actually written something for the final chapter.

Just Added:

  • Solaris Series 1 (Dragon Ball); M : Shounen ai : A/U : Humor : Drama : Complete : Sometimes it takes profound change to open the doorway to happiness. (currently linking from The Otaku Institute Same-Sex Archive)

Coming Soon:

  • Age of the Empire 1-3: The Phoenix Process (Dragon Ball)
  • The Darkness Within (Harry Potter)
  • SIN (Gravitation)

September 30, 2007

Yet another layout change...finally. I really hated the previous design and only used it for as long as I did because I'd created it for a class and didn't want to waste it. I also got rid of all the fanfic series index pages since they were pretty pointless. I'll try to update this site a little more often, but I'm a little preoccupied with various things (school, for one). As always, for the latest fanfic updates please visit my LiveJournal.

Just Added:

  • Indescribable Need (Dragon Ball); R : Shounen ai : A/U : Complete : Vegeta is drawn to Chikyuu. Goku is just drawn to Vegeta.
  • Passport to Paradise (Dragon Ball); NC-17 : Yaoi : A/U : Complete : Boy meets boy. Boy loves boy. Boy helps boy save the world.
  • The Three Days of Christmas (Dragon Ball); Shounen ai : R : post-series : Complete : Buruma has family and friends over for Christmas.
  • Winds of Change (Dragon Ball); NC-17 : YAOI : A/U : Incomplete : Takes place on Vegeta-sei. Frieza isn't a major problem... yet. (currently linking from LJ)

Coming Soon:

  • Culture Shock (Dragon Ball)
  • The Darkness Within (Harry Potter)
  • Masters of the Elements (Gundam Wing)
  • SIN (Gravitation)
  • Solaris (Dragon Ball)

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